Traits are an optional choice for your character. You may take 0, 1, or 2 traits at character creation. You do not get a chance to pick more later(though you can mutate one trait with a perk).

Bad Natured

School never interested you. You preferred action. Skills of Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Throwing and Melee get a 20% bonus but all others skills suffer a 10% penalty. Ghouls, mutants and humans only.

Beta Software

You have been equipped with a experimental operating system and peripherals. You get 1 extra Tag Skill and a 10% bonus on your detection attribute, but whenever using any attack you must succeed on a luck check or suffer an automatic failure and, in combat, a loss of all APs for that round. Only Robots can choose this trait.

Bloody Mess

By some strange twist of fate, people around you die violently. You always see the worst way a person can die. This does not mean you kill them any faster or slower, but when they do die, it will be dramatic. Just how dramatic is up to the Gamemaster. Robots don’t make a bloosy mess.


A little slower, but a little bigger. You may not hit as often, but they will feel it when you do! Your total agility lowered, but your Strength is increased. You get a 2-point bonus to Strength, but lose 2 Agility. Ghouls cannot choose this trait.


You gain an extra 10 hit points, but your agility is reduced by 1.

Built To Destroy

The flamer that burns twice as bright burns half as long. All weapons have +5% chance to Critical Hit, but whenever your equipment is damaged it takes an extra box of damage.

Chem Reliant

You are more easily addicted to chems. Your chance to be addicted is twice normal, but you recover in half the time from their ill effects. Robots cannot take Chems.

Chem Resistant

Chems only affect you half as long as normal, but your chance to be addicted is only 50% the normal amount. Robots cannot take Chems.


You have a fear of enclosed spaces (probably because of the mutants that live there). You gain +1 to strength, perception, and agility attributes when outside, but suffer a -1 to those attributes when indoors or in a vehicle. Robots don’t have fears.


You have undergone extensive house training and have developed an above average Intelligence. Your IN is raised by 2, but not above the racial maximum, but you get a -2 penalty to Melee Damage. Only Deathclaws and Dogs can choose this trait.

Doubled Vital Equipment

You have two sets of vital internal machinery. This makes you able to sustain more damage but makes you less agile. Your HP gained per level is doubled but your agility is lowered by 2 and your carry weight is lowered by 25. Robots only.


You were born with the most common mutation in the wasteland, dwarfism. Your teensy stature causes you to have -2 AG and -1 CH. However, you also gain +2 EN and are always at +10% to hit and AC, even when standing on the shoulders of a sweetly retarded giant.

EMP Shielding

You have a dedicated EMP shielding system. It takes you 2 AP to move 1 hex because of your heavy equipment, but you have a 30% Resistance to all forms of EMP attack. Only Robots can choose this trait


Due to radiation that twisted your mind you are able to feel other people feeling much better than others. You instantly gain Empathy perk but lose 1 point of intelligence. Robots and dogs cannot take this trait.

Fast Metabolism

Your metabolic rate is twice the normal rate. This means that you are much less resistant to radiation and poison, but your body heals faster. You get a 2-point bonus to Healing Rate, but your Radiation and Poison Resistance start at 0% (racial modifiers are added later). Ghouls and robots cannot choose this trait.

Fast Shot

You don’t have time for a targeted attack, because you attack faster than normal people. It costs you one less action point to use a weapon. You cannot perform targeted shots and all shots you take are -10% to hit, but all weapons take one less action point to use. Note that the Fast Shot trait has no effect on HtH or Melee attacks. Animals cannot choose this trait

Fear the Reaper

You have cheated death! You gain perks as if you were a human, but you are now on death’s short list. This means you only get END/2 in HP’s/level, and your natural ghoul resistances are cut in half. You cannot take lifegiver. Only ghouls can choose this trait.


Your attacks show a lot of finesse. You don’t do as much damage, but you cause more critical hits. All of your attacks lose 25% of their damage but you gain a 10% bonus to Critical Chance on attacks. Super Mutants cannot choose this trait.


