Fallout: Van Buren

Session 1: 1-20-2013
October 23rd, 2253: Prison Break

The party starts off each going through their own arrest sequence, where they are charged for their crimes. After some hilarious legal preceding (with Claire attempting to run and some party members accusing the court of being unfair and rigged) all party members ended up in cell block. 13 together. Classically, they were all dressed in orange jumpsuits with the number 13 on the back. In the Cell was the Gruff Eric Macgruber, The specialized Omar, The sultry Sumiko and the sniper Claire (Plus any other PC’s who join the party next game.)

The party was trapped together for the next three years. They were taken out once a week for one hour for physical activity, and monitored constantly by these incessant robots. It seemed they would be doomed to spend the rest of their days locked up in this cell. That all changed one day, when all of a sudden the power to the entire facility went down. Then the ground shook as the structure itself seemed to be attacked. As the door to cell block 13 slid open, it appeared some other prisoners had already escaped, and the party is assaulted by a guy with a shiv.

As more prisoners escape their cell, they join in the fight against the party, but the might of Omar and Macgruber beat them down, while Sumiko and Claire bust the computer and a lock on a door, making it inaccessible. The party moves through the top floor beating some ass and looting what they can.

As they make way they enter the bottom floor, where they have two prisoners blocking a hallway. The man tells them to back off, that this is Ralphie’s hallway. The party beats their ass instead of listening to their request and press on down the hallway. They encounter this Ralphie character, and a brawl begins. The party stomps some face and continues to the locked door. After Claire picks the next two doors, they enter the armory, where they are greeted with weapons, armor and some pre-war cash. At this, they decide its time to book it. The party gets blinded as they step out into the light, blinding them momentarily. They see hundreds of prisoners fleeing the now torn down gate of Tibbits Prison, and decide to follow suit.

The party takes off, with Omar leading the party. Omar doesn’t notice the ambush, and leads the party right into a group of rad scorpions. Also there, is a huntress named Salina. Omar gets stung by the greater rad scorpion, getting some gnarly ass poison, but the party quickly beats them down and administers an antidote to Omar. They have a short conversation with Salina, who tells them to always harvest from their kills. She takes one scorpion and leaves the other two for the party to scavenge, though they only successfully harvest one. At that, we left off for the evening.

Everyone is now level 2. Go ahead and level up. Now that we have got a session in and played with the mechanics I am allowing a ONE TIME ONLY rebuild of your character. You can do whatever you’d like on the rebuild, within initial legal rules (following starting race and stuff). It is highly recommended that all skill points from the first few levels go into your weapon skill of choice, as that is what keeps you alive most. After you get to 100 or so, you can start to diversify. If you have any questions please let me know. Next game is scheduled next Sunday for 12 PST.

Session 2: 1-27-2013
October 26th, 2253: Trade and Scavenge

The party approaches the town of Fort Abandon. As they approach, a robot dog turns a corner and moves in on them. A nasty battle ensues, but the party beats the things ass. After this, the town guard waves them through.

The party goes to the few towns in store, and buys some gear, along with repairing what they have. They get recruited by the junk merchant to go salvage some equipment from a wrecked train in a nearby cave. The party goes in and is set on by nooka pooches. Omar and Mcgruber start swinging hard, while Mcgruber takes a beating and gets some radiation poisoning. More nuka pooches pour out of the cave crevices, but the party keeps going, and end up beating them all down. Mcgruber is hurt, but the party still doesn’t see the train wreck yet, though the cave appear to go deeper.

Session 3: 2-10-2013
October 27th 2253: Mercenaries for Hire

The party continues ransacking the cave and come around a corner into another nuka pooch, and a really big nuka pooch. Battle begins, and the party smokes the little nuka pooch, but nuka pooch Alpha manages to kill Omar and Claire before the party finishes him off. They loot the train in the back of the room and find some good components. The party goes back to the junk merchant and turns in their loots for money, and spend a little refurbishing gear.

