Fallout: Van Buren

Session 21: 8/18/2013
March 6th 2255: Another Diana!

You all hit level 13
Karma: +65
RP: Ted
Tactical: Nikolai
MVP: Chris: MVP Toughness Boon
Caps: 124
Barterables: 1488
You have 2 caravan stores open under Misc Stores. You also have the Bar open at New Canaan.

The party brags about the exploits to the NCR, probably giving them a little good will. They decide to head to New Canaan and try to see if they can get inside to stalk their new target, and turn in the blood samples they currently have. They run into a caravan and a fight or so and get there. Unsurprisingly, the guards still won’t let them in even covered in booze and in environmental suits. They pass a few notes warning the city of the prep they were tasked to hunt down and decide to go on their way and look for the escaped prisoner Blackjack!

They wander around for some time heading south and then go into the desert. They wander around, and find a very odd tribal community. Life is flourishing there, there is an army of robots protecting them, but they are living like complete tribals underneath. They find advanced irrigation techniques and the party knows there is something odd going on. They speak of their “goddess” Diana and how she has gone missing. Odd.

They look around, and find a group of raiders setting up to attack the tribals when their defenses lap. For now they talk a little, and find a vault. Ted hacks his way inside and they go in the vault. There are more robots inside, and they are greeted by a med-bot. The med-bot tells them that they have entered the vault and that Diana has been missing. They go to the back and fix the cracked wiring and Diana shows up as a hologram. She thanks the party for aiding her yet again and tells them some more about herself. She thanks them profusely and tells them of another nearby tribal village. She asks them to please eliminate the raider threat while they’re here and then begrudgingly asks the party to depart again. She apologizes after all they’ve done for her, but she can’t risk having this experiment compromised any further.

The party goes out with a few of Diana’s security bots and initiates combat. Some simple raiders, no problem right? But Chris forgot to repair his armor and almost dies! Luckily he is able to retreat before it becomes a death pool! They leave the village and head to the other village Diana told them about. On the way they run into a large contingent of angry exploding Brahmin. They are vicious and nearly kill Nikolai and injure Ted badly…but they make it out alive. They get to Mesa Verde and we call it a night!

55 days have passed

Session 20: 7/28/2013
January 17th 2255: How to Sack a Village

The Party is now level 12 – Delicious Perks Now Available.
Karma: 100
Ted: -25
Special Perks Earned:
Scott and Chris Earned: And Them Too
Chris earned: Abominable
Ted Earned: Animal Killer
Session Boons:
MVP: Survivor Boon: Chris
Tactical: Nikolai
RP: Scott
Caps: 4858
Barterables: 2845
There are stores open in Denver, Fort Abandon, Hoover Dam and Misc Stores! Lots of shopping!

The party discusses what their next action shall be while still in the safety of Fort Abandon, and decide it is time to rid the wasteland of the raider-slaver community, the remainder of the Blackfoot Tribe in the hangdog village. They gather extra explosives and stock up on needed healing supplies and decide they shall be off.

On the way there they run into a pack of Geckos, which they dispatch of. They also stumble upon Bob’s Used Car Mart again, where they do a little shopping. On the way there they also stop into Denver to pick up anything that may be useful from the salvagers. They buy a few items and head out to the Hangdog Village. Once there, they are greeted slightly more hostile than last time, with it directed towards Scott. They still let the party through, and they decide to start their slaughter in the chiefs house. They walk in, and do a little talking before Ted and Scott just open fire on the unsuspecting victims, with Chris and Demon Dog barring the front door. Dogs start attacking, and the chieftain falls to Scott’s infamous burst fires!

Slowly the party starts barring the windows, while the 2 tanks hold the front door. Unfortunately, they manage to break the third window before it is barred, and an army of dogs begins pouring in. Eventually the tanks decide to break rank and help the others, and Chris hands Ted the Holy Hand Grenade. Ted uses the semi-magical item, which wipes out all the enemies in a wide radius, and causes many other enemies to flee. The dogs are still for the most part undaunted, being highly trained to fight to the death in combat. As the dogs wear on, Demon Dog and Chris decide to stop the fleeing ones from escaping. They break out through the broken window, and Demon dog subdues the Daughter of Hectate, while Drake stops Pali from escaping.

