Fallout: Van Buren

The End: Conclusions
The Aftermath


You speed away in the escape pod as the BOMB 001 explodes behind you, throwing your pod off trajectory…


War…War never changes. In the year 2253 a group of plagued prisoners escaped into the Southwest wasteland that were destined to change the face of the waste forever…

The dead shall wake no more. Dr. Willem Clark’s prophesy of delivering the Promised Earth to the Children of the Wasteland fell into the realm of forgotten lore, carrying with it one of the last vestiges of nuclear research and development, and the last hope for ghoul procreation and evolution. Colonel Green took over the few remaining ghouls, and they isolated themselves from the outside world, never being able to trust humans after the catastrophe the prisoners had brought to them.

Blackfoot and Hangdog
Wiped out by the escaped Prisoner, the Blackfoots and Hangdogs vanished as a tribe. Their villages were looted by salvagers, and its dogs left to roam free.


Mesa Verde
With the Vipers gone, life at Mesa Verde returns to the normal routine of surviving from day to day. Most Ciphers remain nomadic, repairing whatever electronics they find and bringing a small measure of civilization back to the wasteland.

With Hecate still in control of the tribe and most their resources untouched, Ourobors continued their slaving operation for several decades. The United NCR/BOS did not let this stand, and eventually wiped out every last one of them, but not before the tribe claimed thousands of more lives.

The Legion
Although the legion had many set backs from the prisoners, it was not enough to stop them from raising in power. They lost a significant amount of power, but focused their efforts more on the west and eventually brought a great 4 prong war to the hoover dam….whose outcome is still unknown. They never were able to get a firm grasp on the southwest wasteland because of the prisoners, so it is unlikely they were victorious.

Boulder Dome
With their ZAX computer saved from cannibalistic suicide, the Boulder scientists were once again able to focus their attention on repairing the dome and researching a cure for their disease. Though they made some headway, success came unexpectedly a year later in the form of genetically-engineered fruit sent from the Nursery. Freed from their disease, environmental suits, and prison-home, the scientists left Boulder, ordering ZAX to seal it behind them. The sleepers remain, awaiting someone with the knowledge to wake them safely.

The skirmishes between the outcasts and the Mormons eventually turn deadly, and although the Mormons eventually win the conflict, much of the town is destroyed in the process. When the water plant eventually breaks down, the town goes from bad to worse, and many of its citizens choose to start over somewhere else in the wasteland, and the dream of Jericho…. is abandoned.

Maxson Bunker
With Andrea Bixley reestablished in power and the covert Citadel of Steel displaced, the brotherhood was slowly able to return to glory. They eventually take over the Hoover Dam and become a dominant power in the Southwest Wasteland. They unlock several unknown secrets from the Dam and are able to send advanced technologies back to their brethren in the west, where they are hailed as heroes.

Hoover Dam
With the Traitorous Crimson Caravan still operating from within, the war at the Hoover Dam continues for some time. Eventually Alice McLafferty sells the Dam’s Military secrets to the BOS, and they are able to take the Dam with relatively little resistance. War, no matter how big or small, always has a high price. Governor Dodge shot himself as the BOS stormed through the front gates, and the NCR became a forgotten memory.

Fort Abandon
With the NCR overthrown, Ralphie is quickly raised to Mayor of Fort Abandon. Being the central point for the train hub, great wealth flows to Fort Abandon. Focusing on being a trade hub, ralphie eventually leads the town into a golden age, largely thanks to the train crossing through it regardless of where it is going. He eventually raises Fort Abandon to the peak of power in the region, even rivaling the BOS and the Hoover Dam. In honor of where they came from, the eventually become the New Abandon Republic, under a blue flag with a golden explosion and thirteen rays of vibrant radiation pouring off of it.


With the fall of the NCR the remaining NCR troopers and Denver Salvager’s fend for themselves for a short time. Realizing they need more man power and assistance, the NCR troops reach out to the only friendly face left, Ralphie. Ralphie agrees to help and sends troops. The train station becomes the foundation for a fortified area in Denver. Salvager’s and soldiers from Fort Abandon drive back the dog packs, fortify Union Station, and stake claims in the city. The evil salvager’s slow things down, but are eventually driven back by Fort Abandon, who ultimately bring troops in numbers through the rail to deal with the situation. The original salvagers buy off their sentences, sell their claims, and move west, moderately wealthy for their years of hard work. In time, Fort Denver becomes an actual town, a vital part of the New Abandon Republic.

