Fallout: Van Buren

Interlude 6: Prespers Limit 115 Research

June 6th 2255: The Truth Of The Plague

Presper’s Limit 115 Research

The time from onset of early, flu-like symptoms to death is three to five days. Later, infected subjects suffered from profuse sweating, unexplained contusions/swelling, and massive external hemorrhaging. Eventually, the New Plague resulted in clogged respiration, usually killing the infected subject. Survivors of the New Plague usually ended up sterile.

Unleash On The US

Limit 115 was a secret, genetically engineered weapon designed by scientists working for the United States governmen. The intent was initially to create a virus that would sterilize the infected people, to be used on enemies such as China.

The “New Plague” arose in 2052 after Chinese Hei Gui agents managed to steal some of the Limit-115 during a sabotage of the Boulder Domes Laboratory. The spies were in the process of trying to escape the Hoover Dam and were killed, breaking samples of the virus in a crowded public area. The epidemic killed approximately two-hundred thousand citizens in the United States, including cities such as Las Vegas, Colorado and Phoenix. The United States closed its borders and the first-ever national quarantine was declared.

In 2055, the West Tek Research Facility started working on a new virus to kill the New Plague. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find the cure and the plague continued to spread in the 2060s, fueling national paranoia. The government was using the Plague as an excuse to register civilians. Claiming a symptom of the plague was “socialist thoughts” and advocating isolation that people should stay indoors, read books and avoid “Ice cream socials”. Furthermore, people were told that if they believed they were infected, they were to contact a disease control center, such as the disaster relief outpost in Point Lookout, for isolation immediately.

The West Tek company had close ties to the federal government, and their work in viral research eventually led to them being chosen for the Pan-Immunity Virion Project in 2073, a project later known as Forced Evolutionary Virus.

In February 2077, FEV research was leaked to the world through an unknown source. There were protests in many major cities and governments around the world, as well as accusations that the US was responsible for the New Plague.



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