The party goes and rests and works on repairing some weapons and such. They heal up, and the next day go to the nobles home. While there they meet a bitchy girl named Colleen, the noibles daughter. She bitches and hoots and hollers and leads them to her parents. They offer the party 100 caps to clear the basement of rats, and Sumiko manages to talk them up to 120. They go down, and not only are there rats, there are pig rats. A bloody battle ensues, but the rats are no match for the might of the party. Kaoelle and Scott take some loots from the basement, and then they bring a dead pig rat up the stairs and collect their reward. Kaoelle throws a dead rat on the nice satin carpet in the nobles room and the party leaves. On the way out Colleen catches them and she starts bitching again. Sumiko agrees to take her away from this town, and Colleen says she will make sure they are compensated for. Sumiko agrees and says when she next leaves for another town she will pick Colleen up.

The party goes and hangs out in the tavern for a while, and Mcgruber starts drinking some beers. In comes a protectron that scans the room and approached the party. He asks to speak with the party in private, and the party agrees. They all go back to the room they’ve rented, and close the door. The robot tells them that they have been selected to help wrangle up the escaped prisoners, and that the prisoners are dangerous. The party argues that it is putting innocent people in jail, and the robot cryptically explains that all the prisoners are indeed guilty and are a threat to mankind. The party pries trying to get information from the bot, but all he leaves them is cryptic clues. The party agrees to capture some prisoners for him, and he feeds them a camp where some prisoners are located. He leaves. Sumiko seems irritated, but the rest of the party wants some answers and are willing to make a few sacrifices to get them.

The party approaches the bandit camp and tries to make peaceful contact. The prisoners tell them to approach. Sumiko keeps talking and sensing a trap combat begins. What appears to be the head guy takes some shots, but Kaoelle easily takes him out. A bunch of thugs start rolling up and Scott engages. Of course, out pops the real boss, one bad bitch. She has an electricity gun, and Mcgruber and Scott go down. Kaoelle and Sumiko are running around taking cover and healing the best they can. Finally one bad bitch sneaks up on them and gets the drop! She gets a couple shots, and she critically misses!! Kaoelle is still alive, barely, and is about to be taken down. She has a loaded weapon though and manages to drop one bad bitch before she gets another round. Thats where we left off as my GF agro meter was raised and needed to be lowered immediately!

Don’t forget to level!

Session 4: 2-17-2013
October 30th 2253: A Twist of Fate

The party rested a little and returned to town and collected a bounty for their prisoners. When they returned to Fort Abandon and turned over the prisoners the Robot he had a new ally prisoner, Travis to join the party. He agreed, and the robot gave them a new group of targets. The party sat around and did some shopping and healing up. They follow the group up the tracks, and travel with them. Everyone starts starving, so the party scouts ahead and gets ambushed by SUper Mutants in the middle of the night. The party owns their face. The next day, Mcgruber finds an oasis. Everyone restocks, then the party decides to split up. Oh Uh. Half of them go to town to grab supplies while Kaoelle and Scott travel with the prisoners. Well Kaoelle and Scott get ambushed with the prisoners, and Kaoelle flees while Scott stands and goes down with the prisoners.

Back at Fort Abandon, the Deputy robot says he knows the party has betrayed them, and was working with the prisoners. He gives them one more chance to work with them, and they sell back Scott for 1000 caps, more than they have, so the party liquidates a little equipment to get Scott back. He tells them were another group of prisoners are and the party sets off to capture them.

Sorry, can’t remember everything, if someone else wants to fill in the rest feel free:)

Session 5: 2-24-2013
November 10th 2253: Fort Abandon - The Devil is in The Details

Sorry, once again its been too long while writing this. I will likely miss a lot of details, but I think I remember the gist of it.

The party goes to redeem themselves in the eyes of the robot “law” and capture some prisoners. The party approaches them and tries to get close to the prisoners with their words, but are unconvincing, and leave peacefully. They decide to attack from a nearby bluff and set up for an ambush. They come out and attack. A pretty good battle goes on, and the party dispatches of the enemies. They pick up a ton of good loot, and significantly increase their arsenal, and bring back the prisoners to pick up an additional 1200 caps.

