Special Perks

This is where I will post special perks that players earn throughout the game, good and bad. I want to keep them a secret, and they are earned by taking certain actions. Examples would be Grave-digger from fallout 2, where when you defile enough graves you get that perk, which is a negative perk. Another example is Barkskin in fallout 3, earned by destroying Harold’s heart, which is a positive perk. Most will be very minor, sometimes even being one time use perks, but some could dramatically alter your character.

Your actions have revealed you to be a champion of the people. Your war against evil and villainy is widely known. Honorable people will respect you better, and your prowess is known by all.
Earned By: Good Karma(1000), kill a lot if bad characters, Be really good (not just gain positive karma from your companions)
Effect: +5% Disposition , +5 HPS, +3% to all DR, ER, PR, RR

Metagamer: One time use.
You know how to suck up and help out.
Earned by: Ordering the GM a pizza, writing campaign macros, helping with the campaign in some way. GM Caveat.
Effect: You can burn the metagamer perk once to turn a critical failure into a regular failure, or turn a critical hit into a regular hit. This perk may be earned again after it has been used up.

You had the plague, but now you’ve gotten your shots. Its left you more stout.
Earned By: Having the New Plague and Curing it.
Effect: +10% to Poison Resistance and Radiation Resistance.

You’ve eaten your own kind, and you liked it. Tasted better than Brahmin by any means.
Earned By: Being a Cannibal
Effect: Instant -100 Karma, Special Options.

Child Killer
You have killed children, the youth of the wasteland. This is considered to be a really bad thing. You evil, evil person.
Earned By: uhhh, killing a child, duh!
Effect: -250 karma per child killed. -10% disposition with everyone, most the wasteland starts out hostile towards you and there is a greater chance of you being targeted by humans and ghouls in combat.

Walks with the Devil
You have tamed the devil dog
Earned By: Have Devil Dog as your companion.
Effect: +5 to your disposition with tribals.

Robo Scrapper
You have learned the inner workings of robots
Earned By: Successfully studying the schematics at the Cyphers Camp.
Effect: +5% chance to successfully get components from robots.

Tough Guy
You Believe in and Practice Wolff’s Law.
Earned By: Cripple your limbs a lot
Effect: 5% chance when a limb becomes crippled of not crippling

Lord Death
Nothing can survive with you around
Earned By: Earning 4 Kill Challenges
Effect: +1 to damage

Lord Death Of Murder Mountain
You Enjoy Killing, Plain and Simple!
Earned By: Earning 8 Kill Challenges
Effect: +2 to damage

Apocalypse Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me.
You may have killed everything already.
Earned By: Earning All 12 Kill Challenges
Effect: +3 to damage

Kill Challenges

Animal Control
You handle animals really well when they are dead and kill the living ones quickly.
Earned By: Kill Lots of animals
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

“You all escaped together, but you don’t leave them in peace”
Earned By: Kill Lots of Prisoners
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

“Humans deserve death at your hands too.”
Earned By: Kill Lots of Humans
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

You weed the garden, and you know how to kill crazy plant creatures.
Earned By: Kill Lots of Plants.
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

There’s nothing abominable that you don’t kill, hard.
Earned By: Kill Lots of abominations
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

Bug Stomper
Pulling the legs off ants suits you well.
Earned By: Kill Lots of Insects
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

And Them Too
You kill everyone else, might as well kill them too.
Earned By: Kill Lots of unaffiliated humans.
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

#Machine Head
You grind the gears of the machines and make robots not alive even more.
Earned By: Kill Lots of Robots.
Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

  1. Even Gods Die
    “You killed a god of the wasteland.”
    Earned By: Kill someone who is level 24 or higher.
    Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.
  1. Zombie Hunter
    “You watched too many zombie flicks growing up, and kill them on sight now.”
    Earned By: Kill Lots of Ghouls
    Effect: +1 Kill Challenge Completed.

Special Perks

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