The party finishes a lot of people off, but let the fleeting remainder run off into the wilds. They thoroughly loot the town, and stumble upon some gems here and there. They decide, now that Chagas is dead (a raider they had a bounty on in the Village) to return to Hoover Dam to collect their reward. They head back and meet a few deathclaw on the way that they easily dispatch, and then complete their journey to the Damn and collect on their bounty. Upon receiving their bounty Bob pulls through his current selection of bounties and rotates through them.

“Ahh, here is ya’ls next bounty. His name is Ryan Mitchell and he lives in Jericho. He is wanted for Murder, Theft, Rape and assault. Thats all the info I have on him. Should be enough to get ya started though.

Session 19: 7/21/2013
January 1st 2255: More Legionaires

Karma: +50
Tactician: Chris
Character : Ted
MVP: Chris or Nikolai – Survivor Boon
Caps: 279
Barterables: 970

The party goes and picks up Demon Dog now that Nikolai had his pet deathclaw died. When they pick up the Demon Dog he informs them that there are a group of Legionaires gathering outside Fort Abandon, and seem to be checking it out. Also, they meet an NCR ranger, Colt and a ghoul with a dune buggy named Jebadiah. They decide to join the party and attack the Legion.

They scout out the camp, arriving at night. The party gets a drop on them, and it seems its taking sometime for the raiders to wake up. Chris and Demon Dog beat some face, while Jebediah runs them over with great precision. A big guy with a specialized impact glove and some guy running and firing enter the battle. They are doing some serious damage, though Chris and Demon Dog take down the guy with the impact glove pretty quick.

Everyone else is whittling away on each other. Meanwhile, the legionaire sneaks behind and runs past colt. Colt sneaks up behind him and tries to blast him. Unfortunately, he barely scratches the legionaire, who turns around and turns Colt to dust. The rest of the party picks off the scraps while Chris charges the leader. The legionaire lets him know “Cesear” knows about you and will get you in the end. Chris doesn’t like being threatened, and turns him into goo. The party loots and heads south to Fort Abandon. They spend a few days doing repairs, overcoming addictions and trading loot.

16 Days Passed

Session 18: 7/7/2013
December 16th, 2254: Missing Caravans & Mini-guns.

The party is now level 11
Tactical: Disputed
RP: Disputed
MVP: Skill Boon: King
1000 Barterables Each for the Misc Store NCR Caravan
Caps: 2942 Caps a piece
Karma: 50 a piece – an extra 5 karma for Ted for giving the busted up caravan some food.

The party decides to seek out the missing NCR caravan as their next order of business. They head off into the wastes, and a few days journey out they find some tire tracks heading north into the waste. They decide to follow the tracks with David leading the way, and a few days north they come upon an NCR caravan truck being ambushed by deathclaws! The party debates retreating (like pussies) but decide to fight the deathclaws. The deathclaws don’t pose much of a challenge for our party, but the deathclaws kill 2 of the caravan survivors before they are dispatched. They tell the party to continue north and help the main caravan and they take off back towards the Dam. Ted gives them some rations so they don’t run out of food on the way.

The party heads north, and finds a camp of super mutants that seem to be guarding the pass. One of them is a big ugly dude with a nasty right hook, but they make pretty quick work of them. As the party gets closer to the main battle they hear the sounds of heated gunfire and the whirring of a minigun. They get close and a massive battle ensues. The enemy is tearing up the few remaining guards while they party comes in from behind. The mutants swarm the party hard, with the party quickly surrounded by over a dozen of them, some with guns and others with fists. They manage to break both of Chris’s legs, and they smack David in the head giving him a nasty concussion. The party puts up a good fight, but then the Nightkin leader with the minigun rounds the corner. He starts spitting out lead at the party at an extremely high rate. Luckily, Chris is near immune with the armor he is sporting, but Scott almost gets shredded in a single blast and must find better cover.

The Nightkin, enraged starts to find other targets for his anger. He cuts through David like he’s butter meeting a minigun, ending the noble ghouls existence. Seeing their doom, Nikolai sends in Vakna to attack the mutant master, knowing it will be the end of the deathclaw. A burst from the minigun proves him right, and Vakna goes down like a bad habit. Yet finally, he runs out of ammo. The nightkin charges Chris and gives him one good hit in the face. Ted sees an opening and pops off two shots at him, turning the nightkin into a pile of goo.

