Fallout: Van Buren

Session 30: 3/16/2014

April 5th, 2256: The final showdown with Presper

The prisoners make their way to the space shuttle, but still have to deal with the NCR stationed there. Ted tries to sneak up on the guards to reprogram robots. Unfortunately, he epically fails and combat begins. The party easily dispatches the guards and they fix the space shuttle while doing any necessary repairs and patching up. The next day they get in and head up to the BOMB 001.

When they first arrive the loudspeaker comes on and says that there is T-minus 120 minutes until weapon launch. Ted sneaks ahead and finds a working terminal and is able to shut down the robots on the first level. He finds out that all the activity is over in the Reactor and Central Control. The party is able to move ahead and they find some launch pods. Ted takes a look and realizes that it would take a long time to sabotage the tubes, and that they might not have enough time. They go and get on space suits to head out on the spacewalk.

As the party moves out on the Catwalk, they are attacked by security bots. They have laser weapons, but the party just blinds them and carry on, the robots no longer able to attack. They enter the Reactor and change into their armor.

The party moves forward and run into an NCR working on a maintenance computer. He notices them and a fire fight begins. Ted starts hacking the console while the party looks around. They run into a large group of NCR lead by General Coleridge. A giant battle breaks out, and Ted breaks off the console to aid. Scott gets hit by a cattle prod and messed up, but the party is ultimately victorious. They decide to head up to the central console.

They go up, and face Presper. Presper yells at them while the battle begins. NCR troops come up from behind them while Presper hides behind some generators. Ted starts taking down the generators while Scott and Jack Carter take the troops coming in behind them. Presper delivers massive damage, but luckily the party is drugged up. When Ted takes down the last generator he throws up his grappling axe and climbs up to the level Presper is on. The generators start popping online and Ted starts disabling them. The rest of the party fights through the rest of the hoard of NCR and start making their way towards the rope. They eventually make it up, after finding much resistance.

Presper is healing himself as fast as the party can hurt him, but Ted puts an end to that destroying his medical supplies. He gets him in a tangle grenade and its basically over for Presper. He breaks out just as Scott delivers 5 shots of acid, which eats through his armor and he melts down.

The NCR troops retreat and the party moves to the main console. They see the giant monitor that shows where the bombs are aimed for currently, and where they can be redirected. The party deactivates all they can…but they can’t shut down the remaining three, they are going to launch. They realize the BOMB 001 was set to blow after the launch anyway, so they didn’t have the time to stop the three remaining bombs. They redirect the three missiles to the unmarked location (Legion), Maxson’s Bunker and The Reservation.

Ted tells the party to leave and he gives them his stuff. Jack Carter leaves Robowheel with him, and they set off in the shuttle. Ted says bye, and he goes over to one of the tubes holding the nukes. He starts rewiring it and sets it off to blow up. Ted says goodbye to Robowheel, and blows it up, sacrificing himself to try and stop the nuclear holocaust. The BOMB 001 auto-launch goes off, and the three remaining nukes fire off, but the resulting explosion throws two of them off course, and they fly wildly into space while the third one was caught in the blast and blown up in space.

Meanwhile, the party gets thrown off course as they plummet to earth……



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