Fallout: Van Buren

Session 14: 6/2/2013
October 11th 2254:Now That's Gratitude

Party is Level 9!! You’ll almost certainly hit 10 next session.

Those who played in the game earned:
Caps: 778 (I assumed you gave the 2nd dose of Akeisha’a blood to the robots)
Barterables: 1294
Remember to update your barter/karma on the Barter/Disposition page, and check with me before you buy so I can make sure everything is right. I have been finding a few mistakes with people bartering. Thanks!

Session Boons went to:
MVP – Chris – Skill Point Boon
Tactical: Chris
RP: Scott

So, the party explores the waterfall and decides to check behind the waterfall. Bravely, Alex charges in first, right into the jaw of a hag fish. The pond comes alive and fish swarm everywhere. The party takes arms, and a crazy ass ghoul pops out with a laser gun and dynamite and helps fend off the attacks. Unfortunately a swarm of surround Alex, and the water makes movement hard so he gets eaten to death. Marian also gets swarmed up on and eaten alive. The party slay the rest, and Scott cries as he buries Marian and tells everyone how much he loved her. Ted says the party should follow him back to the greenhouse, where they meet up with Ted & Harold.

Harold tells them a little about the nursery, and his friend Bob, a tree growing out of his head. He tells them Diana went silent after an earthquake that trapped both Ted and Desert Fox here in the nursery. They chat more, and the party decides they’d like to fix the plains biodome, which is broken and creating mutant plants. They hang out a few days to rest and head into the south room, where they are swarmed by scores of plants. The party starts beating ass, particularly Chris, who becomes a whirlwind of destruction smashing plant face everywhere. The others decide to trap Chris in there, in the hopes of smashing some of the plants. A few jump out of the way but others get crushed. They fling thorns at Scott, who laughs as they bounce off his armor, while Ted gets knocked down continuously by this plant in front of him. Eventually, they prevail, and Ted is able to reset the facilities to not produce mutant plants.

They go back and rest up, and ask Harold where they can get supplies. He tells them where a few supplies are, and the party goes and loots the crates, finding a bunch of bottles of Weed Killer. Shit! So, they go to the tower where there is a giant factory with the tower. After successfully getting ropes in place, they managed to get across. There were computers and conveyor belts, all being eaten by plants. The party gets to a catwalk upstairs where they are able to find a fire water system, and hook the weed killer in, destroying all the weeds. Chris decides to climb up to the tower above(the elevator isn’t getting enough power to go up more), where he meets Akeisha Moon, and learns a little of what is going on here. He climbs down to the others, and they take the elevator down to the basement.

In the basement, they get sabotaged by another hag snake, and make quick work of it. They decide to be more careful. They manage to avoid further confrontation, and are able to find the main problem. The pipe going to the steam turbine engines has both cracked and came undone from its source. Lucky Bastard Ted manages to fix the pipe and get it ready for reuse. He goes to install it, and drops it. Chris jumps down and manages to catch the pipe, giving Ted another chance to get it done, which he finally does. They get the power working again, and ascend to the top of the nursery.

Up top Akeisha is working frantically, rebooting Diana. Diana comes on and thanks the party. She tells them she doesn’t have much of a reward, but that she does have an almost ready GECK as a reward for them. She is quite thrilled that they did so many repairs to the nursery. Then Scott start speaking with Akeisha, and ask for a sample of her blood because they are diseased. Diana freaks out and curses and in between thanking them asks them to leave the nursery. The party goes peacefully with a robot escort, and in a few days they give the party the GECK, and Akeisha happily gives her blood if it will help with a cure. She stays behind, outside the nursery, and the party carries on. They travel west to Burham Springs, where they wipe out a party of legionaries they come across, wanting their gear, and get ambushed by some bugs they wipeout. Nothing to strong, but the party is desperate for supplies by this point having no ammo and several broken weapons.

Back in town they see the Iron Liners have ingratiated themselves with the scavengers of Burham Springs, and that the groups were working in an alliance. Little Circle had moved his store there as well, though Frank had taught him to be better at haggling, he also had a better selection.

Session 13: 5/19/2013
June 23rd, 2254: Burning Down The Town

Agghhh – Another really long session, which means another crappy journal entry cause I suck at typing!! Really fun game though and you all made significant headway. Other Exciting Tidbits:

You all hit level 8!
Celiam, Scott & Raymond: 902 Caps
Alex, Marrian & Chris: 1800 caps
Barterables: 110/person
Barterables: Misc Shop – Burham Springs – Frank LaFracais – 2000 caps (You may hold these caps to barter with when he upgrades his shop, but you must do say at your current level 7 barter)

Tactician – Alex
Character – Chris
MVP – Marrian
MVP – Skill Boon
Kamra Everyone: 100 Karma
Marian, Scott, Chris & Alex: Receive an additional 30 Karma!