The party decides to learn more about the going on around town, and Travis tries to ingratiate himself with the local population. After getting some odd responses out of Tandi, they decide to try and learn more. After setting up outside the office to track and question her, they notice she never leaves. Still, Travis manages to buddy buddy to a guard, and learns about the nearby Blackfoot tribe. He learns they are holding Tandi’s daughter. The guard does not know the location of the tribe, but the party asks the robot Deputy if there are any prisoners in the NW area where the tribe is located. He is able to locate a few prisoners to the NW, and tells the party approximately where they are located.

The party follows the tracks, and comes along some rail cars traveling across the tracks. One car is filled with mercenaries chasing some Iron Liners. The party assists the iron Liners and defeat the mercenaries. They meet Long Walk, and he tells them a little about the surrounding areas, and tells the PC’s to go ahead and look them up if their in the area. That is where we left off.

Session 6: 3-4-2013
November 17th 2253: Slaughter Cesear's Slavers

The party finished traveling to the Blackfoot tribe. Upon arrival, they notice everyone who isn’t a young child,is a female, except for the leader, Nicholas. The party speaks with Nicholas about acquiring and selling some slaves. Nicholas throws around some prices, even throwing out a price for Kaoelle. The party inquires more, and learns that the village is having some issues with a demon dog that’s leading violent coyotes to raid the towns and fields in exchange for a discount/free slaves. The party goes ahead and enters the coyote cave.

Upon entering the party is attacked by rabid feral coyotes. A long and surprisingly dangerous battle goes on. A few party members get close to death, but they plow through the enemies and destroy the coyotes. As the party starts moving through the tunnels something starts talking with them. The party walks into an ambush, but convince demon dog to parley with them. They realize that demon dog and his lot are sick and dying, and point this out to demon dog. Demon dog acknowledges this, and the party gets demon dog to agree to help them attack the Blackfoot Tribe in exchange for healing him and the tribe. The party cues demon dog and his allies, and demon dog gathers the troops to attack the village.

The party moves in, and acts like they are coming to the villages aid. They are able to get in pretty deep before they start killing shit. The tribals attempt to put up a fight, but are being wiped by demon dog and his allies and the party. Nicholas’s guards build a shieldbarrier. But, Tom has burst fire, and tears through their ranks. Kaoelle gets pretty beat up, but Scott saves her life by jumping in front of a bullet for her. Travis shoots down the tent, and Nicholas goes and hides in between the women and children. The party kill him with no collateral damage, and a few tribals escape. Travis tries to convince the tribals to return, but isn’t very persuasive. They retreat, and the party loots the camp.

After a long debate, they decide to try and help the women and children, and in the meantime to return to Fort Abandon. They go back and return the Mormon Missionary and the prisoners, and go buy and sell some loot. They start discussing ideas for reuniting Taldi with Tandi…and thats about where we left off.

Session 7: 3/17/2013
November 28th, 2253: Liberating Fort Abandon

First: loot and stuff

For Everyone:
Level 5
2058 Caps
Buying Medical supplies at 100%/ weapons and armor for 149%
New map is loaded under maps section. Rolands Scout perk is finally coming in handy and he will find two locations on your way north too Jericho!
A new item under Items!! Check it out-has some cool features. Given by Ralphie

For Everyone who was present:
Liberating Fort Abandon from Legion Rule: 50 Karma

The party comes up with a plan to distract Tom bomb and his forces by blowing up the door containing the centaur and luring it out to attack, knowing its near impervious to normal weapons. Isaac and Travis go in and let Tom Bomb know that they plan on taking the centaur out. He nods them through and Harry(Tom Bombs super mutant guard) follows them back there as usual. They go down and Isaac expertly (and barely) sets the the dynamite to go off at the perfect time, while Travis pops shots randomly in the dark, hoping to both keep up the ruse and lure the centaur to them. They get out, and Travis tells Harry that the centaur is pissed and to keep holding the door shut. Travis goes out front and strikes up a conversation with Bobby, and shortly after the ground shakes and everyone know the dynamite went off, hard. Harry can be heard from inside shouting.

