“Benign” Edibles

Bloatfly Meat

2 Caps

The Abdomen of a bloatfly, mushy and gross, this meat tastes like petrified wood with the consistancy of playdough. HPs +1, Rads +3

Ant Meat/Fire Ant MeatEdit

10 caps

Meat from the Abdomen or Thorax of the Giant version of Ant found across the US, this is actually a common form of food across the wastes, supplementing Brahmin meat where Brahmin are not found. HPs +2, Rads +3, -1 STR (30 Min.)

Blamo Mac & CheeseEdit

15 Caps

A box of rock-hard pasta coated with some sort of powdered orange dust. Boil it in some water and you have… rock hard pasta coated with some sort of liquid orange goo. Contrary to popular belief, this food does not contain elbows. HPs +3, Rads +2

Box of Noodles

15 Caps

Raw and crunchy noodles from before the bombs. Tasty compared to, say, Human Flesh. Comparatively rare across the lands, this does not affect value since they aren’t something worth dying over.

Brahmin Meat
8 Caps

Meat from the indigenous brahmin beast. It is the main source of protein across the wastes. HPs +2, Rads +4, -2 STR

Brahmin Steak

25 Caps

Meat from the Indiginous brahmin beast, it is the main source of protein and basic food across the wastes. HPs +6, Rads +4, STR +1


2 Bottlecap

Hard and no longer sweet, this is essentially innedible rock across the wastes. HPs +1, Rads +1

Caravan Lunch

75 Caps

A Vault-Tec Lunchbox filled with a full meal. Within every location in the wasteland these meals can be found, offering those who can afford it a full stomache. They typically contain some pork’n’beans, insta-mash, and some cram, but they’ve been seen containing every edible food under that blistering sun. HPs +20, Rads +5, END +1, Counts as a full day of rations.

Cave Fungus

35 Caps

This breed of fungus grows in caves (obviously) near corpses. With a faint green glow, and the miraculous ability to help reduce rads, this food is relatively expensive and is considered a delicacy. HPs +4, Rads -10

Junk Food

3 Caps.

Crunchy rocks reminiscient of ancient cheese. Not healthy, but it could be used to keep someone alive off of basic calories and fats. HPs +1, Rads +1


30 Caps

Random pig bits in a tin that will and has lasted forever. It is a delicacy across the wastes, considered a kings feast to scavengers and raiders. Rare versions straight from the vaults can sometimes be found that aren’t irradiated. HPs +4, Rads +4

Dandy Boy Apples

25 Caps

Apple-Candies from before the bombs fell, they have hardened, and become a delectable source of sweetness and child bribery across the wastes. HPs +3, Rads +2,

Dog Meat

0 Denarius. 1 Caps. 0 NCR Dollars.

The meat of canines such as dog, coyote and wolf, this meat is technically illegal within the NCR and the Legion, as dogs and canines alike serve as friends and servants. But, across the wastes, dog still serves as an alternative to starvation. HPs +2, Rads +1, -1 STR (30 min.)

Fancy Lads Snack Cakes

15 caps.

Ancient snack cakes made of chocalate and vanilla or sticky cinnamon. Crusty but delicious, these are pretty good for a dessert under the Mushroom clouds. HPs +2, Rads +2,


15 caps.

Iguanas were a popular pet before the bombs dropped, and their descendants that lived repopulated the wastes at alarming rates, and due to their sluggish nature, they have proved easy to hunt and eat, making them staples of less evolved societies of survivors. HPs +5, Rads +3,

Meat Jerky

5 Caps,

The dried meat of dogs, cats, birds, humans, mole rats, or any other edible animal with meat.

Mirelurk Cakes

10 Caps

Basically, mirelurk meat, mashed in a bowl, with parsely, breadcrumbs, a little brahmin milk, and a couple eggs, making delicious fist-sized cakes. HPs +2, Rads +2

Mirelurk Meat

30 Caps

Very simply, this is the meat harvested from mirelurks, mirelurk hunters, and mirelurk kings. Surprisingly tasty, mirelurks are hunted (kinda) across the wasteland for this nourishing food source. HPs +5, Rads +6

Nukalurk Meat

50 Caps, NCR

This meat comes directly from the fabled Nuka-Lurk, offering the benefits of both Nuka-Cola Quantum and Mirelurk meat, at the cost of twice as many rads. Rare and much sought after by ghouls, Nuka-Lurk meat insites brawls and arguments across the wasteland. HPs +5, Rads +15, STR -1 (30 minutes) AP +3

Potato Crisps

1 Denarii, 5 Caps, 10 NCR Dollars

A small box of thinly sliced potatoes, fried in vegetable oil. HPs +1, Rads +1

Salsbury Steak

25 Caps

An entire dinner entree, complete with peas and a brownie dessert! Salisbury steak offers a great deal of calories while only tasting “slightly” like wet cardboard. HPs +5, Rads +8,

Squirrel on a Stick

8 Caps

Squirrel (?) bits skewed on a handy stick, for convenience! HPs +2, Rads +2

Strange Meat

20 Caps

Strange Meat comes from the most dangerous of all animals, and is an extremely delicious if rare delicacy, but mostly enjoyed by raiders and super mutants. It is rumored to be great with fava beans, whatever they are. HPs +3, Rads +3

Trail Mix

20 Caps

A Version of a caravan lunch, this lunchbox generally contains dried fruit, nuts, and seeds. HPs +4, Rads +5

Yao Guai Meat

20 Caps

Essentially It’s the meat from a Yao Guai. Stringy and slightly spicy, this meat sits uneasily in the stomache, however, the combat benefits from eating Yao Guai meat make you feal somewhat safer. Legionaries would pay a lot for this meat, if they knew it existed. HPs +5, Rads +8, Melee Damage +5 END -1