The party finishes up at the Salvagers camp in Denver, and give KC the robot parts he needs. He goes to work ignoring the party, and in a few hours he has the loadlifter up and running. He thanks the party with a few caps and a stimpak, but assure them that the Morehouses shop is sure to have better goods in the future now.

The party returns to New Canaan with Daniels blood and lets the doctor go to work on it…far on the outside of town of course. She sends them a report “See Below Post” on what she’s been able to find about the plague on her pre-war disks. She studies Daniels blood, and sends back notice that the virus is still present in Daniel, but has gone inert, and will not spread nor cause harm in its current form, making him not be a spreader of the disease. She believes that if she finds more samples from other inert carriers she may be able to synthesize a cure.

The party decides to hit up Burham Springs, which is where they meet a surly but friendly ghoul merchant, Frank and the friendly Mayor Phil. There are onlyt two other people living in the town, because its on fire. They say there was an accident in the mine that killed a lot of their people, and caused these oil fires to spurt up and the town to catch on fire. Also, they had a gecko infestation. The party decides to take care of the geckos first.

Heading into the wastes they go and kick the shit out of some geckos, though a sneaking panther does manage to get a good hit on Chris, but really its a slaughterfest. Celiam throws a grenade that severely injures like 6 of them, while Raymond really starts mopping shit up. Anyway, they win and collect a small reward, and head for a night of rest before descending the mines.

In the mines they fight the anti-climatic not so terrifying Gehenna’s, humans covered in tar that are still alive and buring. Sound much scarier than they are, and the party mostly mops them up. Crazy shit. They search and find a few bottles of Vinegar. They descend to the next level where the much meaner cousin of the Gehenna Lives, the Molech. These things spit type B acid, which means it can only be removed by Vinegar. Luckily, only two people get hit, and they have 2 doses of vinegar. They go up top to rest and buy some more vinegar and boots, cause Marian scouts ahead and sees a pile of acid, and a giant mutated Molech.

The next day the party descends, and mutilates the first groups of Molechs. They go down further and Marian gets in a fight with a Sea Hag sleeping in the acid pit. It straight up jacks her up and pushes her over into the acid. The party kills the thing and they apply a dose of Vinegar to Marian. She sneaks back to the boss and opens 4 burst fires on its ass, killing him. The party rushes in to take out the remaining Molechs and Gehennas, and they take it down. Raymond is hit though, and the party is out of vinegar, so Scott has to cut Raymonds face off to remove the acid before he dies. They decide to sleep there since Raymond is concussed, and the only one skilled enough to hack the computers.

The next day, Scott restores his head, and Raymond hacks the console. He has the option to put out the fires, drain the acid, or set a self destruct and blow the town up. He puts out the fire and drains the acid, and then he locks down the computer making it much more difficult for someone to hack in the future.

The party goes and collects their reward, which is some in store credit at Franks store. They decide to wander to circle junction, and try to hook up the Iron Liners with a new home at Burham Springs. They stop by Fort Abandon real quick and pick up some supplies. On the way to Circle Junction they enocunter Argos, Ulysses Robot Companion that hunts prisoners. He’s a big giant beast of the robot. The party manages to escape by keeping his eyes crippled and moving the railcart REALLY fast.

They get to Circle Junction, and inform the Iron Liners of their new home. The Iron Liners, while saying it maybe isn’t the greatest fit,agree that Burham Springs will be a suitable home. Before they leave they thank the PC’s for all they’ve done and bring them to a secret part of the train yard, and show them the password. The door opens to a Fusion Train. The Iron Liners inform the PC’s that they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to repair the train for some time, and gift it to the PC’s if they can get it running.

The players decide to just kind of wander the wastes aimlessly for a while. They find Ouroboros, a tribal town of some sort. The party doesn’t go in. They kill some slavers and some dogs, and find The Nursery.

When the PC’s approach the Nursery, they are stunned. There is clean flowing water, trees, grass, things they didn’t even know existed. There are quite a few robots working on cultivating the grounds. The players approach and get an audience with the head robot. He informs them the nursery is in some trouble as it had suffered an earthquake, and their controller Diana had not been heard from in some time. The player tells the bots they’d like to help, and talk their way into the door.

They walk inside, and wastelanders had never seen such beauty. There is beautiful plant life everywhere, flowing clean water, prewar buildings still in pretty good shape, and a greenhouse. Unfortunately, there is trouble in the Nursery, and they are beset upon by plants, but the plants are pathetic and easily slaughtered. Thats where we called the game.

