Z-True Face - Sample Build

The True Party Face



ST 3

PE 3

EN 4

CH 10

IN 10

AG 4

LK 6

Base HP 26

Base AC 4

Carry Weight 100

Melee Damage -2

Healing Rate 1

Critical Chance 6%/96%

Level 1

AP 7 Sequence 10

HP 26 AC 4 Armour_______________

N _____ L _____ F ______ P _____ Ex _____

Poison 20% Rad 8%Gas_____ Elec 10

PE Range Mod 5 ST Range Mod 5

Detection 15%

HP Gain 5 Skill Gain 25

Small Guns (First Aid, Doctor, Science or repair)

Small Guns (5%(PERAGL)) 22%
Big Guns (STR) (ENx2) + (PE) 14%
Energy Wpns 10 + (2 x PER) 16%
Unarmed 15 + (2 x END) + STR 26%
Melee Wpns 15 + (2 x STR) 21%
Throwing 15
First Aid 10 + (2 x INT) 50%
Doctor 10 + INT 40%
Sneak 10 + (2 x AGL) 18%
Lockpick (10%(PEAG)) 17%
Steal (2 x AGL) 8%
Explosives (10%(PEAG)) 17%
Academics (3xIN) 30%
Science 10 + (2 x INT) 30%
Repair 10 + (2 x INT) 30%
Pilot 10 + (2 x (AGL+PE)) 24%
Speech 10 + (2 x CHA) 70%
Barter 5 + (2 x CHA) 65%
Disguise 10 + (PER + CHA) 23%
Outdoorsman 10 + (2 x END) 18%
Athletics 10+(2x(EN+AG)) 26%

(One Handed if desired)
Good Natured


Now, your a talker. Much better than that wantto be leader guy. You put that dude to shame.

Sure, your not “the leader”, you don’t lead through the waste land and be the first person to be shot at, but you play smart and try to keep your head on your shoulders. You hire the best help you can find, not just some stupid Dog, more like a deathclaw! Ya, a deathclaw probably protects you. Or a super mutant! Whatever, just not a dog.

Your not that great in combat. With your low strength your pretty limited on firearms, so one handed isn’t a terrible choice, though you may wish not to. You make an excellent back up doctor or the like, though your low AP’s really limits anything you can do on the field. Thats why you hired help after all!

Besides, with someone like you around your talking your way through a fair number o encounters, and when you can’t your deathclaw ends them for you.

But why the party really loves you, is the loot. Compared to “the leader” your making the party a fortune. Lets say you want a gun that costs 100 ( I know there isn’t one, take it easy). From a substandard merchant, the leader is gonna pay 181 for that gun. Not too bad (compared to the brute at 208), but your only paying 110 for it! Not bad, thats some big savings. Of course, who cares about savings when your deathclaw gets killed and they are coming for you next.

Z-True Face - Sample Build

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