Pip Boy

Features of a Pip Boy:

A Pip boy may have any of the following features depending on its model. These are the standard features, advanced features are described below.
1) Map – Tracks a map of where you’ve been, and how to get there. May show other surroundings as you travel.
2) Reputation Tracker – Tracks your faction/location reputation
3) Pip-Boy Lite – Gives off lite as a flare
4) Holodisk Reader – Can read holodiscs and download the information onto your drive.
5) Cable Jack – Can used to be plugged into other pip-boys/consoles to interact and trade info between them.
6) Find Radio Broadcasts and play them.

Pip Boy 1000
The Pip-Boy 1000 is the first pip-boy released. It comes standard with a Map, Reputation Tracker and Pip-Lite. The Pip Boy 1000 is a handheld model, so must be held. It takes up one of the two equipqble item slots to use the pip-lite. A Pip Boy 1000 has no room on it for programs.

Pip Boy 2000
The Pip Boy 2000 comes equipped with all the standard programs. This Pip-boy straps to the wrist, and doesn’t use a slot. A Pip Boy 2000 can have 3 programs installed.

Pip Boy 3000
The Pip Boy 3000 has all the standard features of the Pip Boy 2000. A Pip Boy 3000 can have 6 programs installed.


Pip Boys Can have certain programs input into them to help the user with certain tasks. The programs must be bought or found and installed on the device. It takes a science skill of 75% to install a program onto a pip boy. Programs are locked to their device to prevent piracy, though someone with a high science may attempt to root the program and transfer it to another pip-boy. The difficulty of this task varies, and may fry one or both pip-boy if done incorrectly.

Battle Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Melee and Unarmed by 2.

Diplomat Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Speech and Barter by 2.

Driving Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Pilot by 4.

Fixin’ Buddy Cost 1000
After Successfully building something without Blue Prints, you may attempt to make a schematics of it using your success rate -25%.

Medic Buddy Cost: 400
Increases First Aid and Doctor by 2.

Motion Sensor Cost 2500
Detects movement from a distance using a tuned radar device. Having this program installed will bestow +1 PE and a +20 Outdoorsman. This program takes up three slots to install.

Rad Counter Cost 600
Warns you when you are in an area of radiation, and informs you how have the radiation poisoning in the area is.

Reloader Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Repair and Science by 2.

Spy Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Sneak and Steal by 2.

The Vault Wiki Cost: -
Increases Science by 10%.

Thief Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Lockpick and Explosives by 2.

Toxin Counter Cost 800
The Toxin Counter operates similarly to the Rad Counter, but for poisonous spills and creatures like radscorpions, thorn slingers, and giant two-headed snakes. Instead of crackling, the Toxin Counter beeps. The closer the toxin, the more frequent the beeps.

VATS (Very Accurate Targeting System)
Vats helps one target enemies better, hitting more often and more critically. It slows down time, giving you a chance to target more accurately and better gauge your odds. VATS can be entered every x rounds, depending on your agility. VATS grants a +10% to hit and a +3% to critical chance. Unfortunately, VATS takes up three program slots in the pip-boy.

Agility Rounds Before you can enter VATS Again
1 10
2 9
3 9
4 8
5 7
6 6
7 5
8 4
9 4
10 3

Vats (Overclocked)
With a Science skill of 125%, one can overclock a Vats system to function more often. This has its disadvantages and risks. An Overclocked Vats can be used as often as desired. An Overclocked Vats functions as normal on the first use, but each time the user enters VATS before his cool down period has passed he must make a luck check. If he succeeds, he can enter VATS as normal with no negative side effect. If he fails the luck check, the Pip-Boy frys and becomes unusable. Each time VATS is entered before the cool down period has been allowed to be reached, the luck rolls difficulty goes up by 1. IE. If you had a luck of 9, the first time you use vats its standard. The next round you use vats, and your luck is 9. Your still in a bad spot so you use VATS again and your luck roll for this round is an 8. The next round its a 7. The next round its a 6, and you get a 7 on the die, you fry your pip-boy. HAHA!

Wifi Cost: 1000
Grants Wifi on your Pip-Boy…What the fuck is wifi? Requires Pip-Boy 3000.

Workshop Buddy Cost: 400
Increases Repair by 4.

Pip Boy

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