Interlude 5: Doc Angela's Initial Report on Limit 115
August 11th, 2254: More Info On The Plague

Limit 115 was a genetically engineered virus designed by the Chinese. The supposed intent of the virus was initially to create a virus that would sterilize the infected people.

The “New Plague” arose in 2052 after some Chinese Hei Gui agents managed to sneak some into the country. Their plan was to distribute the Virus via the Hoover Dam, but they were thwarted there, though they managed to escape. The spies were in the process of trying to escape Denver and were killed, breaking samples of the virus in a crowded public area. The epidemic killed approximately two-hundred thousand citizens in the United States, including cities such as Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs The United States closed its borders and the first-ever national quarantine was declared.

In 2055, the West Tek Research Facility started working on a new virus to kill the New Plague. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find the cure and the plague continued to spread in the 2060s, fueling national paranoia. The government started making citizens register and was keeping closer tabs on them. Besides death and sterilization, symptom of the plague included “socialist thoughts”. The United States government advised the citizens of the country to remain indoors during this time, as infection was fatal and communist. People who were infected were immediately sent to Point Lookout.

The West Tek company had made signifigant progress on their way towards finding a cure. The federal government wisely choose them to take point in the Pan-Immunity Virion Project in 2073, a project later known as Forced Evolutionary Virus.

Forced Evolutionary Virus(or FEV as it later became known) was raved by both West Tek company and the US Government as an astonishing success, saying those who went through FEV treatment were successfully immune to the Blue Flu, and many other viruses. Unfortunately, they did admit that the antidote didn’t work on everyone, and there were side effects. Still, it was deemed that FEV was a better option than being stinking commie scum, so many choose to use it over the alternative.

Session 12: 5/12/2013
February 25th, 2254: Major Plot Revelation

Lots got done, so I’m gonna paraphrase a lot.


Party: 125

Session Boons: Well, Marrian took all three categories. You guys better step up your game for next week!!

So, the party leaves Hangdog Village disgusted, and run into Scott a few hours outside of town. The party reconciles and travels to Denver. They go through Denver and find a hospital, that’s filled with glowing ones. The party dispatches the glowing ones and finds some medical supplies that are desperately needed by the salvagers, and the party buys entry back into the salvager camp with the supplies. Even Marrian shows up and is able to sweat talk her way inside.

The party finds a couple quests and goes ahead and bring Garcia out of his injuries, for which he rewards them with loot from his salvage. The party takes off down the tracks and go up and get to a dead end. They turn around and go up the other side of the rails which leads to a giant dome. The barter kills a salvager and loots his stash. They meet a bunch of robots guarding the entrance to the dome, and Marian speaks with them. A screen robot (like from the trials) comes forward and pulls up a man on the screen, who apparently is Victor Presper. He tells her basically they aren’t getting inside, and that he doesn’t need her help. Marian decides its in her best interest to not disclose anything else and leaves. The party meets a group of radaway addicted NCR soldiers and a group of tribals.

The party chats with both groups, and the party sells some drug infected Radaway to the NCR, and the tribals come in and slaughter the NCR. They gear up, and walk up to Marian, and give her a big bag of caps and even a new gun. The party debates attacking them, but now that the tribals are very well equipped (combining their decent equipment and the NCR decent equipment) the party decides to leave it alone, and leaves. The head down to Fort Abandon, and then go south. They forget the robots warning, and all of a sudden Raymond starts glowing, and Marrian remembers the south is highly irradiated and they book it out of there.

They are all super sick by the time they make it out of there, and they stop by Fort Abandon. They decide to make it for New Canaan, to see if they can heal rads faster. It is less radiated. Unfortunately they find 75% of the women and children they brought here have been infected by a plague, along with the Brahmin. Scott goes to see the Doc, and they check the Brahmin blood he got earlier. There is indeed some kind d of virus in there. Doc Angela tells Scott it appears prewar, and manufactured. She said she’d really like to see it in human blood, so Scott sticks himself with a needle and they analyze it. Sure enough, Scott is infected with the same disease. Shortly there after the individual party members are rounded up and escorted out of town, and are asked to not return.

The party rests outside for nearly two months. They talk with their robot friend, and start questioning him. As they seem to have found out, he finally comes clean and tells the party that all the prisoners are indeed infected with the virus, and why they must be contained. The party decided to go get some blood from Daniel and bring it back for testing. They head to Denver and get into a fight, and steal some robot stuff. YAY!

They start by visiting Daniel, and he readily agrees to give some blood. He says he’ll be happy to turn himself in if he is indeed infected. The party decides to spend some time in Denver before heading back.

