Criminal Packages

You have been imprisoned. Are you guilty or innocent of the proposed crime? What was your supposed crime? Only you can answer that!

Arson!! You have been blamed for being an arsonist, and your sentence was set to life in prison! If your guilty, you probably burnt down an orphanage for fun you asshole. If your innocent you probably were building a road like a good samaritan!

Guilty: You really are an arsonist! You can add one hex to your splash radius, or you can extend a more damaging secondary damage blast out.

Innocent: You can exclude one square from a blast radius.

Assault!! You beat people senseless!

Guilty: +2 to Melee damage.

Innocent: You can deal non-lethal damage without penalty with unarmed and melee attacks.


Guilty your really good at getting inside of places. You gain +5r on all pick lock skill checks, and any other check that involes getting into something. ( this could be science for a computer or explosives to rig a door to blow.

Innocent you were just installing security! +5% to all explosive checks, and a +5% to any other skill check that involves an explosive (such as throwing a grenade or big guns with a missile)


Guilty: You must be a Chinese sympathizer! This has taught you a lot about language. You can communicate with somethings that you shouldn’t normally be able to. What they are.. you’ll have to see.

Innocent: Your really sneaky, but your not a criminal! Once per day you may act as if under the effects of a stealth boy(+75% stealth) for 1 round.


Guilty: You force people through knowing their darkest secrets. Once per 2 weeks you can know someone’s darkest secret.

Innocent: you heal an additional 3 hps when repairing robots. Weird.

Fraud: Maybe you defrauded someone out of some money, or maybe you were a tax collector. Either way, your screwed now.

Guilty: You can convince people to give you whats yours..and whats theirs. You automatically receive more rewards for quests from those with a negative disposition. The bonus goes to you personally.

Innocent: Of course your a trustworthy person, this is bullshit! You gain +7.5% disposition.

Forgery Maybe you were trying to get into someones bank account, or maybe you wrote an IOU. Who knows but you.

Guilty: You are able to make one perfect forgery, once every two weeks.

Innocent: Your really good at writing. Once a month, with proper material, you can write a skill book.

Heresy You damn Pagan!

Guilty While crafting herbals with the outdoorsman skill, treat your skill as 20% better.

Innocent Your Detection derived attribute is 12% better.

Kidnapping You kidnap people, or maybe not.

Guilty: You drive a creepy van to stalk your targets. You gain +10% to your pilot skill.

Innocent: You were actually just really friendly. Your charisma is treated as 2 higher for qualifying for companions.


Guilty: Once per combat, an enemy who you threaten with melee or unarmed attacks who makes a ranged attack, provokes an attack from you that doesn’t take any AP’s.

Innocent: Once per combat, you may take a shot for an ally you are adjacent to, or where you can reasonably get into the way from. You get to move one hex for free as part of this action, which doesn’t use any AP, and your DR is considered 30% higher for that attack, up to the maximum of 90%.


Guilty: You are a cold blooded killer. You get a solid +1 damage at all times.

Innocent: You botch one little operation, and suddenly your a bad guy. When using first aid or doctor t0 heal damage, you heal +3 points.

Perjury How dare you perjure yourself!!

Guilty: You sir, are a liar! Whenever using speech to lie, you gain 20% to the check.

Innocent: You just prefer to talk with machinery. You restore one additional box when using repair.


Guilty You gain a 5% disposition increase to one sex, the one you whore yourself too of course.

Innocent You gain a general 2.5% disposition increase, cause everyone loves you.

Racketeering Give me your money or your shit may break!

Guilty: You know how to intimidate people, with good cause. When setting explosives, you deal +6 damage.

Innocent: When bartering, treat your disposition as 5% higher.

Rape!! Your just sick man!

Guilty: You frickin perv! WTF!! You deal +2 damage to one sex of your choice,the one you raped. This has no effect on non meta-humans.

Innocent: You would never do such a thing. In fact, your very soft, and you were probably delivering a baby. You can use Doctor one additional time per day.


Guilty: You are generally able to conceal items on your body when being searched. You also have managed to fashion and hold onto a shiv.

Innocent: Gain a +1 to sequence

Thievery Your a thief, plain and simple.

Guilty: Once per day you can reduce a critical hit to a regular hit.

Innocent: Once per day you can ignore a critical failure.

Treason You committed crimes of some sort against the good old us of a.

Guilty: How dare you! After all this great nation has done. When fighting any one affiliated with the government, gain a +10% to hit.

Innocent: You would never betray the us, you don’t even know what it is! Your innocent demeanor allows some situations that would start as hostile start as dangerously close to hostile instead.


Guilty: Screw that dude anyway. All collateral damage (friendly and hostile) is increased by 25%

Innocent: You, are an artist! Your chance of a non-combat critical success is increased by 1.

Criminal Packages

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