The party starts moving forward from their inconspicuous spots while Travis and Isaac let Tandi know they have freed her daughter, and she makes a break for it. Tom bomb seeing this orders his guards to attack them, though most are out of ear shot, and meanwhile the centaur eats Harry alive and tears through one of Tom Bombs guards. The party continues to try and feign innocence, and much confusion is happening.

At the attack Tandi runs screaming for Ralphie, who comes out from the noises wielding his super sledge, and he starts wrecking any in his way to get to the main battle and attempt to protect Tandi. The party is amazed as he just destroys people as he plows through them. Tom Bomb turns on Travis, and almost kills him in a single shot, while Isaac runs. Tom attempts to run away, and knows hes almost dead, but Scott runs in front of him and covers him, taking a full burst from the AK instead, surely saving Toms life. Roland takes a sit and watch approach, noticing some of the guards are not directly hostile to them yet.

Travis talks down Bobbie, who decides to just disarm Travis rather than killing him, as he is unsure what to do. Tom Bomb retreats from the centaur and Ralphie runs into his face hollaring the war cry “For the NCR!” as he brutalizes Tom Bomb. At this point everyone becomes hostile, with the legion forces flanked between the party on either side of them, Ralphie from the south and the centaur from the north. Roland starts popping some shots at them while Isaac throws rocks. Scott flees and takes cover, while Travis’s friendship with Bobby seems to pay off, as Bobby takes him down with two shots, rather than killing him with a burst.

Ralphie smashes Tom Bomb down, and threatening the remaining troops into turning all attentions against the centaur. Its a rough battle as they are just chipping away at the beasts health, 1 to 2 points at a time, even burst firing AK’s. Ralphie screams for Roland to go grab a Wattz 1600 pistol hes got in the shop, that its the only way to really hurt this thing, so Roland runs down that way, and a futile battle continues. The party manages to recover some, and even gets Travis up and back in action. Roland gets Tandi to help him out by finding the gun and turns around and hits the centaur a few times, doing the first real damage to the beast. The guards continue to chip away at the beast with Ralphie, and Travis open up a full assault on the beast with the AK, finishing the creature off.

The remaining guards surrender and Ralphie puts into power citizens that are still friendly to the NCR. The party spends a few days patching up and spend time with Ralphie and Tandi and learn some backstory. Fort Abandon was sacked by the legion about 4 years ago (hence why the walls were all torn down) and Ralphie went under cover as a citizen so he could stay close to Tandi and hopefully get her out of there. They took Tandi’s child, Taldi, and was keeping her prisoner, and Tandi wouldn’t try anything with her daughter prisoner. So they mined their P’s and Q’s, Tom Bomb took Tandi for his whore, and they waited.

And yes, this Tandi is the Great Grand daughter of the Tandi, founder and lifetime president of the NCR. Ralphie would like to see her returned to hoover dam as soon as possible, but realizes the party has other obligations at the moment, so asks them to return in the future and deliver who to the Hoover Dam. He also explains the NCR has been in a stalemate war with the Brotherhood of Steel, and that the Dam is constantly harried by them. He doesn’t have a lot of information on it as he’s been dark for several years, hes just relaying what he had heard from travellers passing through. He offers a discount at his shop for the rest of time for their aid in rescuing Taldi and liberating Fort Abandon.

Session 8: 4/7/2013
December 1st, 2253: New Friends, New Town, New Canaan

Stuff to know for next game:
drake and kind will owe the party 530 caps each, issac still ows the group 453 caps Scott gets 2387 to buy stuff (includes the 550 he paid ealier reembursed) and Roland gets 1837.
Selling guns at 74%, buying at 147%
Selling meds at 83% buying at 128%
Gabe selling 69% buting 161%
Run All Purchases by me!!
All Party Members: +40
Scott: +20
Travis: -35
Pip Boy Updated

So, the party leaves Fort Abandon for New Canaan, bringing the children and women with them. Along the way they heard an ambush, and rescued two fellow prisoners from an assault from retrieval robots from Tibet’s Prison. They discussed turning in their new friends for a few hundred caps, but the party members convinced the party they’d be more use in the party, so they let them join.