In Denver, Marian has been scouting periodically, and she finds this guy who looks like a cannibal. Someone says they hate cannibals and Marian goes in and blasts him in the face. He looks largely unfazed and takes a big bite out of Marian. They notice he has razor sharpened teeth and was crazy looking. Marian realizes this guys a beast and flees. She turns on stealth and disappears. Raymond runs up, and El Diablo pops out of Stealth and takes him down to nearly dead with a single bite. The party realizes this foe is far beyond them, and they flee. He lets them go, and thats about where we called it.

Interlude 4: New Barter Again
OOC Information: More Barter Updates

It was brought to my attention after yesterday’s game that the barter system was slowing the game. Even though I did enjoy it, I had to agree, so we are doing the following changes with barter.

1) I have created a stores page, which is a pipboy page under Items. Therefor, you do not have to ask the group where the links are as they all will be hyper linked in there.

2) I have created a quick Barter/Disposition Spreadsheet which is at the top of the stores page. Most of you do not have your karma on your PC character sheets, so that is not input into the Karmic Disposition row, but all other data should be deemed reliable. This will be a handy sheet for you when purchasing.

3) There will be absolutely no selling in game. I may make very rare exceptions (you all are hauling 100k in loot and make it to the head implant person) but not many. All selling shall be done at the end of a game.

4) In game, I will open up the store on the corresponding tab (if you don’t see a city listed, it is probably on the Misc. Spreadsheet, as several cities only have one store.

5) You may look it over. Do not speak about purchasing though and derail the party into the store. If you see something you want to buy AND YOU CURRENTLY have the caps for it, fill out the spreadsheet and let me know. I will take a quick minute out of the game at that point to check out the inventory/numbers, make the necessary adjustments, and we will conduct business. Try to only buy in game sparringly and when necessary (like ammo).

6) Claim all loot you want in game. All unclaimed loot will automatically be liquidated at the end of the session.

7) At the end of the game all remaining loot will be sold. I will go through each store you visited during that session with the loot you have and starting with the merchant with the lowest barter I will sell everything off. Those caps will be split amongst all present PC’s.

8) If you visit a town or location with multiple stores, all stores you have already found/unlocked will be present, you do not need to say you go to each store so they are unlocked to you. Still hidden merchants will not show up though.

9) Often times, there will not be enough caps in the wasteland to sell all your loot. When this happens you will receive barterables. Each player will receive an even split of the barterables. These must be spent by next session, or you loose them. Barterables are traded for, and therefor you do not sell them high, you must buy/sell with your total barter (yours + highest in party). Barterables may be split up to 4 times, but some hauls may be less, the GM will let you know when you get loot. This means, you could take 200 from a haul and trade at one place, 300 at another, and the remaining 1000 at one last store. Barterables must be split into 100 cap increments.

10) All barterables must be spent at one time, so go through when no one else is on and figure out what you want. Let me know and we can 0 you out.

11) Personal equipment you want to sell can be added to the community loot page, or you can sell it off while doing barterables in between games.

Note: The below is an example. With the quick spreedsheet I made it is incredibly easy to calculate.

How Does It Work: So the party has a good haul, and you guys have 10k in loot after everything has been claimed. 4 players were present for the game, Alex, Marian, Christopher and Raymound. Marian has the highest barter vs males, and Alex vs females. You also unlocked 4 shops, Killians Store, Gizmo’s Casino, Bob’s Iguana’s, and the Library. The first three stores are owned by men, so Marian liquidates there while Alex sells at the Library. You all sell 4000k in loot and walk away with 2k caps from the haul, or 500 each. Nice.

The remaining Barterables is 6k, and you split that amongst the 4 and everyone receives 1500 in Barterables. The GM informs you that this haul may only be split once, there were a lot of high priced items in here, so you can’t liquidate more. Marian has slightly good karma, and bonuses with males, so she decides to go and trade her barterables with Killian. She goes alone because she is better by herself. She uses her own barter of 85%(with everything in there) to barter vs. Killians 100 barter – So she sells at 85% and buys at 1.17x’s. Pretty damn good. Unfortunately, because her bonus comes from loner, no one can piggy back barter off of her, and as Alex’s is slightly better, the other party members will use him for trading.

Alex doesn’t want to use anyone else to help him barter, as he has the highest barter in the group(even Marrian brings him down slightly when she loses the loner perk) so he goes off to the library alone. The Librarian is neutral, so his karma doesn’t come into play and he’s using his flat 75%, vs her 150. So he is selling for 1/2(750) and buying for twice(600 a skill book). Ouch! He wants 2 skill books though, so he barters his 1500 for 750, and throws in 450 from the caps from earlier to make it a deal, and walks out with his two skill books.

