Fallout: Van Buren

Session 23: 10/13/2013

June 1st, 2255: Pretty much an entire PLOT dump!

You all hit level 16
MVP: Chris – Survivor Boon
RP: Nikolai
Tactical: Scott
You all earned the Special Perk Inoculation
This Game Ends: July 6th 2255

The party finishes fixing the train and heads out towards New Canaan to see if Doc Angela was able to successfully synthesize a cure for the New Plague. On their way, as they were heading north on the train, they saw a giant nuclear blast coming from the south of them, near Fort Abandon. The party believes that Fort Abandon has been nuked, but decide to come back later wanting to get to New Canaan ASAP. The party pulls in with a train, which brings several eyes out to them.

The Doc comes out with the cure, and injects Chris and Ted who volunteer to try it first, as she says there’s only an 85% chance it is successful. After they don’t melt, the next day and she tests them with no sign of the virus remaining in their bodies, the rest of the party gets the inoculation, and Angela gives each of them one extra dose of the antidote. As soon as they are all seen as cured, Scott walks off and hires four refugees as hookers for the nice. Scott sleeps better and more satisfied than he had in a very long time. The mayor walks out and welcomes them back in town. Nikolai asks that they get more of the cure, and he assure them once their people are all inoculated they will produce extra to sell to the party.

They head south to Fort Abandon and see that it’s still there. On the way they see a vertibird coming from the north east and heading southwest. They go and talk with Ralphie who says there was a giant explosion to the South West. The party goes and explores with Geiger counters out. Eventually the counter goes up a lot, and Scott, Nikolai and Ted decide to go off on their own. They walk towards the remains of the prison, sucking up rads and get to where the prison used to be. The place is mostly a crater, but Nikolai is able to discern that the explosion was interior, not exterior. They decide to climb down into the basement, and the radiation goes off the chart. Nikolai finds some parts from Odysseus with the words Odysseus written on it, and figures out that the nuclear reactor in here exploded. The party leaves and heads towards the Hoover Dam.

They get there and Scott goes and cashes in his free hooker card he got for saving the place a while back. The party thinks to themselves that they haven’t seen him this happy in a while. Nikolai goes and tells the major about what’s going on, but the major kind of shrugs it off and says the NCR doesn’t have any vertibirds. Ted heads down to the water/power plant and speaks with Otto Steed, offering him the engineer position for the Train. Otto graciously accepts but says he must speak with the mayor, who saved his life. Ted, Chris and Nikolai all enter the Mayors at the same time. Otto asks if he can go onto the train, and Mayor Dodge unleashes him from service, and Otto goes to the train. The party speaks with the Mayor, who says they don’t know how much more of this war with the BOS the dam can take. They stop by the Silver rush and talk Jean Baptiste into taking one of the antidotes. The party heads across the world to the Boulder Dome to try and find where that Vertibird came from.

The party makes it to the door, and is greeted by a different person than last time, Goddard. He lets them in and the party searches the first floor. They find Eddie and Helen, who have some sick kids. The party heal what ailments they can and head down to the second floor. They speak with Goddard and they pick up a lot of plot points. They find out Presper, the leader of the scientist had left in the Vertibird. They also find out he hacked Odyssues and that several people in the dome have the plague. WOW!

They wander and find out that Presper has cryo frozen several prominent people who have come down with the Limit 115 virus. The party goes down and Nikolai hacks Prespers computer (very surprisingly) and they find a boat load of plot info (See Three Adventure Log Entries Below). Wow, they finally realize whats going on here, and they realize that Presper is a mad scientist. The party wander and do some minor things, but decide to head to Mesa Verde and turn in the Geck To Isaac Gant. They head to hover dam to cut down to Bloomfield Space Base.

The party get attacked by mutant cannibals on the way and meets up with some x-men. They get closer to Bloomfield…but we don’t quite make it there before we decide to call it.



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