Fallout: Van Buren

The End: Conclusions

The Aftermath


You speed away in the escape pod as the BOMB 001 explodes behind you, throwing your pod off trajectory…


War…War never changes. In the year 2253 a group of plagued prisoners escaped into the Southwest wasteland that were destined to change the face of the waste forever…

The dead shall wake no more. Dr. Willem Clark’s prophesy of delivering the Promised Earth to the Children of the Wasteland fell into the realm of forgotten lore, carrying with it one of the last vestiges of nuclear research and development, and the last hope for ghoul procreation and evolution. Colonel Green took over the few remaining ghouls, and they isolated themselves from the outside world, never being able to trust humans after the catastrophe the prisoners had brought to them.

Blackfoot and Hangdog
Wiped out by the escaped Prisoner, the Blackfoots and Hangdogs vanished as a tribe. Their villages were looted by salvagers, and its dogs left to roam free.


Mesa Verde
With the Vipers gone, life at Mesa Verde returns to the normal routine of surviving from day to day. Most Ciphers remain nomadic, repairing whatever electronics they find and bringing a small measure of civilization back to the wasteland.

With Hecate still in control of the tribe and most their resources untouched, Ourobors continued their slaving operation for several decades. The United NCR/BOS did not let this stand, and eventually wiped out every last one of them, but not before the tribe claimed thousands of more lives.

The Legion
Although the legion had many set backs from the prisoners, it was not enough to stop them from raising in power. They lost a significant amount of power, but focused their efforts more on the west and eventually brought a great 4 prong war to the hoover dam….whose outcome is still unknown. They never were able to get a firm grasp on the southwest wasteland because of the prisoners, so it is unlikely they were victorious.

Boulder Dome
With their ZAX computer saved from cannibalistic suicide, the Boulder scientists were once again able to focus their attention on repairing the dome and researching a cure for their disease. Though they made some headway, success came unexpectedly a year later in the form of genetically-engineered fruit sent from the Nursery. Freed from their disease, environmental suits, and prison-home, the scientists left Boulder, ordering ZAX to seal it behind them. The sleepers remain, awaiting someone with the knowledge to wake them safely.

The skirmishes between the outcasts and the Mormons eventually turn deadly, and although the Mormons eventually win the conflict, much of the town is destroyed in the process. When the water plant eventually breaks down, the town goes from bad to worse, and many of its citizens choose to start over somewhere else in the wasteland, and the dream of Jericho…. is abandoned.

Maxson Bunker
With Andrea Bixley reestablished in power and the covert Citadel of Steel displaced, the brotherhood was slowly able to return to glory. They eventually take over the Hoover Dam and become a dominant power in the Southwest Wasteland. They unlock several unknown secrets from the Dam and are able to send advanced technologies back to their brethren in the west, where they are hailed as heroes.

Hoover Dam
With the Traitorous Crimson Caravan still operating from within, the war at the Hoover Dam continues for some time. Eventually Alice McLafferty sells the Dam’s Military secrets to the BOS, and they are able to take the Dam with relatively little resistance. War, no matter how big or small, always has a high price. Governor Dodge shot himself as the BOS stormed through the front gates, and the NCR became a forgotten memory.

Fort Abandon
With the NCR overthrown, Ralphie is quickly raised to Mayor of Fort Abandon. Being the central point for the train hub, great wealth flows to Fort Abandon. Focusing on being a trade hub, ralphie eventually leads the town into a golden age, largely thanks to the train crossing through it regardless of where it is going. He eventually raises Fort Abandon to the peak of power in the region, even rivaling the BOS and the Hoover Dam. In honor of where they came from, the eventually become the New Abandon Republic, under a blue flag with a golden explosion and thirteen rays of vibrant radiation pouring off of it.


With the fall of the NCR the remaining NCR troopers and Denver Salvager’s fend for themselves for a short time. Realizing they need more man power and assistance, the NCR troops reach out to the only friendly face left, Ralphie. Ralphie agrees to help and sends troops. The train station becomes the foundation for a fortified area in Denver. Salvager’s and soldiers from Fort Abandon drive back the dog packs, fortify Union Station, and stake claims in the city. The evil salvager’s slow things down, but are eventually driven back by Fort Abandon, who ultimately bring troops in numbers through the rail to deal with the situation. The original salvagers buy off their sentences, sell their claims, and move west, moderately wealthy for their years of hard work. In time, Fort Denver becomes an actual town, a vital part of the New Abandon Republic.

Burham Springs
Trade flowed out as Burham Springs mines were clear. Many downtrodden traveled there to help pick the mine. Phil, Sparky and Frank became its leaders and they salvage prewar technology that traveled over the entire wasteland. This technology greatly helped the wasteland. Eventually the succumb to trade pressure and become an independent province of the New Abandon Republic

Twin Mothers
With their relationship reestablished with Diana, the Twin Mothers were able to begin to really prosper again. Although there were still several menaces undealt with, with the robots brought back online Diana was able to eliminate them eventually, and the Twin Mothers continued to live their Tribal lives. They eventually help Diana expand the re-cultivation of the wasteland.

Black Canyon Nursery
With the nursery reestablished and back online Diana was able to bring many boons to the wasteland. She established a cure for Limit 115 and many other plagues as they popped up randomly in the southwest wasteland. The nursery was able to massively expand its holdings through the sale of of a green plant you could smoke, and eventually was able to clear the rubble blocking their Tram system. The wasteland eventually got used to the weird robots that went around selling purified fruits, vegetables and marijuana. Diana, although still trapped in her computer, was grateful she could help bring health and wealth to the wasteland, and overtime she was able to expand her industry into bringing plants and expanded growth into wasteland. The Southwest Wasteland recovers from the great war faster than any other region of the wasteland because of Diana’s aid, though this still takes several more decades.

The Prisoners
The prisoners were known to be successful in their mission, and were worshiped as heroes. Idols were made of them in the Hoover Damn, Denver and Fort Abandon and the stories of their heroics were passed down for generations to come. Their great legend live on in the Southwest wasteland, though the Prisoners were never seen again….

…Although the surviving prisoners safely reentered the atmosphere, the blast from the BOMB 001 through them greatly off course. They reentered the atmosphere in a ball of flame seen from locals for miles around. They landed in another land far away from where they came from. It is unknown what became of them as they wandered away from the crashed shuttle, and they wandered into an unknown wasteland…. But you can be sure that in this new wasteland, fighting continued, blood was spilled, and many lived and died – just as they had in the Southwest Wasteland. Because war… war never changes.



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