Chris really wants something from everyone, but knows this stash can only be split twice. He really wants iguanas, and fist weapons though, so he settles for those 2 shops. Iguana Bob is neutral, so with Chris’s abysmal 9 barter, combined with Alex (75+9/2) he is bartering at 42. Iguana Bob is not a good haggler though and only has a 90, so he sells at 46.6 and buys at 2.1x’s. Not bad, he picks up 2 iguanas on a stick and still has 1300 left, hopefully enough for some fisticuffs. Unfortunately, Gizmo has the gear he needs, and Gizmo is evil. Luckily though, Raymond has been a bastard and has a high negative barter. Chris grabs Raymond and heads to Gizmo’s. Even with his lost of disposition with his own good karma, Raymond’s negative karma bring their total barter to 45.2. Still not enough to get it, so Chris buys some random gear instead that he plans on selling after next session, and hopefully get enough to buy his fisticuffs.

Raymond needs some ammo, and wants to spend the rest on drugs. He chugs a nuka cola and takes off. Raymond has gotten into some trouble though, and managed to rack up -1500 Karma, even with all the parties good deeds, so he has -30 disposition. This is somewhat problematic for him, because Killian has the ammo he, and he’s good. Even with Raymonds 53 barter, he drops to 33 with Killian, but luckily Alex brings him up to 49.8%. At the 100%, Raymond get robbed, but not too bad, and has enough caps left over to pick up some drugs. He shoots up and wanders off. He heads to Gizmos, and decides to leave Alex behind because he has an 83 barter vs negative, and Alex would drag him down 5 points only having a 73. Raymond grabs some drugs and is stoked to go off into the next adventure with a few things of psycho to get jumped up on. He actually decides he needs more drugs, so he throws an old gun he rarely uses up there so he can get even more drugs. Unfortunately, Raymond gets to high and spends the rest of the week in a drugged out stupor. He forgets to tell the GM to check the inventory and 0 him out until game day, and the GM tells him too bad. Therefor the transactions never get made, and Raymond goes into the next game with no barterables, and no loot to show from them.

Interlude 3: Found Nurse Jackie's Journal
February 25th 2254: Important Plot Device!!

September 16th, 2235

Momma told me to start keeping my thoughts in the book called a jOurNel, she said it’d help contain my thoughts. The JoUrnel sound intrestin, so I gonna do it. So today Billy asked me to go to the pear with him. I am so xciteb! I sink I may kiss hem…

October 6th 2250

Doc Ozborne and myself have discovered a strange new virus little Sally and Billy both have caught it, and passed away within the day. We are studying to see what we can find out. Doc Ozborne says it may be a “plague” which is something pre-war that would wipe out entire populaces. Dear god, I hope thats not what we’re dealing with.

October 7th 2250

Another 5 deaths today, and then the Brahmin have come down with the virus as well. This is horrible, even if we survive this plague we may very well loose our food source, and winter is coming. Doc Ozborne says he doesn’t have the tools here to decipher what this plague is, much less a way to combat it. He has suggested we start to wear surgical masks. I must admit, I’m terrified right now, and there isn’t anything I can do to help ease this suffering.

October 9th 2250

30 dead today with another 100 sick. Scott brought in a few little children that had lost their parents. Its such a shame, he’s such a sweet man, but now he is probably contagious. He did it as if there wasn’t a concern in his heart for his own welfare. If times were better I wouldn’t have minded making a husband out of him. Sigh, I doubt there will be time now, surely we all shall perish shortly.

October 10th 2250

Well, at least we have some aid now. Mcgruber and Sumiko have come to aid us. Sumiko is so delicate and has such comforting hands. She is absolutely amazing at easing these poor people’s suffering, though she has not helped in identifying this plague. McGruber just follows her like a love sick puppy, its a shame his devotion has probably sped up his demise with this blasted plague. Scott came back again, and even stayed and helped doctor. We have well over 100 casualties today, with a good half the population sick. I seem to be fine at the moment…but I fear it won’t be long now. All we can do is ease the suffering around us. Daniel and Palli came here today. Daniel was wonderful, kept talking about the holy spirit and heaven with these people. Its a bunch of nonsense..but it seemed to ease some victims suffering, which is all I can ask f….
…..Sorry, I;m back. Fucking Raymond was raiding our drug supply, he shot up a quarter of our supply of med-X before I got rid of him. Not that it will save these folks…but you know what, easing their suffering is nice. I feel like crying..but there are no tears left. Thank god Kylie hasn’t been made sick yet.

October 11th 2250

Its getting crazy, half the city is dead, and the other half is rioting or taking what they can. I spotted Travis and Cid selling off snake oil to help “save” people from the plague. I’m sure its bogus. These guys do all kinds of stuff. I can’t believe this total break down. Our last Brahmin died today, so it does appear we are doomed….

