“You may want to slow down on the hard stuff, if you plan to drive.”

-Orely the Nightowl


3 Caps.
Still being made all across the wastes by Bar owners and private brewers alike. While it is claimed that there are hundreds of recipes across the land, it is all essentially bitter Carbonated piss drink. It confers ST +1, CH +1, and -1 IN and a 5% addiction rate (Addiction -2 STR, -2 INT)


30 Caps

Distilled spirits exceeding 180 proof, this rough drink tastes like rubbing alcohol and leaves you passed out on the side of the road, face-down in the dirt. STR +1, CHA +1, INT -2, 25% Addiction Rate (Addiction STR -2, CHA -2, END -1)


15 caps.

an alchoholic beverage like any other. Still made, and still tastes the same. usually mixed with other drinks for some odd reason. +1 CH,-1 IN. 20% addiction rate (Addiction -3 CHA)


30 Caps.

Made from fermented potatoes, it was simple and cheap to make before the Great War, and still is. +1 ST, -1 IN, 20% addiction rate (Addiction -3 STR)

Battle Brew

125 Caps,

One of the more expensive drinks, this famed liquor was originally brewed in a faraway place called the Big Empty. It is unknown how the recipe for this brew found its way towards the rest of the wasteland, and the ingredients for it remain secret and hard to find. Melee +5%, Unarmed +5%, STR +1, INT -5, LCK -2, Bloody Mess (30 Minutes)


15 Caps,

To Caravan gaurds, this is an all-time favorite, due to its availability and effective, um… effects. The most common form of hard liquor in the wasteland. 1 ST,1 Cha, -2 IN. 25% addiction rate (Addiction -3 STR, -3 CHA)

Wasteland Tequila

45 Caps,

This home-brewed concoction is famous for its ability to raise poison resistance… and induce vomiting. It confers +1 STR, +1 DT, +30% Poison Resistance (1 hour) 40% Addiction rate (Addiction -3 STR, -25% Poison Resistance)

Other Beverages

Brahmin Milk

40 Caps

There’s a reason settlements in the radioactive post-apocalyptia keep livestock, and it isn’t just for the meat. Without some natural means to remove radiation the human populous (or neo-human as the Enclave would call it) would not have lasted as long as they have. The Brahmin serves that purpose, as its milk absorbs radiation. Each glass absorbs rads. Nobody’s taken the time to figure out why Brahmin milk does this, or even how it works. Still, it’s nice to have an alternative to Rad Away that isn’t two-hundred years old. HPs +5, Rads -5, END -1


11 Caps

A simple re-used glass bottle full of squeezed mutfruit juice. May contain pulp. This ochre juice tastes sweet and slightly sour. +2 HP, +4 Rads. Consumed upon use.

Purified Water

25 Caps

Pure water, distilled, boiled, and flushed with RadAway. Entire tribes have been wiped completely off the face of the earth due to disputes over this life-giving drink.HP +5

Dirty Water

5 Caps

Unclean drinking water, probably gathered from some old well, or collected via condensation from inside caves. However the means, this cloudy water generally hits you with a few rads, as well as disentary .HP+1 Rads+10

Irradiated Water

10 Caps

Although “cleaner” than dirty water, this liquid has been sitting around radioactive waste containers or expelled nuclear ICBMs, and has become quite irradiated. HP+2 Rads+5

Black Coffee

15 Caps

Although this drink isn’t readily made from coffee beans, its taste and effects remain unchanged. Black coffee is perfect for traveling through the night, long days of sniping, or just a quick way to start your day. Can be mixed with brahmin milk. INT +2, PER +1, AGL -4, relieves fatigue

Atomic Cocktail

75 Caps

This concoction of chems was originally produced as jet fuel for difused rockets. After some experimenting by second generation super mutants, it was found to offer unusual, yet very beneficial effects. Fire Reststance +30%, Plasma Resistance +30%, PER -3


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