Psionics. Psionics are a part of Fallout, but how much is really up to the GM. The official stance by Interplay was that Psionics died with the Master at the end of FO1. Now that being said, there were certainly characters with psionic (or at least supernatural) abilities in FO2 and FO Tactics. Bethesda has not given any indication on their plans with psionics, but they also had characters in 3 and NV that seemed to have psionics (or once again, supernatural abilities).

My personal opinion (as if it matters, its your game) is that psionics should be used sparingly, if at all. If I was going to use psionics in my game, I don’t think I would allow anyone to start with with any kind of psionics. Then I’d let them pick up the necessary traits with mutate. I may even have a prerequisite (such as exposure to FEV virus). But its really up to you on how you’d like to run it, and if you want players to have the options to start with psionics thats totally up to you.

To begin a career in psionics, you must have a Psionic Trait. Whether these are picked up at character creation or during play (through mutate or some other means) should be discussed with your GM. When you take a psionic trait you gain a power point(PP’s) pool (which is generally equal to your endurance+(1/2)your level(rounded down)). Each power takes a certain number of PP’s. If you don’t have enough PP’s, you can’t use a power. You gain all your power points back every day. The powers you potentially have available are determined by your perks and traits. You may only take a single psionic trait.

Psionics are nulified by the mental block perk or a psychic nullifier.



You are one of the elite few, you are a psyker. FEV probably screwed with your head or something, and your one of the few it didn’t kill. Or somehow you got powers. You gain double the number of PP’s (including from perks) but you can only pick psionic perks and all your skills take a 10% penalty and you gain 5 less skill points per level.

Minor Psyker

You weren’t quite as lucky as a full Psyker, and your development had some hick-ups. You gain a standard pp pool, but your limited to developing powers from only one discipline,chosen at character creation. Additionally, you take a -1 to intelligence.

Natural Talent

You were one of those weird souls that were somehow born with psychic powers. Unfortunately its just not very developed, you probably need a shot of FEV in your brain. You gain a standard power point pool, but you only recover PP’s equal to your Int, PE or Endurance, whichever is lowest. For instance, if your INT is 7, PE is 9 and Endurance is 10, you’d recover 7 PP’s/day. Your tie to the supernatural has left you somewhat aloof as well. You take a -3 to sequence and a -5% to both barter and speech.

Genetic Anomaly

You are some kind of mistake, you really shouldn’t be able to do anything, but you can, a little bit. You gain 1/2 a PP pool and can only learn powers from one discipline. After your character is made (or when the trait is picked up if later in the career) you randomly gain a +1 to a special and loose a -1 to a special. This can put you over your racial maximum. If this reduces a special to 0 your genetics fry up and you perish.

A Note On Mental Block: Mental Block is meant to reduce the effects caused by psionics. due to the fact that psionics should be used sparingly, the benefit from mental block should be rather large. If psionics are common place in your campaign, then the bonuses should be smaller as they will come up more often. I will proved examples of Mental Block for both:

Mental Block (Psionics Used Sparingly): Mental Block makes you immune to all Telepathy traits. All other psionic powers that target you or have you in their range have their effects cut in half on you.

Mental Block: (Psionics are Common Place): Mental Block allows you to make an intelligence check to block all telepathy school powers, or two checks if the power already allows a check. For all damaging powers you can make a check to reduce the damage in half. What SPECIAL it uses it is up to the GM. For instance, he may decide that Sonic Boom is an Agility check, while Flaming Strike and Static Strike are Endurance Checks. If a power has a negative effect, you can make a check to avoid it, or if you already get a check to avoid it, you can make two checks to avoid it.

New Item

Psychic Nullifier: Cost: 1500 Caps. The Psychic Nullifier was created by the master to control his psions he was developing. When placed on the head of a psion, it blocks them from manifesting their powers. It also had another effect, that spelled the doom of the master. Anyone wearing a psychic nullifier is immune to all psionics of the Telepathy school, and any power that would work through effecting their mind. Powers that manifest in physical reality (like flaming strike) effect them normally. This item takes up the worn body slot.

Psionic Perks

Detect Living Creatures – Telepathy

You can detect all living creatures around you. This nullifies stealth, and can even tell you how many opponents (or allies) may be ahead. While using this power all penalties for lighting are cut in half. You can detect all living creatures within 10 Hexes/2 PP spent. Additional ranks add 10 hexes to your range per PP spent. This power costs 2 pp’s to manifest.
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Perception: 6 Int: 4 Level: 2

Mind Reading – Telepathy

You have tapped into the ability to see thoughts and read minds. This kind of acts like empathy, but it only tells you what they think, which will often be in response to a question. You can tell if what someone is saying is the truth. When you ask certain questions they may think things they don’t want you to know. The more people who are present, the harder it is to use this power. It costs 5PP to manifest this power, but for everyone in the area you need to spend another PP to drown out all the various thoughts going on. This power lasts for one minute after you manifest it. At the 2nd rank, the cost to manifest this power is halved.
Ranks: 2 Requirements: Perception: 6 Int: 4 Level: 2