October 13th 2250

As if the plague wasn’t enough, we were attacked by some kind of robots. They took us without killing a single person, though much of the population was subdued. I am not sure how they did it, but they did. They kept saying “This is for your own good.” and “The republic must be preserved.” Well, this must surely be the end of us. This “God” Daniel preaches of must be a cold hearted bastard. We don’t even really have anything to ease the peoples suffering anymore. My heart is heavy.

October 16th 2250

A second raid of robots came today. It is odd, they walked right past me and Doctor Ozborne and started taking sick from the sick bay. Neither of us bothered with trying to stop them, we just stepped aside. Our masks must be working, they targeted me at one point and said “Citizen has no sign of the New Plague.”, and walked off to grab a sick citizen.

October 17th 2250

Some citizens attempted to flee today, I know that Mallet, Ginger and Jean Baptiste were among them. I don’t think they made it very far. I saw some flying machine and a giant walking…dog or bear like robot go after them.

October 19th 2250

Its over, everyone in town is dead or gone. Doc Ozborne must have been contaminated, because they took him too. This is terrible, I am the only one remaining. The survivors had set up to put up a good fight. Celiam set traps everywhere, and Isaac, Derrial, Blackjack, and Chris all put up a good fight. They even took out a few of the robots, but they were still captured. I am so despondent. Kylie died yesterday, I will go snuggle her body….

October 27th 2250

Well, I am going to die, and I welcome it, I have one final task…to bury the dead. This will take a long time, but I will dig some mass graves. My life is forfeit, but these people deserve at least proper burials.

January 23rd 2251

2673….Thats how many dead I buried. But they are all buried, I have done my duty. I sure wish someone was here to comfort me. I keep thinking of all those that were taken. If only someone were here to make me feel better. Those poor souls, I hope they got proper burials. I am going to go cuddle Kylie and let this end finally. I am so tired, and I have done so well. Maybe there is this “god” Daniel speaks of, and I will be rewarded for my suffering. If you find this, leave this place, it is damned!

The journal was found next to a skeleton holding the body of another skeleton.

Session 11: 5/5/2013
February 9th, 2254: Into Denver For The First Time

Everyone who was in the party earned 291 caps and 80 karma, except Marian who earned 50 karma.

The party runs into a random merchant in the wastes, who seems to have some loot and some broken down old cars. The party does a little bartering and continue on. They continue on down the railway and come to circle junction.

Long Walk and his men are under attack by legionaries, and the party decides to interfere. Marian stops one of the legion railway carts, and the Iron Railers destroy the others on the cart. The party moves in and legionaries start dying pretty good. The party wipes them out, and the Iron Railers give them a Unique Railway Rifle and some ammo. They do some barter and stay there a few nights to recover from their wounds.

The party moves up to Denver, where they are beset upon by rabid dogs. The party dispatches them, but take some radiation. While walking by a building someone reaches their head out the window and strike up a conversation, asking the party to please clear the dogs for them from the lower floor. The party wipes them out and get invited up to the Salvagers Camp.

The Salvagers invite them up and offer the PC’s thanks. They speak with Daniel, and the Medic James Roche. Daniel tells them what they learned and Roche asks the party to aid him in finding some medic supplies. He also does some healing for the party.

In the meanwhile, Marian walks off with Jeb, and after some crazy shit, Jeb’s Dead and Marian is gone with his armor. No one knows exactly what happened, but the salvagers banished the party from the camp until such a time that they can recover the doctor stuff that Roche needs.

The party argues for a while and some Rangers start speaking with Alex. The party speaks with them, and learn that their caravan has been missing for some time that normally comes and pick up the salvage. They talk for a few minutes, and b/c they are starting to get rads they travel to the town they learned about, Hangdog Village.

They see a pack of dogs along the way, and seeing no loot decide to avoid the encounter. They make it to Hangdog village, and there are dogs everywhere. They walk around and speak with Chagas and Palli and some other people. They find a journal as well, that reveals a lot of plot info. Scott sees that they are selling Slaves here, and wanders off into the waste…we end the session there.

Interlude 2: New Character & Barter Info
OOC Information: Some Useful Info

My God, every shop has been hand populated, that was exhausting, LOL

New characters are going to get the amount of money as stated on the site, but you now have a list you must purchase from found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ajsf2bhtnNnndFVMRVVVcGVDd2NGbTBSb1FNMFU0LUE#gid=21. This makes it so you can’t start with certain weapons and such. The quantity is the most that you can buy, to make certain that you can’t start with only all the best ammo, but a varied amount. Hopefully it adds more to the wasteland feel as well.

So, Every shop now has a semi-fixed inventory. I plan on rotating inventory periodically, so if you see something you love somewhere better try to grab it while your in that town, or it may be gone. Hopefully this Alternation will allow almost every item to pop-up eventually (though a few will never be found in stores). Of course, I may be too lazy with how many hours populating the inventories took. Over 50 stores were populated for you all to play with now. A lot of items that weren’t there before have sprung up (most notably schematics) that may have been missing previously.