Burham Springs
Trade flowed out as Burham Springs mines were clear. Many downtrodden traveled there to help pick the mine. Phil, Sparky and Frank became its leaders and they salvage prewar technology that traveled over the entire wasteland. This technology greatly helped the wasteland. Eventually the succumb to trade pressure and become an independent province of the New Abandon Republic

Twin Mothers
With their relationship reestablished with Diana, the Twin Mothers were able to begin to really prosper again. Although there were still several menaces undealt with, with the robots brought back online Diana was able to eliminate them eventually, and the Twin Mothers continued to live their Tribal lives. They eventually help Diana expand the re-cultivation of the wasteland.

Black Canyon Nursery
With the nursery reestablished and back online Diana was able to bring many boons to the wasteland. She established a cure for Limit 115 and many other plagues as they popped up randomly in the southwest wasteland. The nursery was able to massively expand its holdings through the sale of of a green plant you could smoke, and eventually was able to clear the rubble blocking their Tram system. The wasteland eventually got used to the weird robots that went around selling purified fruits, vegetables and marijuana. Diana, although still trapped in her computer, was grateful she could help bring health and wealth to the wasteland, and overtime she was able to expand her industry into bringing plants and expanded growth into wasteland. The Southwest Wasteland recovers from the great war faster than any other region of the wasteland because of Diana’s aid, though this still takes several more decades.

The Prisoners
The prisoners were known to be successful in their mission, and were worshiped as heroes. Idols were made of them in the Hoover Damn, Denver and Fort Abandon and the stories of their heroics were passed down for generations to come. Their great legend live on in the Southwest wasteland, though the Prisoners were never seen again….

…Although the surviving prisoners safely reentered the atmosphere, the blast from the BOMB 001 through them greatly off course. They reentered the atmosphere in a ball of flame seen from locals for miles around. They landed in another land far away from where they came from. It is unknown what became of them as they wandered away from the crashed shuttle, and they wandered into an unknown wasteland…. But you can be sure that in this new wasteland, fighting continued, blood was spilled, and many lived and died – just as they had in the Southwest Wasteland. Because war… war never changes.

Session 30: 3/16/2014
April 5th, 2256: The final showdown with Presper

The prisoners make their way to the space shuttle, but still have to deal with the NCR stationed there. Ted tries to sneak up on the guards to reprogram robots. Unfortunately, he epically fails and combat begins. The party easily dispatches the guards and they fix the space shuttle while doing any necessary repairs and patching up. The next day they get in and head up to the BOMB 001.

When they first arrive the loudspeaker comes on and says that there is T-minus 120 minutes until weapon launch. Ted sneaks ahead and finds a working terminal and is able to shut down the robots on the first level. He finds out that all the activity is over in the Reactor and Central Control. The party is able to move ahead and they find some launch pods. Ted takes a look and realizes that it would take a long time to sabotage the tubes, and that they might not have enough time. They go and get on space suits to head out on the spacewalk.

As the party moves out on the Catwalk, they are attacked by security bots. They have laser weapons, but the party just blinds them and carry on, the robots no longer able to attack. They enter the Reactor and change into their armor.

The party moves forward and run into an NCR working on a maintenance computer. He notices them and a fire fight begins. Ted starts hacking the console while the party looks around. They run into a large group of NCR lead by General Coleridge. A giant battle breaks out, and Ted breaks off the console to aid. Scott gets hit by a cattle prod and messed up, but the party is ultimately victorious. They decide to head up to the central console.

They go up, and face Presper. Presper yells at them while the battle begins. NCR troops come up from behind them while Presper hides behind some generators. Ted starts taking down the generators while Scott and Jack Carter take the troops coming in behind them. Presper delivers massive damage, but luckily the party is drugged up. When Ted takes down the last generator he throws up his grappling axe and climbs up to the level Presper is on. The generators start popping online and Ted starts disabling them. The rest of the party fights through the rest of the hoard of NCR and start making their way towards the rope. They eventually make it up, after finding much resistance.

Presper is healing himself as fast as the party can hurt him, but Ted puts an end to that destroying his medical supplies. He gets him in a tangle grenade and its basically over for Presper. He breaks out just as Scott delivers 5 shots of acid, which eats through his armor and he melts down.