Session 17: 6/30/2013
December 15th: 2254: Into the Pitts

Caps: 1474 each
Karma: 50
Rads: 150
Rp: Scott
Tactical: Chris
MVP: Die Hard Boon: Ted

The party decides to go down into the Scum Pitts, but first they must go into where the Trogs live who run the reactors. There they meet the head of the Trogs, a hillbilly trog named Billy Bob. After Ted makes fun of the guy for a bit they get out of him that he wants his daughter returned home in exchange for the keys into the pitts. The party decides what the hell, and they go up and find Mary Jo, who is working at the whore house. They speak with her, and find out she wants some action, from all of them. Eventually the humans get out of it, but Ted, Nikolai and David decide to take a ride on the Trog Train!

Mary Jo comes home with them then and returns to Billy Bob, who tells her she’s to marry Tommy Tom. She runs off in a rage, but the party gets their key to the scum pitts. The party goes down to the first layer, where they are assaulted by Pig Rats and Leeches. They relatively easily dispatch of the foes. They then wade through an army of albino ants and finally get to the Queen Ant, who they dispose of. The party being a littler worn on resources rest, and go top side.

They go back down into the the sub-basement, and there must fight floaters, centaurs and more leeches. It is a brutal battle with the centaurs high damage threshold, and as they walk into the last area, they are set upon by a score of centaur! The party ultimately dispatches of them and search the area. They find some Vats filled with FEV, which no one knows much about, but they had heard about it from Harold. They decide not to mess with any of it for now and go to a giant super computer terminal. Ted attempts to get in, but locks himself out by failing too many hack attempts. Down to the south they see where it looks like the centaurs were held prisoner for a long time. They eventually broke out and made havok. It appeared as if someone had been running experiments down there as well. Not finding anything else of use the party went and turned in their quests and called it a day.

Session 16: 6/23/2013
December 14th 2254: The Hoover Dam and Prisoners

Level: 10
Karma: 50
Caps: 2561 for those who played

Session Boons
Tactical: Scott
RP: Dan
MVP: King – Survivor

Alrighty, short game due to lack of players! I hate you all and want you dead!!

The party went and talked to Major Commander Jack Flemming and got some more information on the situation with the BOS. He seemed friendly enough, but his receptionist, Dorris, was a foul mouthed bitch. Anyway, they chatted for a while, and headed to downtown.

While down there they speak with another sheriff, who tells them to keep the peace and a bounty hunter named Bob. After speaking with Bob they get a bounty on Chagas, one of the blackfoot tribe members the party had met back in the Hangdog Village.

They head to Dusty Hearts, which is a strip club. While here, they get a mission from Dusty to get some money from clients who owe’d on their tabs. The party is a bout to leave when some mutant haters come in and start attacking the bouncer, a mutant named Beatrice. The party saves Beatrice, and the cops come and thank the party. A ghoul named David helped in the fight, and he decides to tag along with his friend. In there they also find some escaped prisoners, and hunt them down like the scum they are.

The party goes and rests for a day and heads back down. They go to the water purification plant where they shake down Otto for money, but he is broke and David says he will pay his tab. Then they speak with Pierre, who mentions briefly about wishing he had a GECK, but says that some schematics from the water purification plant in New Canaan would have to do the trick. The party nods and heads out to see Farmer Dave.

Farmer Dave says he has the money for Dusty, but that he wants to help the Trogs establish a hydroponic farm in the scum pits, and that he’ll need that cleared to come up with the caps to pay his “tab”. We called it there due to low players and the party not wanting to get slaughtered in the scum pits.

Session 15: 6/9/2013
November 10th, 2254: That Damn Dam

Barterables(New Canaan Only) (596)
Barterables: 647
Caps: 2196
Karma: 40
Scott: 25

The party has unlocked shops in New Canaan (that some barterables MUST be spent in), shops in Fort Abandon, and several shops in Hoover Dam.

MVP – Die Hard Boon: Scott
Tactical – Nikolai
RP – Ted

After finishing their business in Burham Springs, the party left up north to New Canaan to drop off the blood they had gathered from Akeisha Moon. On the way they are assaulted by group that keeps calling them Canadians, and they say their willing to die to defend America. One of them uses a nasty watergun that shoots acid. Yet, as they said they were willing to do, they died.