Anyway, going to make a few changes to Barter and try them out. You all are still gonna sell at the maximum barter in the party. For buying now you will use 1/2 your barter and 1/2 the highest barter in the party (as long as they’ll barter for you). Say for instance you guys are bartering with someone with a barter of 125%. The highest barter is Alex, at 75%, so you all would be selling for 60% (75/125), or you’ll be getting 600 Caps for 1000 in goods. So if Alex buys a 100 Cap item from the merchant, he’ll pay (125/75=1.6X’s) or 167 Caps. Now lets say he’s trading for Chris (Barter 9), Their skill is ((9+75)/2=42). Chris will be buying x2.97 times (125/42), or 297 Caps for that 100 cap item. Good thing Chris is melee, and his weapons are cheap and he doesn’t need ammo!! Using this method the person who boosts barter will benefit more than those who don’t but he still contributes to the parties success with barter. It is highly recommended that someone boost barter now, as everyone benefits, but only at half the amount. I may change this later to 2/3 (high person barter) (1/3) other person barters, but I think that makes it too easy to break the bank as Robert has shown. This will put more emphasis on repair and crafting as well.

Remember your total barter is Barter+(5xCHA)+ or – Your Karmic Disposition. Your get one point of karmic disposition for every 50 points of karma. For example, lets say you have 200 karma. That grants +4 karmic disposition. Each merchant has next to them whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. If the merchant was positive, you would add 4, if negative you would subtract 4, and if your neutral neither applies – unless you have cult of personality perk. If you had -200 Karma, the opposites would apply.

As the ammo you need may be harder to come by now, you may want to carry weapons that use a few types of ammunition.

Session 10: 4/21/2012
January 29th 2254: Yet Another Warlord Defeated

Todays game started off with a new comer, Cid, asking about saving the town and getting some reward. He is told he will be granted the Jeremiah’s Right Hand for it. Cid, after some haggling and trying to get free stuff agrees, and goes to recruit the party and a another new comer, the shotgun loving Raymond! Together, Scott, Celiam, Cid, his companion Lilly and Raymond set off to track down Jackson and Boilermaker, and put a stop to them for good.

Raymond is in charge of leading the party, and after getting hopelessly lost (unbeknownst to him) he leads the party into a group of Geckos. The party makes quick work of them, and rests for the night. Another day of being lost wandering the waste takes place, and then Raymond gets back on track. He finally gets the party to the outskirts of the beat up town where the raiders have set up camp. They scout the area a little, and set up on the near by grocery store. Celiam heavily traps the bottom floor, while Raymond, Cid and Lilly get on the roof. When they are set up, Scott does some pop-out and shoot tactics, taking several of the guards of the perimeter out. They finally start to move in on their position, and Scott moves in carefully avoiding the traps.

He yells out to his allies, who pop out and start mowing down baddies! Ouch! Some raiders make it inside, where they have to deal with traps and bullets, none of them make it very far. Unfortunately, Jackson pops out and fills Cid with holes, and he drops dead. Sad, brand new character lasts two hours:( Anyway, the battle continues, and Raymond stays down not wishing to share his allies wretched fate, while he contemplates his next move. Luckily, the ceilings integrity is poor and there is a hole right next to him. A couple of the raiders who don’t want to be blasted, circle around the back, where they meet traps a bullets and fall. Meanwhile, Boiler maker and Jackson come out, and someone from far away pops shots at Jackson, he orders Boiler Maker to go after them in the store, while he takes cover behind a nearby vehicle trying to discern this new threat.

Boilermaker rushes in and starts the store on fire, they lore him into a bomb, which devastates him, and AK and Shotgun blasts finish him off. Meanwhile, outside, Jackson is attempting to discern where these sniper shots are coming from. After the mysterious stranger bounces a bullet off a nearby billboard and ricochets it into a grenade on his person, Jackson decides fuck it and runs into the store, where he takes cover. The party unloads on him, and just does enough damage to drop him, which is lucky for them as one of them would have almost surely perished. They meet the mysterious stranger, a new PC (yes he had a PC premade) Marian. She joins the party.

They loot, and Scott gets some bad ass customized Jackson armor, and the party heads back to town. Upon getting there they go and trade a head for the right hand of god, a unique .45 auto pistol. Oh ya! Jeremiah tells the party about some recent discontentment in town about him being the prophet, but the party doesn’t give a shit, and Marian goes and questions the bot. She asks to know more about her incarceration, and the robot agrees to answer one question for each of the nine special prisoners that she recovers. The party decides to leave, and heads to Fort Abandon.