The NCR troops retreat and the party moves to the main console. They see the giant monitor that shows where the bombs are aimed for currently, and where they can be redirected. The party deactivates all they can…but they can’t shut down the remaining three, they are going to launch. They realize the BOMB 001 was set to blow after the launch anyway, so they didn’t have the time to stop the three remaining bombs. They redirect the three missiles to the unmarked location (Legion), Maxson’s Bunker and The Reservation.

Ted tells the party to leave and he gives them his stuff. Jack Carter leaves Robowheel with him, and they set off in the shuttle. Ted says bye, and he goes over to one of the tubes holding the nukes. He starts rewiring it and sets it off to blow up. Ted says goodbye to Robowheel, and blows it up, sacrificing himself to try and stop the nuclear holocaust. The BOMB 001 auto-launch goes off, and the three remaining nukes fire off, but the resulting explosion throws two of them off course, and they fly wildly into space while the third one was caught in the blast and blown up in space.

Meanwhile, the party gets thrown off course as they plummet to earth……

Session 29: 3/2/2014
January 5th 2256: The final piece is recovered...preparing for space

Level: 22
Caps: 6500
Rp: Ted
MVP: Jack – Survivor Boon
Karma: +50
Everyone gains the following special perks:
Zombie Hunter
Even Gods Die
Tough Guy

The party continued their battle in the Reservation sub levels. They destroyed the last few dudes and Willem Clark came over the loud speaker, taunting them. The party goes down the hall way (or is carried, as Ted has two crippled legs) and they come to a door. Ted hacks opens the door and inside is Willem with his two “natural” ghoul children. He, of course, gives his speech and tells Ted that he will allow him to come over to his side. Ted thinks about it but says naw and Willem opens up combat by shooting his Red Ryder LE BB Gun going for more crippled limbs! The party blows away his son Milt, but they try and leave the attractive daughter, Belle, alive. She is the most attractive ghoul anyone has ever seen, and even the humans have to admit she is attractive. But still, she’s ghoul.
The battle is fierce. Clark goes for critical hits and cripples even more limbs. The party is in a world of shit as more legs, heads and arms get crippled. Scott gets a lucky shot to the eyes though and cripples one of them, while finally Jack critted the second eye, sending him into darkness. Outside the door the other ghouls who were blinded by the smoke gas start trying to hack into the door, which Robowheel had closed.

Ted finishes the “God” Willem Clark off as the door starts to raise. The ghouls look shocked and let the party go. The party patches off and goes through Clark records. They find out he had already developed nuclear weapons and had planned on using them to blow up several key spots, including Hoover Dam, Fort Abandon, Denver and Jericho. He was also using human children slaves to get the necessary genome to make his “Natural” ghouls. The party felt much better about killing him after learning all of this. They also extract the launch codes from his computer, now all they need is the targeting mechanism to connect with the BOMB 002.

They do a little shopping and head to the Grand Canyon. They get into a small skirmish with mutant cannibals and bats. After that, they meet a ghoul explorer named Ike, who was stuck on a landmine for three days. He was very happy to see the party and asked if they could please help him. Ted is able to disarm the mine and Ike offers them some of his rations and decided he is done exploring the Grand Canyon.

At the bottom, the party finds a sign that points South saying uranium mines and pointing north saying “Bombay Jacks”, which is scratched out and underneath is written don’t go this way. So Ted goes the other way towards the Uranium Mines. He pops a stealth boy and sneaks through the complex and finds a big chunk of uranium. He takes it and drops it behind Scott who throws it down the tunnels, alerting all the Nukalurks of their presence. The party fights them and kills them all! Ted grabs the uranium before heading off.

They go to Bombay Jack’s, which is a long valley that has dozens of explosives hidden all around it, so well even Ted misses many of them. Bombay Jack is a damn good sniper and is picking off shots as the party sets off explosives. Its hundreds of meter long before the party can even get into range. Finally they do, and a stray bullet into the shed must have hit some explosives, because the entire shed goes up in a singular gargantuan fireball. This greatly saddens Ted, who wanted all the explosives.

They continue down and see a burned man hanging from some kind of rope, barely alive. They take him down and Scott gets him bandaged up and conscious. He was barely alive before, but seems strong now. The party even suggests he goes to New Canaan (HAHA)! The party questions him and he is pretty evasive about himself and his past. He is given directions out and agrees he will wait at the train.