Along the way they scouted a few areas, but decided to keep going because they had the women and children with them. Along the way they say a shuttle crash, and a few of the guys went to explore it. No one knows what they found…as if they were hiding something.

They got to town, and are told they must relinquish their weapons at the gate. The party is very unhappy about this, and give their weapons to other party members and enter town to meet with the Prophet, Jeremiah. Jeremiah is very nice to the party and invites them to stay in the town as long as they want. He told them about a few key people and the party went on their way.

They went sidequesting, picking up jobs from the Sheriff, Doc Angela, and Emma the Barkeep in the outskirts. They went Wasp killing (twice), found a ton of traps (which nearly killed Celiam when she blew herself up twice) and talked a Glowing one into leaving the city. They have a few other retrival quests, which seem like they may require the party leaving the city, and there’s still an entire part of town unexplored. Oh ya, and Scott got laid finally, who cares that it was sloppy fifths!

The city is starting to open up to the party, and the next game day opens up Sunday….

Session 9: 4/14/2013
January 17th, 2254: A new day, a new life, and new PC's

Today, the PC’s decided to attend church, all except for Scott who held onto the party’s weapons again at the east gate. During the sermon Scott heard gunfire towards the south gate and went to investigate. He saw that the town gate was under siege by a band of raiders.

Meanwhile, a soldier bust into the church and informed Jeremiah that the city was under attack. The party went with them and Mike O’connor (The Sheriff) gave them some .45 auto-pistols to bring with them since they weren’t armed.

Combat broke out at the front gate. Both Raiders and Town Guards were dropping like hot cakes as they exchanged burst fires. Scott came around the corner, and saw there were 2 much better armed guys, Boiler Maker, who carried a bat and flamethrower and Jackson who used a XL70E3, and was tearing dudes apart. Scott popped some shot at Boiler Maker, and the two of them got at, Boiler Maker shooting gouts of flame while Scott was destroying him with guns.

The party and many guards continued to run forward. Scott really pissed off boiler maker, and stayed close to him, thinking the flamethrower was no threat. Boilermaker switched to the bat and charged him, butting him in the eyes. Scott went blind, and fled for his life, as Boiler Maker laughed and stimmed up.

By the time the party got close, most the guards and raiders had fallen. Demon Dog ran up and knocked a raider down while Issac popped some shots at the guards, injuring them badly, then he charged Jackson. Jackson and Boiler both blinded Demon Dog and gave him a concussion and stimmed up to health, getting ready to move into a more defensive position.

Meanwhile, Celiam decided to start looting dead guards, and Sheriff O’connor saw and whacked her in the head knocking her out. Travis took great offense to this, and opened full auto on Sheriff O’connor. Travis injured him pretty badly, but O’connor ran outside the gate where he was gunned down by Jackson. A score of town guardsmen came down on Travis, who took cover in a nearby building. He managed to take a few guards down before he got dropped, bleeding but not dead.

Isaac and Christopher thought they should sneak up on Boiler Maker and Jackson and take them alone. Isaac succeeded in pissing Boiler Maker off, and the two rained down holy hell on the duo. Christopher and Isaac decided retreating was the greater part of Valor and booked it. Christopher made it away, but Isaac took 8 shots to the back and went down hard!

A trial was held for Travis and Celiam. Travis attempted to smooth talk his way through it, and talk the party out of trouble. In the end, he took all the heat himself, and they sentenced him to a Mormon Wasteland death, execution by Auto-Pistol! He died with dignity, but without his desired last meal of human flesh! Celiam was let go but could tell the city was not looking kindly upon her actions, even though she was let off by the legal system. She couldn’t help but feel that she was no longer looked kindly upon by the towns citizens. The rest of the party was able to distance themselves enough from Travis that they avoided loosing too much rep in town.

