Travis Winslow - Deceased

Dark, Rugged, Killer


Character Sheet

HP: 39
AP: 8
Sequence: 16
AC: 14
Detection: 25
Disposition: 25
Karmic Disposition: -120

Weapon: Colt 6520 10mm Pistol

Tagged Skills:

Good Skills:
Small Guns: 71%
Energy Weapons:40%
First Aid: 50%
Speech: 80%
Barter: 75%
Outdoorsman: 50%

Child Of the Wastes


Rugged and Dark, his hair and beard is unkept and wild. Travis was convicted for murder, and escaped during the chaos.

Killing a simple traveller he took his equipment, and clothes exchanging it for his old prison uniform.

Now he heads off into the wastes looking for a new life for him self.

Travis is a survivor, never focusing too heavily on one thing he adapts to the situations as needed. The Wastes are a wild place, and he has been forced to learn the land and its people, picking up skills in trade and basic medical as needed.

He cares not for social graces, nor the luxuries of society, and only visits town to resupply (Ammo and Ale) or have a romp with the local women. While Travis’s combat prowless is not that of many wasteland fighters, his trusty friend and companion Max keep most bandits at bay.

Travis Winslow - Deceased

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