Session Boons

To help encourage role playing and creative solutions to problems we are going to implement a session rewards system. At the end of every session each player is going to privately send me the player that they think did the best in each category, and they cannot vote for themselves. The winner of each category will gain a special boon associated with their category. The details of each is below. All boons are spent when used. If a session goes too short, the GM may determine that no boons are earned for that game, or maybe only offer one category if for instance the session had 1 small combat, or no rp.

Tactical Reward: Player who came up with something tactically sound or a battle winning idea. The person you think did the best in combat through creativity and thought, not just because they have the most optimized scores.
Tactician Boon: Your astute tactics have granted you a special insight. You may spend this boon to gain 3 additional AP for one round. If you don’t use this boon within three session after earning it, you lose it. If multiple tactician boons are present, only one tactician boon can be spent per round.

RP Reward: Player who contributed the most from an RP stand point, particularly if they did something in character that put their character at significant risk. Player who contributed to the over all storyline or who added to character or party development as a whole.
Character Boon: You’ve got character, lots of it. Being a character has paid off. You may spend this boon to force any one skill or attribute check to be rerolled, whether your own or any other characters. You must take the 2nd result even if it is worse.

MVP Reward: The best player in game in your mind. The person who helped your over all enjoyment of the game for whatever reason.
Boons: The MVP reward will be rolled randomly on the following chart at the end of the session:
1) MVP Skill Boon: Gain 6 Skill Points.
2) Survivor Boon: Luckily, you were the best, at least once, but a crippling injury left you out of the major league. When you would be killed via damage only you instead go to -(endurance+1) and are stable. You gain (additional if you already have crippled limbs) 2 crippled limbs determined randomly that must be restored by a doctor.
3) MVP Toughness Boon: Gain 3 HP’s.
4) Die Hard Boon: You don’t die, you find a way to not only survive, but to thrive. When you would be killed FOR ANY REASON you restore All your hp’s, survive the attack and shake all negative effects and automatically sequence. You permanently loose 1 endurance. If this would reduce you to less than 1 endurance, you cannot use this boon.

Session Reward Vote Sheet (copy and fill this out and PM it to me)
Tactician Reward
Character Reward
MVP Reward

Best Story

Adventure Log: Everyone is allowed to write an adventure log. Third person or first person the choice is yours. We can start a forum post for each week where everyone can post their renditions. Everyone who does so will gain 1 HP and SP. I will pick the best story each week and post it as the adventure log. The winner of each week will get to roll on the following table:

D100 Result
1-25 1 HP & SP
26-50 2 HP’s
51-75 3 SP’s
76-90 2 HP’s and SP’s
91 Earn Brownnoser
92 3% Poison Resistance
93 3% Radiation Resistance
94 Gain 5 to Carry Weight
95 Earn Skinning
96 Earn Earlier Sequence
97 Earn Alertness
98 Earn Comprehension
99 Gain a free Level 10 or less perk of your choice
100 +1 to Special
101+ Roll Twice

91-100 can only be earned once. If you roll one of those again you get to reroll and add the result – 90 to the roll (So if you already earned Skinning and roll it again you get to reroll and 5 to it (95-90).

Session Boons

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