The party is then assaulted by Mad Max and his gangers, who mostly crash and the party dispatches of. The party loots them and brings their vehicles up north to New Canaan, where they get Gabriel to come out and buy them off of the party. They deliver the blood sample, and decide that their next destination is the Hoover Dam.

The party goes through Fort Abandon, where they pick up Tandi and her daughter, and then they head to Hoover Dam. On the way they are assaulted by Argos again, and trying to make a fast getaway Chris crashes the Handcar, sending the party flying everywhere. Everyone takes some minor injuries, and Argos starts trying to blow up the Handcar. Desert Wolf runs towards Argos, trying to draw agro, while the party realigns the railcar, with a barrage of missiles shooting it. They finally get it on while Desert keeps shooting the blasted thing. It basically ignores him as it blasts the cart, and a little door opens on the side of Argos. Out pops some robot that blasts Desert with a laser cannon, shredding him to ribbons. The party makes it away with Argos yelling for them to surrender in the back ground.

They get to Hoover Dam and are met with guards who question them. The party talks about how they liberated the city of Fort Abandon and have brought Tandi to the capitol. The guards are excited to see them and invite them in to meet the Mayor. They speak with the Mayor, who thanks them and gives them 2k caps for saving Tandi and delivering her. He tells them about the cities problems with the generator, and asks for the party to deal with the Brotherhood of Steel. He informs that the Hoover Dam has been assaulted for the last two years constantly from the Brotherhood, and while they’ve been driving them off, they are getting fatigued from the onslaughts. If the party could take care of them, he’d be greatly appreciative.

The party goes out and starts exploring the shops. They meet a midget, a Mexican barkeep, The Van Graffs, the Crimson Caravan and their rival the 3sons Caravan. They meet a doc who’s got lots of implants and a teacher, who asks them to bring them news from the wasteland as they find it. They get some quests (on the pip boy screen) and we called it due to one PC dying and a player falling asleep, LOL!

Session 14: 6/2/2013
October 11th 2254:Now That's Gratitude

Party is Level 9!! You’ll almost certainly hit 10 next session.

Those who played in the game earned:
Caps: 778 (I assumed you gave the 2nd dose of Akeisha’a blood to the robots)
Barterables: 1294
Remember to update your barter/karma on the Barter/Disposition page, and check with me before you buy so I can make sure everything is right. I have been finding a few mistakes with people bartering. Thanks!

Session Boons went to:
MVP – Chris – Skill Point Boon
Tactical: Chris
RP: Scott

So, the party explores the waterfall and decides to check behind the waterfall. Bravely, Alex charges in first, right into the jaw of a hag fish. The pond comes alive and fish swarm everywhere. The party takes arms, and a crazy ass ghoul pops out with a laser gun and dynamite and helps fend off the attacks. Unfortunately a swarm of surround Alex, and the water makes movement hard so he gets eaten to death. Marian also gets swarmed up on and eaten alive. The party slay the rest, and Scott cries as he buries Marian and tells everyone how much he loved her. Ted says the party should follow him back to the greenhouse, where they meet up with Ted & Harold.

Harold tells them a little about the nursery, and his friend Bob, a tree growing out of his head. He tells them Diana went silent after an earthquake that trapped both Ted and Desert Fox here in the nursery. They chat more, and the party decides they’d like to fix the plains biodome, which is broken and creating mutant plants. They hang out a few days to rest and head into the south room, where they are swarmed by scores of plants. The party starts beating ass, particularly Chris, who becomes a whirlwind of destruction smashing plant face everywhere. The others decide to trap Chris in there, in the hopes of smashing some of the plants. A few jump out of the way but others get crushed. They fling thorns at Scott, who laughs as they bounce off his armor, while Ted gets knocked down continuously by this plant in front of him. Eventually, they prevail, and Ted is able to reset the facilities to not produce mutant plants.

They go back and rest up, and ask Harold where they can get supplies. He tells them where a few supplies are, and the party goes and loots the crates, finding a bunch of bottles of Weed Killer. Shit! So, they go to the tower where there is a giant factory with the tower. After successfully getting ropes in place, they managed to get across. There were computers and conveyor belts, all being eaten by plants. The party gets to a catwalk upstairs where they are able to find a fire water system, and hook the weed killer in, destroying all the weeds. Chris decides to climb up to the tower above(the elevator isn’t getting enough power to go up more), where he meets Akeisha Moon, and learns a little of what is going on here. He climbs down to the others, and they take the elevator down to the basement.

