Radiation Sickness

As much as knives and bullets, characters are likely to harmed by the fallout (See where they got the name?) of the great war, leaking storage containers, and other sources of the glowing stuff. Under normal circumstances all characters start with 0 rads (ghouls start with 100 rads) but this number can be adjusted depending on the character’s background and Overseer’s decision. Should a character be exposed to radiation, either through consuming irradiated food, water, drugs and other consumables, or by being near radiation sources (including irradiated people!) (to calculate the amount of rads given by being near someone take the number of rads they have and divide by 20 this is the number of rads given if in close contact for a week) rads begin to build up in their system and radiation burns are caused, which can be problematic for most people in the wastes. Should 1000 rads build up in a human character’s system they must take an endurance test every day at a -1 penality or die from radiation sickness (should 1500 rads build up the character succumbs to the radiation sickness immediately, seriously noone can take that much), if 5000 rads build up in a ghoul’s or mutant’s system they go feral or die respectively. In addition to damage and death
radiation also causes penalties to statistics.

Radiation Sickness Severity Rads Penalty
Minor 200 -1 to all SPECIAL (except luck)
Moderate 400 -2 to all SPECIAL (except luck)
Severe 600 -3 SPECIAL (except luck)
Critical 800 -4 SPECIAL (except luck), organ failure begins (poison and toxin effect doubled, resistance halved and natual radiation dissappation done at a rate of 2 rads a week)
Lethal 1000 -6 SPECIAL (except luck), must begin to make END checks to survive if a non-ghoul
Instantly Lethal 1500 Humans die instantly
Ultra-Lethal 5000 Ghouls become feral (can revert to “normal” state), Mutants die instantly

Recovering From Radiation

Although in the wastes there are few who survive even minor radiation exposure due to the inability of the body to function properly, there is some hope (very, very little), extremely expensive and rare drugs, certain mysterious fruits and time can all reduce the amount of rads and radiation damage in a individual’s body, there are even rumors of a miracle medical cure that can remove most of the rads in even the most irradated person, with common materials, but there is no proof of this procedure anywhere in the wastes. Certain drugs and consumables will have their own rules to remove rads, but rest will also help, for every day after exposure, the individual loses 5 rads; in completely unirradated settings the individual removes 10 rads (ghouls and mutants remove 10 rads a day regardless of setting or activities, tripled if in unirradiated settings) and can revert radiation sickness into a lesser form or lose the sickness entirely.


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