Control Beast – Telepathy

You can take over the mind of an animal and make it your obedient slave. This only works on animals with an intelligence of 3 or less. How this works exactly is up to the GM. The recommended way(What I’ll be doing at least) is that for every 40 XP that the creature would cost if you killed the creature it costs 1 PP to take over the creature. For Example, a greater giant rat grants 600 XP, so would cost 15 PP to maintain control of. If the creature has levels, it should be (1.5)(level of beast). You can expend that amount of AP each day to maintain control of the beast. At the GM’s discretion he can limit you to having one companion at a time(Which I’ll be doing).
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Intelligence 10 Perception 9 Level: 8

Mind Control – Telepathy

You can take control of a well developed mind. This allows you to take over the mind of a developed human, ghoul, deathclaw or super mutant. To control a developed mind takes an intense amount of control and energy. You must expend 1 PP per level+PE+INT of the one your trying to control. A developed mind (One with an Int higher than 3) can resist the mind control and gets an Intelligence check to try and resist the mind control. You may expend an additional 4 PP’s to give the target a -1 to their intelligence for the purpose of this check. Once you take control of an individual, you can maintain control of the target each day by spending the number of PP’s it costs to maintain control of the person. Once a week they gain another save to break your mind control. You cannot control someone’s mind who is a higher level than yourself.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Intelligence 12 Perception 12 Level 18

Transmogrification – Psycometabolism

You can change and alter yourself greatly, making yourself an abomination temporarily. Every time you manifest this party you turn into a freakish looking thing, in some way, usually dependent on how you manifest it. For every 3 PP’s you spend, you can increase Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence or Agility. But, you take a -1 to charisma for each increase in a primary stat. This power can boost your stats above your racial limits. These changes last for 1 round per character level.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Endurance: 8 Int: 6 Level: 8

Hustle – Psycometabolism

You quicken your body to act faster. You can spend 1 PP to gain one additional AP that can only be used for movement. You can spend up to 10 AP a round this way.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Endurance: 6 Int: 4 Level: 6

Ignore Extremity

You can ignore a crippled limb, for a time. You may spend 1 PP to completely ignore the effects of a crippled limb for one round. If you have multiple crippled limbs you can spend multiple pp’s/round to ignore their negative effects.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Endurance: 10 Int: 8 Level: 14

Control Light – Photokinesis

You can increase or decrease the ambient light level around you. For every pp spent you can increase or decrease the light within 10 hexes by 1 level. For every additional pp spent, you may either change the light level by one more level, or increase the range by 10 hexes. If you wanted to change the light source by two levels in a 30 hex radius it would cost 4 pps, 1 for initial use, one to raise the light level, and 2 to increase the range twice. This power lasts for 1 minute, but you may spend 1 PP to make it last for 10 minutes, or 3 PP’s to make it last for an hour. When increasing the light level it is impossible to hide unless your already in bright light. This power does not give you the ability to see through your own generated darkness.

Ranks: 1

Burst Of Light – Photokinesis

To manifest this ability there must be a small amount of light present, it doesn’t work in total darkness. You make an explosion of light, that can cause blindness. Anyone facing the flash will suffer blindness for 1d10 rounds, unless they make a successful Perception check to avoid the effect, noticing the explosion early enough to look away. Anyone who has seen you manifest this ability before may use either perception or agility for the check, as they are more aware it may be coming. This power take 4 AP to manifest and costs 6 PP’s.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 9 Perception: 9 Intelligence: 7

Developed Mind

Your perception and intelligence count as one higher when determining which psionic perks you qualify for.
Ranks: 2

Unlocked Potential

You have an inreased capacity to manifest powers. With the first rank of this perk you gain 3 pps. At each additional rank you gain one point more than the previous level (4 pps at rank 2 and 5 at rank 3, etc.)
Ranks: 5 Requirements: Level: 2 must have a power point pool.

Lighter – Pyrokinetic You are able to manifest a small amount flame in your hand, enough to light a fire or illuminate 5 hexes around you. This power costs 2pp’s to manifest and take 3 AP. Once the fire is used it goes out at the start of your next round. You may spend 1 additional PP to let it burn for one round longer after being used.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 2 Perception: 5 Intelligence: 6

Flaming Strike – Pyrokinetic

You can imbue your attacks with an open flame. To do so you must have an open flame with in ten hexes. This flame could be a torch, a flare, a lighter, or even someone who’s already on fire. You call forward the attack to your fired shot or swung weapon and engulf it in flame for a single hit. All damage from the attack is converted to fire damage, and you add 2 damage onto the attack. If the attack hits the target also must make an agility check or instantly catch on fire. The target takes a -1 on this check for each previous check he had to make to avoid catching on fire in the round. This power costs 1 pp to manifest. If used on a burst, it must be manifested separately for each hit. For instance, a 5 shot burst costs 5 pps and convert s the entire attack to fire damage.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 4 Perception: 8 Intelligence: 5