In the basement, they get sabotaged by another hag snake, and make quick work of it. They decide to be more careful. They manage to avoid further confrontation, and are able to find the main problem. The pipe going to the steam turbine engines has both cracked and came undone from its source. Lucky Bastard Ted manages to fix the pipe and get it ready for reuse. He goes to install it, and drops it. Chris jumps down and manages to catch the pipe, giving Ted another chance to get it done, which he finally does. They get the power working again, and ascend to the top of the nursery.

Up top Akeisha is working frantically, rebooting Diana. Diana comes on and thanks the party. She tells them she doesn’t have much of a reward, but that she does have an almost ready GECK as a reward for them. She is quite thrilled that they did so many repairs to the nursery. Then Scott start speaking with Akeisha, and ask for a sample of her blood because they are diseased. Diana freaks out and curses and in between thanking them asks them to leave the nursery. The party goes peacefully with a robot escort, and in a few days they give the party the GECK, and Akeisha happily gives her blood if it will help with a cure. She stays behind, outside the nursery, and the party carries on. They travel west to Burham Springs, where they wipe out a party of legionaries they come across, wanting their gear, and get ambushed by some bugs they wipeout. Nothing to strong, but the party is desperate for supplies by this point having no ammo and several broken weapons.

Back in town they see the Iron Liners have ingratiated themselves with the scavengers of Burham Springs, and that the groups were working in an alliance. Little Circle had moved his store there as well, though Frank had taught him to be better at haggling, he also had a better selection.

Session 13: 5/19/2013
June 23rd, 2254: Burning Down The Town

Agghhh – Another really long session, which means another crappy journal entry cause I suck at typing!! Really fun game though and you all made significant headway. Other Exciting Tidbits:

You all hit level 8!
Celiam, Scott & Raymond: 902 Caps
Alex, Marrian & Chris: 1800 caps
Barterables: 110/person
Barterables: Misc Shop – Burham Springs – Frank LaFracais – 2000 caps (You may hold these caps to barter with when he upgrades his shop, but you must do say at your current level 7 barter)

Tactician – Alex
Character – Chris
MVP – Marrian
MVP – Skill Boon
Kamra Everyone: 100 Karma
Marian, Scott, Chris & Alex: Receive an additional 30 Karma!

The party finishes up at the Salvagers camp in Denver, and give KC the robot parts he needs. He goes to work ignoring the party, and in a few hours he has the loadlifter up and running. He thanks the party with a few caps and a stimpak, but assure them that the Morehouses shop is sure to have better goods in the future now.

The party returns to New Canaan with Daniels blood and lets the doctor go to work on it…far on the outside of town of course. She sends them a report “See Below Post” on what she’s been able to find about the plague on her pre-war disks. She studies Daniels blood, and sends back notice that the virus is still present in Daniel, but has gone inert, and will not spread nor cause harm in its current form, making him not be a spreader of the disease. She believes that if she finds more samples from other inert carriers she may be able to synthesize a cure.

The party decides to hit up Burham Springs, which is where they meet a surly but friendly ghoul merchant, Frank and the friendly Mayor Phil. There are onlyt two other people living in the town, because its on fire. They say there was an accident in the mine that killed a lot of their people, and caused these oil fires to spurt up and the town to catch on fire. Also, they had a gecko infestation. The party decides to take care of the geckos first.

Heading into the wastes they go and kick the shit out of some geckos, though a sneaking panther does manage to get a good hit on Chris, but really its a slaughterfest. Celiam throws a grenade that severely injures like 6 of them, while Raymond really starts mopping shit up. Anyway, they win and collect a small reward, and head for a night of rest before descending the mines.

In the mines they fight the anti-climatic not so terrifying Gehenna’s, humans covered in tar that are still alive and buring. Sound much scarier than they are, and the party mostly mops them up. Crazy shit. They search and find a few bottles of Vinegar. They descend to the next level where the much meaner cousin of the Gehenna Lives, the Molech. These things spit type B acid, which means it can only be removed by Vinegar. Luckily, only two people get hit, and they have 2 doses of vinegar. They go up top to rest and buy some more vinegar and boots, cause Marian scouts ahead and sees a pile of acid, and a giant mutated Molech.