Back in Fort Abandon, the party barters, and learns from Ralphie and Tandi that their brahmin have also become sick. Someone gets the bright idea to actually investigate, and goes and determines that these brahmin are plagued! Scott thinks back, and recalls that New Canaan had sophisticated medical equipment, and may be able to tell them more about this virus, so he takes a bit of blood with one of the syringes they had. The party shops up and decides to head onto Denver.

Party is now level 6, and everyone got a one time stipend of 450 (this is the same one as posted on the skype chat, just in case you missed it.) I would really like everyone to get a 2nd character made. I really was hoping for level 7 or 8 before attacking Dog Town (Denver) and obviously the chance of death is pretty high right now. Please do me this favor and make a back-up character over the next two weeks. Backup characters will have 5k at cost from the book. Thank You!

Interlude 1: The Robot Fills In Plot
January 27th 2254: New Developments

During the parties down time a few things begin to happen. 10 days will elapse between the events of last session and this game.

  1. Celiam is allowed back into town, but you notice that she is now followed while within the city limits. None of the rest of you are harassed by the guards.
  2. Most of the Brahmin begin coming down with some kind of plague. The townspeople are terrified that they will loose the Brahmin. It came on fast and the Brahmin look terrible. A few of the children who came in with the prisoners also appear to have the plague, and have now been quarantined. Some residents of New Canaan believe that god is forsaking them, but Jeremiah is assuring everyone that it is ok, and that their faith will save them. Those who are astute, notice a slight quiver in his voice as he says these things.
  3. The robot calls you all in to discuss a special assignment with you. The details are discussed below.
  4. You gain new party members. I will allow you all to decide how they come in. Otherwise, the robot may bring them in to reinforce your dwindling numbers.
  5. Demon Dog has left the party. He said he will head off into the wastes and travel back to his coyote pack at the decimated Blackfoot Tribe camp.

The robot gathers you all into the hotel room to discuss developing events with you.

“My friends, you have done amazing things for us thus far. We greatly appreciate the work that you have done on prisoner acquisition, even if you did have some transgressions. We have, with your help and out own resources, been able to capture nearly all the remaining prisoners. There are still some rogues on the loose, but we are tracking them now and should be able to take them into our position shortly. If you capture any prisoners now, we will raise your bounty to 250 caps, or 100 if dead as there is significantly more risk to capture them today then there was then.”

“Now, that being said, We have had some issues. A few prisoners have…how do you say, fallen off grid. We are not sure how they have been able to avoid our detection system. This is very disturbing to us, and we are offering special rewards for the capture of these prisoners. We will pay you 3000 Caps for the capture of these prisoners alive, of 1250 if dead. If for some reason you cannot recover these prisoners but can get us a sample of their DNA, we will pay you 500 Caps for their Blood alone. Here are some syringes” The robot hands each of you three empty syringes.

“Now, let us tell you about these prisoners:

“The first is Akeisha Moon. While we know that we had records of her in our system, all records of her have been deleted from the system, so we have no idea where she may have disappeared too.”

“The second prisoner is Chagas. We actually last track of him while he was still a prisoner in Tibet’s Prison, and we didn’t notice until reviewing data recently. This is very odd, and quite unnerving.”

“The third and fourth, Mallet Mcbride and Ginger Flower where last detected traveling the wastes west along the railways towards Hoover Dam. There is a good chance they have stayed in the Hoover Dam as there’s very little civilization out that way.”

“Jillian Mckinley is the fifth prisoner. She was last detected heading south. We know from our data that there is extreme amounts of radiation to the south, and it Jams our equipments ability to detect our Mark. It is likely she has wandered in there, though it is unlikely she could’ve survived very long in the radiated South.”

“The sixth prisoner was very unusual. He is a Super Mutant named BlackJack. He is an odd case as the FEV virus should have made him not need to be imprisoned. There our mountain ranges to the west of Tibet’s Prison, he was last detected going into that mountain range.”

“The Seventh prisoner, Jean Baptise Cutting made it all the way to Hoover Dam, which is where we lost contact with him.”

“Our Eight and Ninth prisoner where lost at the same time, and Scott, you have met them. They were traveling the railways East when we launched an attack on a group of prisoners and captured them. Scott, you were traveling with them at this time. Their leader, Palli, escaped the initial assault and we can no longer track her. Also, during the assault there was a 2nd man, named Daniel. We are pretty sure he was dropped in the initial assault, but we failed to retrieve his body, and when we returned his body was no where to be found.”

“These nine prisoners are elite, and should be considered very dangerous. Their capture is of the utmost importance, for their own safety and the safety of those around them. Depending on what happened to them they could be more dangerous than even you all.”


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