Item - Weapon - Right Hand Of God

A Mormen Artifact

weapon (ranged)

Current Owner: Scott

Right Hand Of God – Ammo: .45 Caliber
Value: 2100
Weight: 10 lbs.
AP: 4
Rnds: 30
Burst: 10
Range: 30
Damage: +14
Critical Bonus: 2

Note: This SMG can be shot with one hand, but still takes 4 AP.


The Right Hand Of God is an artifact created for the prophet Jeremiah before the GECK that built New Canaan went out. The Mormens managed to take one GECK with them when they were ran out of New Jerusalem. It has since died, but it managed to pump out a few artifacts, the first one being the Right Hand of God aka The Archangel Michael. Jeremiah gave the party this weapon for dispatching of the Raiders Jackson and Boiler Maker.

This gun is an advanced version of the M3A1 “Grease Gun” SMG, the signature weapon of the Mormen clan in post war Fallout. While the Mormens believe in peace, they also realize the wasteland is a harsh place and sometimes you need to defend yourself. This gun is tagged with crosses and symbols of LDS all over it. It always looks new and never tarnishes, though its internal components still need standard maintenance.

Item - Weapon - Right Hand Of God

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