The party moves forward and see two ranking NCR soldier, Pierce and and Briggs. They tell the party to leave peacefully, that Goddard isn’t going to let them do whatever evil shit they are planning. Briggs seems reasonable, but Pierce is egging him on. The party tries to talk him down but fail to do so, and the battle begins. Ted runs into the ship all stealthed while the party engages the foes. They start trying to keep these misguided (or some of them may be misguided) NCR troops alive, but that quickly degrades into kill these SOB’s. Ted removes the device and escapes out of there calling for retreat. The NCR, thinking they are still good lets them go, even as a Vertibird is moving on their direction.

The party leaves the canyon and go return the uranium to the ciphers, who harden their power armors for them. They go to the dome and gather their rocket fuel. They go around for a few days buying and selling all their loot, preparing for what is sure to be the most dangerous part of their adventure. They head down to the Bloomfield Space Center and that’s where the final session will start.

Session 28: 2/16/2014
September 13th, 2255: Power-Up! LEVELS & LOOT!

Level: 20 (after battle – but be ready with a new token)
Karma: +50
Barterables: 21618
Caps: 10742
Scott and Ted Earn: Machine Head Special Perk
Scott earns: Tough Guy Special Perk

Heal Back the Following Extremities:

Robo Wheel: Arm – 1

Scott – Groin – 1
Head – 1

Jack Carter: Leg – 1

The party meets a new (replacement maybe?) party member, Jack Carter, who says he has been following the party for loot and profit. He wishes to join them and join the train. Well, whatever, the party lets them join!

A crazy zombie talking to his deceased companion sneaks up on the Citadel of Steel base and does some scouting. He sees multiple turrets, and some guards. He decides to disable the turrets. He makes it through about half of them before he fails a disarm, and the turret blasts him in the face knocking him over. Combat opens and the party does what they do best, come in guns blazing. Most the brotherhood falls before they can do any serious damage, while a few people take some minor injuries. Their boss falls and the last remaining guard, Sean, surrenders. The party loots what they can and go back to Maxson’s Bunker.

There they are congratulated and thanks for all they have done for the brotherhood. They are made initiates, and given the data disarm code for the B.O.M.B. 001. They go to the Hoover Dam and Mesa Verde to try and get the codes for the BOS Bunker. They are asked for 10,000 caps for the codes, which the party begrudgingly pays, until they get their cut of the armory, which is fucking phat loot! They find some bad ass Brotherhood Power armor along with lots of guns and munitions. All is good in the world, and it is time to travel to the reservation.

The party stocks up on Rad-X and travels through the hell that is the reservation. Its is a radiated wasteland, with many parts reaching maximum radiation. Finally they pull through the radiation into a very lightly irradiated part, The Reservation. It is surrounded by 30 foot tall walls with some of the most impressive military hardware guarding its walls. Luckily, it doesn’t seem hostile, and as they approach a computer screen in the front comes to life. It has a ghoul on it, who identifies himself as Willem Clark. He asks for the parties aid in contacting the outside world and making a series of trade agreements with some human towns, in exchange for the launch codes for the BOMB 001. The party agrees and he lets them in where they are met by Measles and Colonel Green. Measles is to accompany them. Colonel Green also tells the party that he is looking for some heavy pulley cables.

The party explores the town where they meet a few merchants, and one has a slave. Well, anyone who knows anything about Scott at this point, knows he is the paragon of virtue. He walks straight up to the shop keep and bursts him to death. The entire city is on the party and a combat ensues. For the most part, they are pushovers, except for colonel green who has an electricity rifle and seems to be able to act in the parties actions. They subdue everyone else, and the Colonel eventually surrenders.

They talk the Colonel into helping them get in touch with Willem via a console near the elevators into the lower bunkers. He calls down and they Parlay. Him and Ted finally recognize each other, as noted scientist in their respected fields. Ted learns that they have “Born” ghouls there, and that they have had three “births”. He is torn, and tries to barter with the great mad scientist, and idle of his. Willem agrees to turn over the data for their train. He also agrees to let the prisoners go (admitting, what choice does he have, they are already free up there). Even Ted realizes he can’t give up the train, and with a ton of internal conflict he readies himself to attack the genius in his base. Dr. Clark opens the elevator himself. The elevator takes them right down to the third floor, where they are surrounded. The party gets into a massive firefight with every ghoul in the place! While the party is hardly getting hurt, the enemies are intelligent and start going for targeted shots when they know they can’t hit anything. The party, while in good health, is very crippled. Unfortunately, we have to end there due to a player going to PARTY!

