Artifact - GECK

Garden of Eden Creation Kit


The Garden of Eden Creation Kit. This unit is standard equipment for all Vault-Tec vaults. A GECK is the resource for rebuilding civilization after the bomb. Just add water and stir.

The Kit has the appearance of a small, silver briefcase emblazoned with the letters “G.E.C.K.”; according to Vault-Tec advertisements, it contains all the seeds, fertilizer, and other equipment (including a cold fusion power generator and a basic replicator) necessary to start a new settlement in a post-nuclear world after emerging from a Vault shelter.


The Geck was in the production facility in the Nursery. It wasn’t quite complete, but Diana told the party the could have the GECK for saving the nursery, in a few days when it was finished. She recommended they use it for good, but left it up to them to decide which civilization would get it.

Artifact - GECK

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