Static Strike – electrokinetic

You can harness the power of electricity into your attacks. Unlike flaming strike, you do not need an open source of electricity, because static electricity is in the air all around you. You call forward the electricty when you attack and engulf your weapon with it. On impact, all the static is released. This attack converts all of your damage to electricity. Additionally, the target must make an endurance check or he falls unconscious for a single round. The target takes a -1 on this check for each previous check he had to make to avoid getting knocked unconscious in the round. This power costs 4 pp to manifest. If used on a burst, it must be manifested separately for each hit. For instance, a 4 shot burst costs 20 pps and converts the entire attack to electricity damage.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 8 Perception: 9 Intelligence: 6

Call Down The Storm – energy splash

You can call down a lightning storm from the sky around you. This power can only be manifested outside. To start this manifestation you must spend 20 PP’s and 30 AP to start bringing in the storms. If it is night time you can reduce these costs by -5, and if it is stormy outside you can reduce the PP cost by -5, and the AP cost by 10. Nighttime and outside both stack. Once you have finished calling the storm you move through the storm and can rain down elemental lightning on your foes. When you spend 3 AP and 4 PP’s you can cause a bolt of lighting to come down upon any foe you have line of sight on who is outdoors for (lvld6+1) electricity damage. If they have cover (like hiding behind a rock or a tree within 1 hex) there is a 50% chance that it hits the object, as lightning is unpredictable. This does not mean the target gets away unscathed (rock explodes on them, tree falls on them), but the target is not directly hit. It is up to the GM what if any secondary effect this has. While using this power the manifester must maintain all his concentration in the storm, and if he takes any other actions while this is manifested, he looses the power and must start over on manifesting it if he wants to use it again.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 10 Perception: 10 Intelligence: 9

Sonic Boom – sonickinetic

You use sound to generate attacks. As there is always sound nearby, you do not need anything special to generate this attack, most often the user them self screams as they generate this explosive attack. When you generate a sonic boom you take the noise in a particular area and force it to explode with force. At its base, this generates a 2 meter radius explosion point that does 1d6+1 concussion damage and each person in the radius needs to make an endurance check or get knocked down. This attack takes 4 AP and costs 3 PP’s. When augmenting the power it takes 5AP to manifest. If the user wants, they may augment this power in three different ways. 1) They may increase the damage by 1d6+1 for every 2 PP’s they spend. 2) They may increase the radius by 1 hex for every PP they spend. 3) They may exclude 1 hex for 1 PP. So if you wanted to manifest a 5d6+5 sonic blast, in a 5 meter hex and exclude 1 square it would cost you 15 PP’s. (3 for the initial manifestation, 8 for the 4d6+4 increase in damage, 3 to extend the radius and 1 to exclude a square)
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 10 Perception: 7 Intelligence: 9

Sonic Barrier – Sonickinetic

You create a translucent shield of sound vibrations that block you from one angle. When you manifest this power you choose 3 hexes with in 5 hexes of you. For the duration of the sound barrier these hexes generate extreme noise that keeps their power generated. Any weapon being fired through either side of the barrier suffers from an increase miss chance by 50 as the sonic energy disrupts the barrier. Those moving through the barrier take 1d6+1 damage, while someone standing in the barrier takes 3d6+3 damage per round. The barrier affects melee weapons less, only giving them a 25 point miss chance. It costs 4 AP and 5 pp’s to manifest this power. You may move the sound barrier within your legal range for 3 AP’s. You may augment this power with 10 additional pp’s, to make it so you can open up holes in the barrier when and where you fire, so your ammunition takes no penalty to hit. You can also augment it for others(each individual costs 10 pp’s), but for each such person you must spend 3 pp’s a round making the barrier open, as its harder to sync up with others attacks.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level: 8 Perception: 10 Intelligence: 7

Second Chance – Clairsentience

You may reroll any one roll. You must take the reroll even if it is worse, and cannot use other boons or powers to reroll it again. This power costs 10 pp’s to manifest. At rank 2 it costs 6 pp’s to manifest.
Ranks: 2 Requirements: Level: 12 Perception: 10 Intelligence: 10

Precognition – Clairsentience

You may add +1/pp to any roll you make in the next 10 minutes. At rank 2 this power lasts for the next hour or until used, and at rank 3 it lasts for an entire day, or until used. This power costs 2 AP to manifest.
Ranks: 3 Requirements: Level: 2 Perception: 6 Intelligence: 4

Clairvoyance – Clairsentience

You can ask the GM a question about the campaign. He will give you some clue to the best of his ability, though his clue may be totally unrelated to what you are asking. He may also repeat a clue you have already had if it has not come to pass. This power costs all of your PP’s for the day, and can only be used in the morning, or at a mutually agreed upon time.
Ranks: 1 Requirements: Level 2 Perception 10 Intelligence: 10


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