Session 27: 1/5/2014
August 22nd, 2255: Fall of a Champion

Karma: 50
No loots were sold

The party decided they would go ahead and go to the brotherhood. They headed south and ran into a group calling themselves the fantastic four. They wanted 10k caps to let the party pass, but the party decided to fight them. It was a rough battle, and Chris got chopped up by Flaming Deathclaw Claws and Proton Axes. Chris died…. twice…. and the last one was his final death, and Chris fell. The party looted and laid their buddy Chris to rest.

The party heads down to the bunker and gets let in after some negotiating. They relay their plights to the elders, and realize there is some tension there. One Elder, Traci, asks the party to open the Armory, which the brotherhood has been locked out of. Another Elder, Jerry, tells them if they can cure the High Commander, that they will have access to the brotherhood resources. Ted goes upstairs to the Armory while Scott goes down to learn about the commander.

Both do some snooping. Ted helps out around the shop for a while. After that he checks out the Armory, and realizes the door is coded shut, and that he will need the code to get in. Scott finds out that the poison is synthetic, and that it wasn’t made in the brotherhood. They rest and start the next day asking about the brotherhood guys who locked the armory and ran off with the codes. They learn they are none other than Pierre LaPoubelle of the Hoover Damn and Isaac Gant from Mesa Verde.

They also find out that the Brotherhood Doctor, Sarah Whatley, believes she is close to a cure. Nikolai comes and fiddles around with it and is able to finish her cure. They administer the antidote to the High Commander Andrea Bixley. It takes her a few days to recover and she asks to speak with the party. She tells the party that a splinter cell the brotherhood had trained, known as the Circle of Steel went rogue. They were their best soldiers trained in Stealth and Attack, that used a lot of Stealth Boys. They did not know the terrible side effect that the Stealth Boys had on the psyche. High Commander Andrea Bixley found out and was going to shut them down and detain them, trying to get them mental help. Their leader, Devon Hill, found out about this and poisoned the Commander before she could act, or so she believes. She says she will give the party her full resources if they wipeout this brotherhood cell.

Meanwhile, the Elders check out the data from the party, and find they believe their story. They offer some aid. In the meeting with the Elders some Paladins rush in and let them know that Devon escaped the bunker before they could apprehend him…

Session 26: 12/9/2013
August 16th, 2255: Clearing Up Denver

Karma Ted: -10
Karma Party (Not Ted): +80
RP Boon: Ted
MVP Skill Boon: Ted
None For Nikolai, jerks;)
Barterables: 6075
Caps: 5680

The party decides that their next step is to find some Rocket Fuel. Ted thinks that perhaps the Scientist at Boulder Dome may know where to get some, or to make some. They go and see Goddard and Ted fills him in on the situation. Goddard says he will make the party some rocket fuel, and that it will be ready in about a week.

The party decides its time to take the fight to Denver. They go in and start heading north, killing feral radioactive dogs and robots along the way. Nothing to tough. They go into a super market and kill some Yao Guai. They find some paint brushes there.

They decide to go into the Police Building next door. As they enter an alarm goes off and they are set upon by more robot guard dogs. The party beats their ass, but Scott breaks his gun. They decide to head back to Fort Abandon to buy a new gun. They do some repairs along the way and come back and enter the basement of the police station. Ted is able to disable the alarm and sneak in past a bunch of robot security. He finds a room with nothing but trash, but the next room over is guarded by two sentry bots. He decides to slip in and finds a computer. He decides to shut down the robots and lets the party know that the robots are down. The party gets lots of phat loot and Ted disables the robots internally as well.

Chris and Scott tell Ted about the vampire and he convinces them to go see the beast. Ted knocks on the vampires door and the door opens, with no one inside, except a voice asking what he wants. Ted asks to see the vampire, and the voice says there are no such things as vampires. Ted seems disappointed and says OK, and the party leaves.

They head north and run into a legion encampment. They talk to the legion and Ted negotiates the freedom of some slaves for information on how to take over a robot army. They head further north and run into a raider camp. The raider leader steps out in power armor. He speaks to the party and asks their purpose there. They talk for a bit and the party decides to leave them alone.

Scott and Chris decide to fight the legion so Scott walks up and bursts Ivory. A battle ensues where the party pretty much beats their ass. Ted just watches. The party loots up and gets ready to go.

Session 25: 11/10/2013
July 24th, 2255: From The Maws Of Doom

Party Loot: 3291
Misc Stores and Hoover Dam Stores Open
Not everyone voted, and it was a short session, so we will skip session boons this week.
Karma Earned: 40 Scott Earned: +5 (From Previous Session)

Chris gives into his Jet addiction, and even though it doesn’t kill him it makes him extremely sick. Nikolai seems to remember something about a cure, but doesn’t have the junk to systemize it. They decide Chris is ok for now and decide to tackle the grand canyon first.

