Fallout: Van Buren

Session 29: 3/2/2014

January 5th 2256: The final piece is recovered...preparing for space

Level: 22
Caps: 6500
Rp: Ted
MVP: Jack – Survivor Boon
Karma: +50
Everyone gains the following special perks:
Zombie Hunter
Even Gods Die
Tough Guy

The party continued their battle in the Reservation sub levels. They destroyed the last few dudes and Willem Clark came over the loud speaker, taunting them. The party goes down the hall way (or is carried, as Ted has two crippled legs) and they come to a door. Ted hacks opens the door and inside is Willem with his two “natural” ghoul children. He, of course, gives his speech and tells Ted that he will allow him to come over to his side. Ted thinks about it but says naw and Willem opens up combat by shooting his Red Ryder LE BB Gun going for more crippled limbs! The party blows away his son Milt, but they try and leave the attractive daughter, Belle, alive. She is the most attractive ghoul anyone has ever seen, and even the humans have to admit she is attractive. But still, she’s ghoul.
The battle is fierce. Clark goes for critical hits and cripples even more limbs. The party is in a world of shit as more legs, heads and arms get crippled. Scott gets a lucky shot to the eyes though and cripples one of them, while finally Jack critted the second eye, sending him into darkness. Outside the door the other ghouls who were blinded by the smoke gas start trying to hack into the door, which Robowheel had closed.

Ted finishes the “God” Willem Clark off as the door starts to raise. The ghouls look shocked and let the party go. The party patches off and goes through Clark records. They find out he had already developed nuclear weapons and had planned on using them to blow up several key spots, including Hoover Dam, Fort Abandon, Denver and Jericho. He was also using human children slaves to get the necessary genome to make his “Natural” ghouls. The party felt much better about killing him after learning all of this. They also extract the launch codes from his computer, now all they need is the targeting mechanism to connect with the BOMB 002.

They do a little shopping and head to the Grand Canyon. They get into a small skirmish with mutant cannibals and bats. After that, they meet a ghoul explorer named Ike, who was stuck on a landmine for three days. He was very happy to see the party and asked if they could please help him. Ted is able to disarm the mine and Ike offers them some of his rations and decided he is done exploring the Grand Canyon.

At the bottom, the party finds a sign that points South saying uranium mines and pointing north saying “Bombay Jacks”, which is scratched out and underneath is written don’t go this way. So Ted goes the other way towards the Uranium Mines. He pops a stealth boy and sneaks through the complex and finds a big chunk of uranium. He takes it and drops it behind Scott who throws it down the tunnels, alerting all the Nukalurks of their presence. The party fights them and kills them all! Ted grabs the uranium before heading off.

They go to Bombay Jack’s, which is a long valley that has dozens of explosives hidden all around it, so well even Ted misses many of them. Bombay Jack is a damn good sniper and is picking off shots as the party sets off explosives. Its hundreds of meter long before the party can even get into range. Finally they do, and a stray bullet into the shed must have hit some explosives, because the entire shed goes up in a singular gargantuan fireball. This greatly saddens Ted, who wanted all the explosives.

They continue down and see a burned man hanging from some kind of rope, barely alive. They take him down and Scott gets him bandaged up and conscious. He was barely alive before, but seems strong now. The party even suggests he goes to New Canaan (HAHA)! The party questions him and he is pretty evasive about himself and his past. He is given directions out and agrees he will wait at the train.

The party moves forward and see two ranking NCR soldier, Pierce and and Briggs. They tell the party to leave peacefully, that Goddard isn’t going to let them do whatever evil shit they are planning. Briggs seems reasonable, but Pierce is egging him on. The party tries to talk him down but fail to do so, and the battle begins. Ted runs into the ship all stealthed while the party engages the foes. They start trying to keep these misguided (or some of them may be misguided) NCR troops alive, but that quickly degrades into kill these SOB’s. Ted removes the device and escapes out of there calling for retreat. The NCR, thinking they are still good lets them go, even as a Vertibird is moving on their direction.

The party leaves the canyon and go return the uranium to the ciphers, who harden their power armors for them. They go to the dome and gather their rocket fuel. They go around for a few days buying and selling all their loot, preparing for what is sure to be the most dangerous part of their adventure. They head down to the Bloomfield Space Center and that’s where the final session will start.



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