Learning never was a problem for you, even more – you love it. You can choose two additional tag skills, but you can’t take this trait unless your INT is at 10 (or racial maximum) and it takes one extra level to get perks and you cannot take Tag! Perk. Dogs and robots cannot be genius.


You have more innate abilities than most, so you have not spent as much time honing your skills. Your statistics are better than the average person, but your skills are lacking. All stats get a +1 bonus, but all skills get a 10% penalty and you receive 5 less Skill Points per level. Robots cannot be gifted.

Glowing One

Extreme radiation exposure has left you glowing in the dark. Your glow eliminates modifiers from light in combat for both you and your enemies. In addition, you gain a +50% bonus to Radiation Resistance, but everyone around you takes 10 rads per hour (see Radiation under Damage and Death, below). Only Ghouls can choose this trait.

Good Natured

You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but First Aid, Doctor, Speech, and Barter are substantially improved. Those skills get a 20% bonus. You get a 10% penalty to starting combat skills (Simple Weapons skills and Ranged Weapons skills).

Ham Fisted

Genetic engineering – or dumb luck – has endowed you with huge hands. You get a “free” tag skill in Unarmed, but you suffer a -20% penalty to Ranged Weapons skills, First Aid, Doctor, Repair, Science, and Lockpick Skills. Only Super Mutants can choose this trait.

Heavy Handed

You swing harder, not better. Your attacks are very brutal, but lack finesse. You rarely cause a good critical hit, but you always do more melee damage. You get a 4-point bonus to Melee Damage, but your critical hits do half of their normal damage (150% damage instead of 200% damage) and targets get a 50% chance to turn a targeted shot into a regular hit (though you can still deal critical damage.)

Hideous Appearance

You are awful – most normal people can’t look at you without feeling sick but you are also much more terrifying in combat. And, oh… Forget having a girl/boy friend… No one will ever react at you better than “neutral”(no matter what you do for them) but your enemies have –20% to hit you when with in 3 hexes due to your appearance. This applies only to creatures of your race and species. Robots and dogs can’t have a hideous appearance.


Your carry weight is increased by 40 lbs, but you take a -1 to agility.

Hot Blooded

You gain a +3 bonus to damage while your health is below 20%, but your perception and agility each drop by 2. Robots don’t have blood.


You have no tagged skills, but receive 1.9 times the skill points per level (rounded down). Additionally, any perk you take must have at least one requirement on top of the level requirement. Dogs and Robots aren’t Jacks of all Trades.


The good thing is that everyone around you has more critical failures in combat. The bad thing is: so do you! If you, a member of your party, or a non-player character have a failure in combat, there is a greater likelihood the failure will be upgraded (downgraded?) to a critical failure. Critical failures are bad: weapons explode, you may hit the wrong target, you could lose part of your turn, or any number of bad things. Failures are 50% more likely(rounded up) to become critical failures around the character or anyone else in combat. Robots can’t be jinxed.


By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot faster in a turn. This lowers your Armor Class to just what you are wearing, but you sequence much faster in a combat turn. You have no natural Armor Class (Armor Class is therefore 0 regardless of Agility). You must wear armor to get an Armor Class. Your sequence gets a 5 point bonus.

Loose Cannon

From frag grenades to throwing spears, you can throw weapons for 1 less AP than normal, but your maximum range for all weapons are cut in half. This penalty does not apply to melee weapons with reach.

Mounted Weapon

You have a built-in weapon (assault rifle of your choice) with a internal ammo store(twice the maximum amount for particular weapon). This gives you +10 modifier to sequence but on the other hand it makes you a bit heavier reducing your action points by one. Robots only.

Night Person

As a night-time person, you are more awake when the sun goes down. Your Intelligence and Perception are improved at night but are dulled during the day. You get a 1-point penalty to these Statistics from 0601 to 1800, and a 1-point bonus to these Stats from 1801 to 0600. Note that the bonus cannot take IN and PE above the character’s racial maximum or below the character’s racial minimum. Robots cannot be people.