The party goes there and is assaulted by some bugs. No big deals, though after the gunfire starts mutant cannibals also show up. The party cleans them up though and heads to the path descending into the canyon. There they are attacked by roachers and more mutant cannibals…a lot of them. Ted gets killed but manages to DIE HARD and survive, while Scott and Chris both get into low single and doiuble digit health. Explosives are going off everywhere, and the party decides they must retreat. On the way out Scott lobs a few grenades and decides he can take them. Nikolai and Chris are dying from horrible poison while Scott and Ted Solo the last roachers, with Scott almost dying before he kills the last one before it can take him down.

The party retreats to the train and licks their wounds. King is being a pussy so we call the session there.

Session 24: 10/27/2013
July 6th, 2255: We have to fix a space ship!?!?!

Party Loot: 196
Party decided not to sell anything as only 2 stores were open. You all can still shop at those stores if you’d like.
Sid’s Store is Complete
Mega Flamer: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/falloutbyunderableedingsun/items/pip-boy-location-bloomfield-space-center
Not everyone voted, and it was a short session, so we will skip session boons this week.
From now on drugs are going to overlap, not stack.

The party runs into a group of slavers, and in typical goodie two shoe fashion they slaughter the poor slavers. They give the slaves some weapons and point them in the direction of Hoover Dam. They also run into a Crimson Caravan out here, which Ted finds odd that they are out here.

The party gets to Bloomfield Space Center and run into a gang called the rusty hooks. Their leader Kyle seems rough, but isn’t unfriendly with the party. The party learns that A man showed up with some “flying machines” and went and took one of the rockets into space. They also learn there is another rocket here, but the launchpad is guarded by several robots and some NCR Rangers. Kyle tells the party they are welcome to look around, but not to go near the launch pad or they will likely be gunned down.

The party starts looking around, and sees the launchpad. They agree it looks well guarded. Nikolai hacks into a computer terminal and finds out that the remaining rocket is indeed functional, but will need some things to run. These include restoring the sub reactor (Which Ted was in the process of doing), Getting Rocket Fuel, Finding the launch code and targeting coordinates. They also find out that the BOMB 001 has an anti-air defense system, but that they can make themselves immune to the targeting system by sending the BOMB 001
anti-weapon shut down code on their way up. This sounds like a good thing. They are able to get locations for many of those things, but not everything. They decide to take off for now and head back to the Hoover Dam.

They walk back, and run into a place called Burrows. It is ran by talking Raccoons, who through speaking with appear to be the by product of FEV testing from a place called “The Glow” to the West. They recruit one of the Raccoons to come with the, and Nikolai and Ted talk their leaders into letting him go.

The party comes across Argos, and decide to engage him. They make relatively short work of Argos with Scott carrying around a rocket launcher with EMP grenades. Critting twice in one round with those really put the hurt on Argos and his minions. Anyway, the party takes him down and that was the session.

Session 23: 10/13/2013
June 1st, 2255: Pretty much an entire PLOT dump!

You all hit level 16
MVP: Chris – Survivor Boon
RP: Nikolai
Tactical: Scott
You all earned the Special Perk Inoculation
This Game Ends: July 6th 2255

The party finishes fixing the train and heads out towards New Canaan to see if Doc Angela was able to successfully synthesize a cure for the New Plague. On their way, as they were heading north on the train, they saw a giant nuclear blast coming from the south of them, near Fort Abandon. The party believes that Fort Abandon has been nuked, but decide to come back later wanting to get to New Canaan ASAP. The party pulls in with a train, which brings several eyes out to them.

The Doc comes out with the cure, and injects Chris and Ted who volunteer to try it first, as she says there’s only an 85% chance it is successful. After they don’t melt, the next day and she tests them with no sign of the virus remaining in their bodies, the rest of the party gets the inoculation, and Angela gives each of them one extra dose of the antidote. As soon as they are all seen as cured, Scott walks off and hires four refugees as hookers for the nice. Scott sleeps better and more satisfied than he had in a very long time. The mayor walks out and welcomes them back in town. Nikolai asks that they get more of the cure, and he assure them once their people are all inoculated they will produce extra to sell to the party.

