Fallout: Van Buren

Session 5: 2-24-2013

November 10th 2253: Fort Abandon - The Devil is in The Details

Sorry, once again its been too long while writing this. I will likely miss a lot of details, but I think I remember the gist of it.

The party goes to redeem themselves in the eyes of the robot “law” and capture some prisoners. The party approaches them and tries to get close to the prisoners with their words, but are unconvincing, and leave peacefully. They decide to attack from a nearby bluff and set up for an ambush. They come out and attack. A pretty good battle goes on, and the party dispatches of the enemies. They pick up a ton of good loot, and significantly increase their arsenal, and bring back the prisoners to pick up an additional 1200 caps.

The party decides to learn more about the going on around town, and Travis tries to ingratiate himself with the local population. After getting some odd responses out of Tandi, they decide to try and learn more. After setting up outside the office to track and question her, they notice she never leaves. Still, Travis manages to buddy buddy to a guard, and learns about the nearby Blackfoot tribe. He learns they are holding Tandi’s daughter. The guard does not know the location of the tribe, but the party asks the robot Deputy if there are any prisoners in the NW area where the tribe is located. He is able to locate a few prisoners to the NW, and tells the party approximately where they are located.

The party follows the tracks, and comes along some rail cars traveling across the tracks. One car is filled with mercenaries chasing some Iron Liners. The party assists the iron Liners and defeat the mercenaries. They meet Long Walk, and he tells them a little about the surrounding areas, and tells the PC’s to go ahead and look them up if their in the area. That is where we left off.



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