Character Creation

The following are just some hints for those trying to make solid characters. Of course, this is just a small skimming of the surface and only one persons findings. Some Sample characters are posted under the characters section.


Humans gain perks significantly faster than other races, which is a huge bonus. Ghouls can be very smart and perceptive, and can pick a few unique traits that can really give them an edge up being the doctors, scientist and technicians of the waste. Super mutants are best at smashing shit. Before allowing a super mutant in the party it is highly recommended the party vote on it as will severely effect gameplay (whether playing a good or evil game). Same goes with ghouls, though ghouls will have significantly less rp problems than super mutants, and are allowed MOST places humans are, with extreme Prejudice.

SPECIAL advice

Strength: remember that weapons have strength requirements, though there are perks and power armor that allow you to handle bigger guns. Outside of meeting strength requirements for your weapon of choice this is a relatively safe dump stat(probably no lower than 3 though)

Perception: If your not ranged and/or paranoid this is a relatively safe dump stat. It will effect you initiative, range, and detection attributes.

Endurance: Not too safe to dump by anyone. All the normal stuff you expect from endurance. If you think you’ll make it long enough, a doctor workingowards pacifist and animal friend may be able to get away with a low endurance.

Charisma: A very safe and recommended dump for non-face characters. For the face/trader this skill is invaluable.

Intelligence. A very important skill, and one I recommend keeping decently high regardless of character type as this is the primary factor contributing to skill points at level up. Yup, its weird but being smart makes you better at talking, fighting and sneaking.

Agility: As agility determines you’re aps this is a crucial skill. Your ap determines how many actions you have in combat. If you have a character who you REALLY don’t care about combat with you can probably get away with having this low, but never expect to contribute much in.combat(though likely if you dump this that’s what your follower will be for.)

Luck: luck is a tricky beast. It has exactly a 10% effect on every action you take, determining critical successes and critical failures for every action.

Also remember to check out perks you may be interested in, as many of them have special requirements.

It is rumored there are doctors in the wasteland that can install implants to raise special(and other improvements). It is rumored you can have a number of implants up to the maximum of your endurance.


Look over your traits closely. While it maybe none are worth taking for your character, there is a good chance at least one or two can really add some value to your character. For instance, good natured increases 4 skills, while decreasing all combat skills by half that. That is a great trait, as if you are going combat you probably only need 1 combat skill, while you will use 2-4 of the other skills. If you are going for pacifist doctor this is even better as you will never use a combat skill.

Other examples include:
One handed for an unarmed fighter(who’s not planning on big guns as a backup)
Skilled and jack of all trades(works particularly well with a genius level ghoul). The first 2 levels hurt a little, but after that you end up way ahead.
Gifted can be particularly good if your making a specialist (focusing on three skills or so).


Its a good idea to plan with the party on what skills the party will have and want. While its a good idea to try and have every skill covered, some are more crucial than others. Not having Science or Lockpicks will make certain areas inaccessible. Not having a trader will cause you all to be loot poor for a while. Not having a doctor can make it impossible to heal crippled limbs in the field. Some skills are more circumstantial, such as pilot. Many parties don’t get vehicles until quite late(they are expensive) so Pilot may be a skill you can wait on. Outdoorsman is CRUCIAL the more you wander around, but if you tend to work out of one city without much travel it can be a wasted skill as well. So just plan accordingly, hopefully as a group.


You should plan at least your core perks. These have a major influence over how you play your character, and interact with the world. Make sure your SPECIAL hits the requirements for the perks you want, and know which skills you will need. Certain combos work really good together, like pacifist doctor and animal friend, which grants you immunity from any direct attack, as long as you don’t attack anything ever!

Equipping Items

For purposes of this game you have 5 slots. You have 2 carried item slots (these can include 2 handed weapons, you are assumed to use weapon straps), an armor slot, a misc item slot and a pip-boy slot. All armor comes with its equivalent helmet.

Character Creation

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