They head south to Fort Abandon and see that it’s still there. On the way they see a vertibird coming from the north east and heading southwest. They go and talk with Ralphie who says there was a giant explosion to the South West. The party goes and explores with Geiger counters out. Eventually the counter goes up a lot, and Scott, Nikolai and Ted decide to go off on their own. They walk towards the remains of the prison, sucking up rads and get to where the prison used to be. The place is mostly a crater, but Nikolai is able to discern that the explosion was interior, not exterior. They decide to climb down into the basement, and the radiation goes off the chart. Nikolai finds some parts from Odysseus with the words Odysseus written on it, and figures out that the nuclear reactor in here exploded. The party leaves and heads towards the Hoover Dam.

They get there and Scott goes and cashes in his free hooker card he got for saving the place a while back. The party thinks to themselves that they haven’t seen him this happy in a while. Nikolai goes and tells the major about what’s going on, but the major kind of shrugs it off and says the NCR doesn’t have any vertibirds. Ted heads down to the water/power plant and speaks with Otto Steed, offering him the engineer position for the Train. Otto graciously accepts but says he must speak with the mayor, who saved his life. Ted, Chris and Nikolai all enter the Mayors at the same time. Otto asks if he can go onto the train, and Mayor Dodge unleashes him from service, and Otto goes to the train. The party speaks with the Mayor, who says they don’t know how much more of this war with the BOS the dam can take. They stop by the Silver rush and talk Jean Baptiste into taking one of the antidotes. The party heads across the world to the Boulder Dome to try and find where that Vertibird came from.

The party makes it to the door, and is greeted by a different person than last time, Goddard. He lets them in and the party searches the first floor. They find Eddie and Helen, who have some sick kids. The party heal what ailments they can and head down to the second floor. They speak with Goddard and they pick up a lot of plot points. They find out Presper, the leader of the scientist had left in the Vertibird. They also find out he hacked Odyssues and that several people in the dome have the plague. WOW!

They wander and find out that Presper has cryo frozen several prominent people who have come down with the Limit 115 virus. The party goes down and Nikolai hacks Prespers computer (very surprisingly) and they find a boat load of plot info (See Three Adventure Log Entries Below). Wow, they finally realize whats going on here, and they realize that Presper is a mad scientist. The party wander and do some minor things, but decide to head to Mesa Verde and turn in the Geck To Isaac Gant. They head to hover dam to cut down to Bloomfield Space Base.

The party get attacked by mutant cannibals on the way and meets up with some x-men. They get closer to Bloomfield…but we don’t quite make it there before we decide to call it.

Presper's Journal
June 6th 2255: The Mad Scientist Reveals Himself

March 23rd, 2209

I have great news! I have been invited to join the NCR scientific research division. The invitation was extended by the President Tandi herself. I will have access to some of the best tech in the wasteland. I just feel so honored. Only the best of the best are invited to……

August 7th, 2222

I can’t believe they are giving the mutants and zombies citizenship. What the hell is wrong with these people. The NCR is unraveling before my very eyes. Perhaps I can save these pure wretches, convert them back into humans and bring them into humanities fold….

January 19th, 2231

I am starting to believe that there is absolutely no hope for the NCR. I believe it is my duty to rid the world of these abominations. I now realize there is no cure for the poor wretched souls. The only cure shall be death. It is unfortunate, they were at one time humans. The NCR has made us weak though, and we allow such vileness to survive. I shall do what need to be done to free the wastelands from the wretch of mutation and the weakness of those who aren’t willing to make the hard choices.

October 5th, 2237

I have been playing my role well. No one here suspects I am planning to bring the world into one wholesome people, free of the NCR, Brotherhood and Legion. There is only room for science in the wasteland. I have found some data on a research facility over in Colorado with high technologies that I can use to exploit, if I can break free of the restraints placed on me by the NCR. I have been elevated enough that I may be able to get away with it here under their noses. I do not think the risk is worth it. With my status and facts I believe that I can persuade the council to give me an expedition. I should probably even have my own contingents of commandos. This may work out better than I was even suspecting.

March 23rd, 2209

I have great news! I have been invited to join the NCR scientific research division. The invitation was extended by the President Tandi herself. I will have access to some of the best tech in the wasteland. I just feel so honored. Only the best of the best are invited to……

August 7th, 2222

I can’t believe they are giving the mutants and zombies citizenship. What the hell is wrong with these people. The NCR is unraveling before my very eyes. Perhaps I can save these pure wretches, convert them back into humans and bring them into humanities fold….

