Starting Equipment

You get to choose one of the following packages for your starting equipment based on your race. All races are considered to start out with a back pack (unless overwritten by another bag). You can choose to have a fannie pack instead if you’d like.

If you feel I missed a package that you’d like to see let me know.

Human: Any
Ghoul: Any City Raised or Wasteland Wanderer Packages.
Super Mutants: May start with one melee weapon worth 100 caps or less.
Dogs and Deathclaws: Do not start with any equipment, and cannot use equipment.
Robots: See GM

City Raised Packages: You were raised in one of the Major cities.

Brawler: Brahmin-Skin Outfit, Spiked Knuckles, Dirty Water, Healing Powder, Mirelurk Cakes

Diplomat: Pre-War Apparel, Shansei C96 Pistol, 10 MM AP (20), Police Baton, Dirty Water, Salisbury Steak, Lighter, Med-X, 90 Caps

Doctor: scientist outfit, knife, Surgical Mask, First Aid Kit (3 Charges), Med-X 4, Dirty Water, Iguana-on-a-stick, gum (5)

Mechanic: Utility Jump Suit,Super Tool Kit, flash light, dirty water, Claw Hammer, Wrench, Stimpack, Brahmin Steak

Rogue: Utility Jump Suit, lockpicks, Rope, Knife, Shansei C96 Pistol, 10 MM AP (20), Dirty Water, Cram, Jet, 10 MM FMJ (20)

Tribal Packages You were raised with tribals or one of the disorganized raider groups of the waste.

Hunter: Wooden Crossbow, Bolt TR (50), Bolt BH (20), Robe, Dirty Water, Brahmin Steak,

Tribal: Brahmin-Skin Outfit, Wooden Bow, Arrow TR (20), Machete, Tribal Healing Powder, Brass Knuckles, Vodoo, Dirty Water, Meat Jerky

Witch doctor: Robe, Wooden Bow, Arrow TR (20), Scalpel, Healing Powder (2), Vodoo, Med X, dirty water, Powder Bag, Iguana-on-a-stick

Wasteland Wanderer: You may have been a hermit, a wanderer, a caravan guard or a mercenary.

Mercenary: Brahmin-Skin Outfit, Axe, Shansei C96, 10 MM AP (20), Dirty Water, Molotov Cocktail, Meat Jerky

Pistolero: Colt 6520, 10 MM AP, FMJ & JHP (20 rounds each), Chinese Jump Suit, Dirty Water, Swiss Army Knife, Blamco Mac & Cheese

Scavenger: Crowbar, Sling, Duster, Flare, Bobby Pins (5), Lighter, Rope, Shovel, tool kit, irradiated water, Black Coffee, Meat Jerky, Apple, Pear

Slave: You lucky dawg, you start out with a slave collar attached to your head. Why the FUCK would you want to start a slave!!

Sniper: Pipe Rifle, 10 MM AP, FMJ (20 rounds each), 10 MM JHP (10 rounds each) Dirty Water, Leather Jacket, Ant Meat

Boomer: Boomerang, Powder Bag – 5, Molotov Cocktail , Knife, Bullhorn Trap, Fire Ant Meat, Irradiated Water, Brahmin Skin Outfit, Super Tool Kit, Lighter, Flare, Bola, Sharpened Pole

Vault Dweller Packages: Only allowable with GM Permission

Security: Vault Utility JumpSuit (mimics utility jumpsuit), Mistaken Solar Scorcher (as solar scorcher with the following alterations: Dmg: 1d6+2 Rng: 10 AP Holds 4 charges), Caravan Lunch, Purified Water

Scientist: Vault Lab Coat, Knife, Caravan Lunch, Super Tool Kit, Purified Water, surgical mask, Stimpak

Starting Equipment

Fallout: Van Buren underableedingsun