Combat Modifiers

Lighting Conditions
Lighting penalties are halved for attacks from one hex away. These penalties can be applied to non-combat skills as well that require sight.

0%: A sunny cloudless day; a well-lit building (office building or supermarket)
-10%: Good Light
-20%: Average Light
-30%: Light Rain
-40%: Medium Rain
-50%: Bad Light
-60%: Heavy Rain
-80%: Dim Light/Storm
-150%: Blizzard / Hurricane / Tornado
-200%: No Light

For night, deduct a further:
-10%: Full Moon
-20%: Crescent Moon
-40%: New Moon

-15%: Light (A lamp pole)
-30%: Moderate (A 50 gallon drum)
-60%: Heavy (Edge of a building)


Stance Bonus to hit with ranged attacks Bonus vs Ranged attacks Penalty Vs. Melee
Knocked Down Can’t - -
Prone +15% 25% 25%
Kneeling +5% 5% 10%


Movement Type Hex’s/AP Ranged Penalty Melee Penalty AP Penalty
Walk 1
Jog 2 -50% -25% -2 AP recovered next round
Run 3 -100% -50% 1/2 AP recovered next round
Sprint 5 n/a n/a No AP recovery


Facing will be used in the Hex. At the end of your turn you choose a facing. As its a hex there will be 6 numbers, facing will be starting with front facing, which is one. Going clockwise is 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. 1, 2 and 6 are considered front facing, and have no impact on getting hit. Facing 3 and 5 is somewhat out of sight, being at the sides. Side hits have a +5% chance to hit. If you line up right in someones back, its a back shot, and it has a +10% to hit.

Strength Requirement

For each point of strength you have less than the amount needed to use the weapon you take a 15% penalty.

Combat Modifiers

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