One Hander

One of your hands is very dominant. You excel with single-handed weapons, but two-handed weapons cause a problem. You have a 40% penalty to hit with two-handed weapons, but get a 20% bonus to hit with weapons that only require one hand.


You are a half-crazed, feral killing machine. You are not affected by crippled limbs (blindness still affects you normally), and every time you kill an opponent in combat, you get 5 more APs that round. Chems, including stimpaks and healing powder, have no effect on you. Only Deathclaws and Dogs can choose this trait.


Well you were born “a bit radiated”, but you are not a ghoul (however you are still far from being beautiful). All of your primary statistics are down by 1. You don’t acquire any more radiation. The radiation you have acts as a sort of shield, increasing your AC by 5. Your healing rate increases by 3. Additionally radiation has somehow affected your brain and you learn 50% faster than “prime normals” (+50% skill points per level and +50% skill points from books – rounded down). Humans only. Someone who’s radiated cannot MUTATE any more(i.e. take the perk).

Red Scare

You are paranoid in the extreme and think that everyone around you may be trying to do you in. You gain a 30% bonus to your detection attribute, but your shaky nerves in combat give you a -5% penalty to hit. Animals and Robots aren’t scared of communist.

Sex Appeal

This trait increases your chances of having a good reaction with members of the attracted sex. Unfortunately, this trait tends to annoy members of the sex that finds you unattractive. When interacting with members of the attracted sex, you gain a 1-point bonus to Charisma for disposition only. When making Speech and Barter rolls, you gain a 25% bonus for each. When interacting with members of the unattracted sex, you have a 1-point penalty to Charisma for disposition only and have a 25% penalty to both Speech and Barter rolls. Only humans can choose this trait.


Since you spend more time improving your skills than a normal person, you gain more skill points. The tradeoff is that you do not gain as many extra abilities. You will gain a perk at one level higher than normal. For example, if you normally gained a perk every 4 levels, you would now gain a perk every 5 levels. You will get an additional 5 skill points per new experience level, and all skills get a one time bonus of +10%. Animals & Robots cannot be skilled.

Small Frame

You are not quite as big as everyone else, but that never slowed you down. You can’t carry as much, but you are more agile. You get a 1-point bonus to Agility, but your Carry Weight is only 15 lbs X Strength. Super Mutants cannot choose this trait.


You just can’t look at other people’s poverty, sick animals etc. You will never refuse an aid for help and will always help someone or something that needs attention. Your karma grows twice as fast as normal. Dogs and robots cannot take this trait

Targeting Computer

You have been programmed with an on board targeting computer. All attacks cost 1 extra AP to perform, but you can always add +15% to your chance to-hit. Only Robots can choose this trait.

Tight Nuts

This robot was built to take the knocks. You get +5 Damage Threshold to any attack, but you gain only half the Hit Points back from repairs. Only Robots can choose this trait.

Tech Wizard

You spent your formative years hunched over a bench learning all about the way things work. The trouble is that you’ve ruined your eyes! You get a +15% bonus to Science, Repair, and Lockpick skills, but you lose 1 Perception. Only Ghouls can chose this trait.


You always loved to walk. This is more than just a hobby- it’s your lifestyle.You get +1 to Endurance, a 7% bonus on you detection attribute, and a free Outdoorsman Tag skill, but all your skills except Outdoorsman suffer a –5% penalty and you can choose only Outdoorsman -and Random Encounters related perks. Robots do not know to travel.

Trigger Discipline

A little slower, but a lot more accurate. It costs you one additional AP to attack, but you gain a 20% bonus on accuracy for small guns and energy weapons.

Vat Skin

Other people find you hideous to behold and disgusting to smell after your “dip” in the FEV vats. The good news is that you gain a +10 bonus to your Armor Class thanks to your extra-tough skin. The bad news is that everyone within ten hexes of your location, friend and foe, suffers a 1-point penalty to Perception (including you) because of your awful stench. Only Super Mutants can choose this trait.


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