Pip Boy - Reputation


Party Karma/Rep Score:

Faction Reputation
NCR Rep: Liked
Legion Rep: Hated
Odysseus Rep: Destroyed
LDS Rep: Liked
Salvagers: Accepted
Daughters Of Hecate: Neutral
Iron Liners: Idolized
Brotherhood Of Steel: Liked

Location Rep
Blackfoot Tribe: Destroyed
Circle Junction: Abandoned
Fort Abandon: Idolized
New Canaan: Liked
Denver: Accepted
Hangdog Village: Destroyed
Burham Springs: Idolized
The Nursery: Idolized
Twin Mothers: Idolized
Hoover Dam: Liked
Mesa Verde: Idolized
Boulder Dome: Accepted


Pip Boy - Reputation

Fallout: Van Buren underableedingsun