The next day the party descends, and mutilates the first groups of Molechs. They go down further and Marian gets in a fight with a Sea Hag sleeping in the acid pit. It straight up jacks her up and pushes her over into the acid. The party kills the thing and they apply a dose of Vinegar to Marian. She sneaks back to the boss and opens 4 burst fires on its ass, killing him. The party rushes in to take out the remaining Molechs and Gehennas, and they take it down. Raymond is hit though, and the party is out of vinegar, so Scott has to cut Raymonds face off to remove the acid before he dies. They decide to sleep there since Raymond is concussed, and the only one skilled enough to hack the computers.

The next day, Scott restores his head, and Raymond hacks the console. He has the option to put out the fires, drain the acid, or set a self destruct and blow the town up. He puts out the fire and drains the acid, and then he locks down the computer making it much more difficult for someone to hack in the future.

The party goes and collects their reward, which is some in store credit at Franks store. They decide to wander to circle junction, and try to hook up the Iron Liners with a new home at Burham Springs. They stop by Fort Abandon real quick and pick up some supplies. On the way to Circle Junction they enocunter Argos, Ulysses Robot Companion that hunts prisoners. He’s a big giant beast of the robot. The party manages to escape by keeping his eyes crippled and moving the railcart REALLY fast.

They get to Circle Junction, and inform the Iron Liners of their new home. The Iron Liners, while saying it maybe isn’t the greatest fit,agree that Burham Springs will be a suitable home. Before they leave they thank the PC’s for all they’ve done and bring them to a secret part of the train yard, and show them the password. The door opens to a Fusion Train. The Iron Liners inform the PC’s that they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to repair the train for some time, and gift it to the PC’s if they can get it running.

The players decide to just kind of wander the wastes aimlessly for a while. They find Ouroboros, a tribal town of some sort. The party doesn’t go in. They kill some slavers and some dogs, and find The Nursery.

When the PC’s approach the Nursery, they are stunned. There is clean flowing water, trees, grass, things they didn’t even know existed. There are quite a few robots working on cultivating the grounds. The players approach and get an audience with the head robot. He informs them the nursery is in some trouble as it had suffered an earthquake, and their controller Diana had not been heard from in some time. The player tells the bots they’d like to help, and talk their way into the door.

They walk inside, and wastelanders had never seen such beauty. There is beautiful plant life everywhere, flowing clean water, prewar buildings still in pretty good shape, and a greenhouse. Unfortunately, there is trouble in the Nursery, and they are beset upon by plants, but the plants are pathetic and easily slaughtered. Thats where we called the game.

Interlude 5: Doc Angela's Initial Report on Limit 115
August 11th, 2254: More Info On The Plague

Limit 115 was a genetically engineered virus designed by the Chinese. The supposed intent of the virus was initially to create a virus that would sterilize the infected people.

The “New Plague” arose in 2052 after some Chinese Hei Gui agents managed to sneak some into the country. Their plan was to distribute the Virus via the Hoover Dam, but they were thwarted there, though they managed to escape. The spies were in the process of trying to escape Denver and were killed, breaking samples of the virus in a crowded public area. The epidemic killed approximately two-hundred thousand citizens in the United States, including cities such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs The United States closed its borders and the first-ever national quarantine was declared.

In 2055, the West Tek Research Facility started working on a new virus to kill the New Plague. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find the cure and the plague continued to spread in the 2060s, fueling national paranoia. The government started making citizens register and was keeping closer tabs on them. Besides death and sterilization, symptom of the plague included “socialist thoughts”. The United States government advised the citizens of the country to remain indoors during this time, as infection was fatal and communist. People who were infected were immediately sent to Point Lookout.

The West Tek company had made signifigant progress on their way towards finding a cure. The federal government wisely choose them to take point in the Pan-Immunity Virion Project in 2073, a project later known as Forced Evolutionary Virus.

Forced Evolutionary Virus(or FEV as it later became known) was raved by both West Tek company and the US Government as an astonishing success, saying those who went through FEV treatment were successfully immune to the Blue Flu, and many other viruses. Unfortunately, they did admit that the antidote didn’t work on everyone, and there were side effects. Still, it was deemed that FEV was a better option than being stinking commie scum, so many choose to use it over the alternative.


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