Item - Armor - Jackson's Outfit

Taken from a bandit lord: Superior Metal Armor MK II


Current Owner: Scott

Jacksons Armor
Value: 2400
Weight: 35 lbs
Armor Class: 20
Armor Values: N: 6/35 L: 9/80 F: 6/25 P: 6/35 E: 6/40
Additional Resistances:Electricity Resist: 10
Other: Reduces sneak by 25%


Jackson was a rampaging bandit who was raining raids on New Canaan all the time. He worked with a real hard as named Boiler Maker, and they terrorized the poor city. The party destroyed Jackson and all his men, and took this armor as a souvenir.

This armor is an upgraded version of Metal Armor MK II. Instead of being wielded together scrap metal like most metal armor, this was forged from a solid piece of metal and shaped by an expert. It comes with a neat helmet. There are skulls and automatics tagged all over this armor, and there are little spikes hanging on this armor, which don’t provide any attacking power, but do help absorb a limited amount of electricity. Truly a gorgeous and powerful piece of armor.

Item - Armor - Jackson's Outfit

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