Ok, so two new characters will be coming in next game!! 6 bodies in 2 days, DAMN!

Interlude 1: The Robot Fills In Plot
January 27th 2254: New Developments

During the parties down time a few things begin to happen. 10 days will elapse between the events of last session and this game.

  1. Celiam is allowed back into town, but you notice that she is now followed while within the city limits. None of the rest of you are harassed by the guards.
  2. Most of the Brahmin begin coming down with some kind of plague. The townspeople are terrified that they will loose the Brahmin. It came on fast and the Brahmin look terrible. A few of the children who came in with the prisoners also appear to have the plague, and have now been quarantined. Some residents of New Canaan believe that god is forsaking them, but Jeremiah is assuring everyone that it is ok, and that their faith will save them. Those who are astute, notice a slight quiver in his voice as he says these things.
  3. The robot calls you all in to discuss a special assignment with you. The details are discussed below.
  4. You gain new party members. I will allow you all to decide how they come in. Otherwise, the robot may bring them in to reinforce your dwindling numbers.
  5. Demon Dog has left the party. He said he will head off into the wastes and travel back to his coyote pack at the decimated Blackfoot Tribe camp.

The robot gathers you all into the hotel room to discuss developing events with you.

“My friends, you have done amazing things for us thus far. We greatly appreciate the work that you have done on prisoner acquisition, even if you did have some transgressions. We have, with your help and out own resources, been able to capture nearly all the remaining prisoners. There are still some rogues on the loose, but we are tracking them now and should be able to take them into our position shortly. If you capture any prisoners now, we will raise your bounty to 250 caps, or 100 if dead as there is significantly more risk to capture them today then there was then.”

“Now, that being said, We have had some issues. A few prisoners have…how do you say, fallen off grid. We are not sure how they have been able to avoid our detection system. This is very disturbing to us, and we are offering special rewards for the capture of these prisoners. We will pay you 3000 Caps for the capture of these prisoners alive, of 1250 if dead. If for some reason you cannot recover these prisoners but can get us a sample of their DNA, we will pay you 500 Caps for their Blood alone. Here are some syringes” The robot hands each of you three empty syringes.

“Now, let us tell you about these prisoners:

“The first is Akeisha Moon. While we know that we had records of her in our system, all records of her have been deleted from the system, so we have no idea where she may have disappeared too.”

“The second prisoner is Chagas. We actually last track of him while he was still a prisoner in Tibet’s Prison, and we didn’t notice until reviewing data recently. This is very odd, and quite unnerving.”

“The third and fourth, Mallet Mcbride and Ginger Flower where last detected traveling the wastes west along the railways towards Hoover Dam. There is a good chance they have stayed in the Hoover Dam as there’s very little civilization out that way.”

“Jillian Mckinley is the fifth prisoner. She was last detected heading south. We know from our data that there is extreme amounts of radiation to the south, and it Jams our equipments ability to detect our Mark. It is likely she has wandered in there, though it is unlikely she could’ve survived very long in the radiated South.”

“The sixth prisoner was very unusual. He is a Super Mutant named BlackJack. He is an odd case as the FEV virus should have made him not need to be imprisoned. There our mountain ranges to the west of Tibet’s Prison, he was last detected going into that mountain range.”

“The Seventh prisoner, Jean Baptise Cutting made it all the way to Hoover Dam, which is where we lost contact with him.”

“Our Eight and Ninth prisoner where lost at the same time, and Scott, you have met them. They were traveling the railways East when we launched an attack on a group of prisoners and captured them. Scott, you were traveling with them at this time. Their leader, Palli, escaped the initial assault and we can no longer track her. Also, during the assault there was a 2nd man, named Daniel. We are pretty sure he was dropped in the initial assault, but we failed to retrieve his body, and when we returned his body was no where to be found.”

“These nine prisoners are elite, and should be considered very dangerous. Their capture is of the utmost importance, for their own safety and the safety of those around them. Depending on what happened to them they could be more dangerous than even you all.”


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