January 19th, 2231

I am starting to believe that there is absolutely no hope for the NCR. I believe it is my duty to rid the world of these abominations. I now realize there is no cure for the poor wretched souls. The only cure shall be death. It is unfortunate, they were at one time humans. The NCR has made us weak though, and we allow such vileness to survive. I shall do what need to be done to free the wastelands from the wretch of mutation and the weakness of those who aren’t willing to make the hard choices.

October 5th, 2237

I have been playing my role well. No one here suspects I am planning to bring the world into one wholesome people, free of the NCR, Brotherhood and Legion. There is only room for science in the wasteland. I have found some data on a research facility over in Colorado with high technologies that I can use to exploit, if I can break free of the restraints placed on me by the NCR. I have been elevated enough that I may be able to get away with it here under their noses. I do not think the risk is worth it. With my status and facts I believe that I can persuade the council to give me an expedition. I should probably even have my own contingents of commandos. This may work out better than I was even suspecting.

December 25th, 2241

Finally, I am on my way with many of the brightest minds in the NCR, and even some from as far as New Vegas. This is glorious. I hope I can convince most of them to my way of thinking in the future. It may be best to just keep the truth from them.
I have been granted two platoons of soldiers. Coleridge seems a strong and reasonable man, and is highly held by honor. I believe I can use this to my advantage, and perhaps he can be shown the glory of my vision in time. The other soldier, Shawn, will be easy to manipulate and I can use him in my endeavors.

February 23, 2242

This place is glorious, I simply must learn more. I am already formulating my plan….

November 7th, 2242

I found plans and supplies to build 2 vertibirds. I will have my soldiers do this in their mean time. I have a feeling these machines may come in handy. You could destroy half the wasteland with these machines!

November 8th, 2244

I have discovered that we have a few doses of a virus known as Limit 115. I am not sure how this can help, but it may come in handy.

December 14th, 2244

We found some ghouls that we interrogated. I learned about an irradiated place where ghouls live known as the reservation. It is an all ghoul community, though they do have some human slaves. I got the exact coordinates, and I will make sure to bomb them off the planet.

September 19th, 2245

There is reference to an old prewar prison with access to nuclear weapons, ran by a computer, Odysseus. This is good, as the Virus Limit 115 by itself will never be efficient enough to wipe out the portions of the wasteland. We are too spread out and the virus acts too quickly. There must be a way for me to manipulate this to my advantage.

December 5th, 2247

The first Vertibird is complete.

June 14th, 2248

I have found the mainframe for Odysseus, and it is massive. I do not believe I will be able to hack it myself in a reasonable amount of time. I will have to bring my scientist in and have them aid with this part, but then get them off before they can do any damage. The second vertibird is almost complete.

January 13th 2250

We did it! We have hacked into Odysseus. I can’t dive too deep, not even my vast skills and overcome these countermeasures, but if I just view the system as if from a US Proxy server the system is none the wiser. It appears that the system is set up and in control of one remaining Bomb, the BOMB 001. The others appear to have crashed. The BOMB 002 appears to be located nearby in the Grand Canyon, I’ll remember that, may be important someday. The BOMB 001 has 8 nuclear missiles on it though, more than enough for my needs. It appears that the prison is a quarantine prison, that arrests those with plagues, and it specifically looks for Limit 115 as one of its dangerous substances. I believe I can unleash the virus and then trick Odyssues into coming to the conclusion that the plague has spread too far and to release its hold on the BOMB 001’s Nuclear Arsenal. How Exciting. The only problem is the codes to launch the nukes have been lost, so I shall need to hack the system myself once I get up there.

October 5th 2250

We have done it! That outlaw village has been contaminated and the village is none the wiser. Now we shall just need to wait. I believe many of us have been infected by the virus, but they have enough drugs to keep it suppressed for me and my men for quite some time, and we have cryo chambers we can use until a cure is synthesized. Surely my great scientist can use the old data and finish constructing a cure.

October 23rd, 2253

We shall unleash the prisoners today. This will be the beginning of the end.

January 27th, 2254

It appears that some prisoners are assisting the robots in capturing the prisoners. This is great news! Now Odysseus will see how far this plague has spread and will have to unleash the nuclear arsenal.

June 2nd, 2255

I did it, I showed Odysseus that the plague had spread too far, and it agreed. It has unleashed the BOMB 001’s Arsenal. I am so close now. It is time to head forward.


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