Yum Yum Devilled Eggs

10 caps

This unsuspecting, brightly colored box contains 200 year old eggs! Don’t worry they were completely dehydrated, making them an exciting and crunchy treat! HPs +3, Rads +2

Sugar Bombs

16 Caps

This crunchy sugar-coated corn cereal is perfect for a light snack, stays crisp for centuries, and goes great with low-fat or skim brahmin milk! HPs +1, Rads +3, AP +1

Radroach Meat

This meat is nearly inedible, but however inedible it may be, it does provide some proteins and basic nutrients. This meat is free, that is to say, you cant really buy it any where. HPs +2, Rads +4

Radioactive Gum Drop

1 Cap

These ancient candies weren’t originally radioactive, although due to unforseen past events, they picked up a slight glow. Although they provide no real nourishment in the wasteland, they give you an awesome sugar rush! HP +1, Rads +1

Fruits, Vegetables, and Herbs

Plants have been a stable source of nutrients for humans since the first cave man crawled out of his hole in the ground and stumbled across an orange tree. All versions of fruit and vegetables can be found without radiation, but for information’s sake we’ve provided rad amount as well. Prices vary, but most produce is between 1-5 caps, or possible to find. Price can vary greatly on these as well depending on food situation in that location of the waste. There are also rare “purified” versions of these foods that have been grown with no radiation. These are usually expensive, and hoarded and kept like prized jewels.


Mutfruit is named so because of course, its a hybrid of many different types of fruit. Sweet and spicy, this fruit is a staple in many tribal societies. HPs +1, Rads +2

Crunchy Mutfruit

Another version of mutfruit thats, well… crunchy. It has a faint orange glow. HPs +1, Rads +1


These fruits can rarely be found without rads, but typically they’re irradiated. Red and juicy, these fruits are quite tasty. HPs +1, Rads +1


A green fruit thats sort of related to the apple. It’s sweet and full of nutrients. HPs +1, Rads +1


A vegetable that grows in the ground, although it looks like a rock, it’s far less capable of bludgeoning heads. When boiled in a stew, its filling and pleases the pallate. HPs +2, Rads +2


Another ground vegetable, they’re generally orange colored, and good for the eyes. HPs +1, Rads +1

Banana Yucca Fruit

This fruit grows on shrubs. It’s sort of sour, and shaped like a football. HPs +1, Rads +1

Honey Mequite Pod

These seed pods grow in trees, and contain some sweet seeds. HPs +1, Rads +1

Nevada Agave Fruit

These spiny leaves are harder to find, and taste like notebooks, but are surprisingly healthy. HPs +2, Rads +2

Barrel Cactus Fruit

A bright yellow fruit that grows on top of the barrel cactus, they taste good but are better boiled. HPs +2, Rads +1, END -1

Coyote Tobacco

20 Caps

A form of wild tobacco. This hardy plant is difficult to find, but grows all over the American South-West. It can be dried and rolled into cigarettes/cigars, or chewed. Caravaneers are often found chewing a wad of this. PER 1, AGL-1, Rads1

Broc Flower

15 Caps

This bright orange flower grows sparsely and is in high demand for it’s restorative properties. When mixed together with dried xander root, it is used as a form of “healing powder”. However, alone, the broc flower offers little in the way of nutrition. HP+1, INT-1

Xander Root

15 Caps

A fat root that grows in even the harshest environments. The xander plant’s root resembles a gray/brown turnip, and the foliage on top grows a dark green, wispy vegetation. When dried and mixed with wild broc flower, this plants usefulness really begins to shine. It’s used to make Healing powder. HP+2, Rads+1

White Horsenettle

30 Caps

This tall thorny plant is used in various poisons, and tribal remedies. It grows long thin stocks, with purplish-white flowers, and is covered in spines. When ground to a fine pulp, it’s considered a great additive for poisons like bleak venom, and mother darkness. END-2, PER-2, Rads+1

Prickly Pear Fruit

The fruit of the prickly pear cacti. The plant itself is easily distinguishable by its characteristic shape, and in late summer/early fall it gives off bright red pods. The pods have thorns on them, but when properly cleaned, offer sweet goo, that sort of tastes like lemons. Since the cactus holds water for over long periods of time, the prickly pear plant is known to have an excess of radiation. HP+4, Rads+5

“Banned Food”

“Banned” food items are typically foods that will net you negative Karma. Eating these meats although filling, is considered a crime against nature, and any race of the same name that sees you eat them will not take it lightly. Prices aren’t given, because trying to sell human meat to some NCR Caravaneers usually doesnt go over too well, but of course the karma loss is a small price to pay when your starving to death.

Human Flesh

Just like the name implies, this is flesh and meat stripped from humans. However this meat was acquired, consuming it should be done in private. HPs +5, Rads +4, STR -2

Ghoul Meat

Seeing as how ghouls don’t have skin, meat is all you could find. Tough and stringy, this meat tastes like socks dipped in garbage juice, and makes you feel like vomiting. HPs +2, Rads +20, STR -2, END -2

Super-Mutant Remains

Super-Mutant meat is actually quite palatable, like a burnt hamburger dropped in the dirt, but don’t let any mutants catch you eating it. Of the three, this is the hardest to find, for obvious reasons. HPs +5, Rads +10, STR +3

Centaur Meat

Although eating centaur meat isn’t really frowned upon by humans or ghouls, centaurs are loved and cared for by super-mutants, and should any mutants catch you eating cantaur meat… well, just have a stealth boy around if you plan on eating any centaur meat. HPs +2, Rads +15, END -


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