Nikolai Lubbock (Honor Wolf)

The Philanthropist Ghoul.


Nikolai (PC)


Level: 16

S: 4
P: 4
E: 4
C: 8 (+2)
I: 10
A: 4
L: 6


Armor Class: 4
Action Points: 7
Detection: 20
Sequence: 12
Crit: 6 [96+]

Healing Rate: 1
Gas Resistance: 00%
Poison Resistance: 40%
Radiation Resistance: 68%
Electricity Resistance: 10%

Karma: 215
Disposition: 40
Carry Weight: 125 lbs.


Skill points per lvl up: 50
Skill point total: 750

First Aid = 50 + 51 | 101%
Doctor = 40 + 161 | 151%

Sneak = 18 | 18%
Steal = 8 | 8%
Lockpick = 18 | 18%
Explosives = 18 | 18%

Tag, Science = 30 + (35×2) + 100 | 200%
Repair = 30 + 50 | 80%
Pilot = 26 + 63 | 89%

Speech = 46 + 159 | 153%
Barter = 41 + 186 | 164%
Disguise = 22 + 3 | 25%

Outdoorsman = 18 | 18%
Athletics = 26 | 26%


Ghoul – Gain 10% Normal and Poison Resist, 50% Rad Resist, but 5 fewer maximum HP.

Good Natured – You studied less-combative skills as you were growing up. Your combat skills start at a lower level, but First Aid, Doctor, Speech, and Barter are substantially improved. Those skills get a 20% bonus. You get a 10% penalty to starting combat skills (Simple Weapons skills and Ranged Weapons skills).

Jack of All Trades – You have no tagged skills, but receive 2 times the skill points per level.

Kidnapping (Innocent) – You were actually just really friendly. Your charisma is treated as 2 higher for qualifying for companions.


Inoculation – You had the plague, but now you’ve gotten your shots. Its left you more stout. +10% to Poison Resistance and Radiation Resistance.

Companion – You are charismatic enough to draw a companion to you. You may hire a companion based off your charisma as detailed under the Charisma statistic entry. You may bring in your own companion,which can be anything legally suitable based on your charisma. Your starting companion gets 37 attribute points to distribute amongst his SPECIAL. The companion starts out at (your level/2[rounded down]+1) or (your level – 5), whichever is higher. Your companion starts out with his own wealth, which is equivalent to 25% of your starting wealth. If your companion is a deathclaw, he can only spend his starting wealth on a robe, if a dog it can only be spent on dog armor, any unspent wealth is lost. This wealth cannot be looted if your companion dies. You may also hire certain wasteland npc’s as companions, who may be stronger than your starting companion. If a recruited companion is higher than the level cap allowed by this perk, he cannot gain more levels until your npc level limit is raised, either through leveling or through perks. You may only have one companion at a time. If your starting companion dies, you must recruit a new npc companion from the wasteland. A companion cannot take the companion perk. Companions may be able to be rehired if they were treated well, and they may turn on you as well.

Empowering – People around you become empowered, you make them better, faster, stronger, and better equipped. Your NPC’s maximum level increase by 1, and starting wealth (if applicable) increases by 5%.

Battlefield Healer – May use First aid and doctor Twice as often as usual. (6 uses of First Aid and 4 of Doctor).

Pacifist Doctor – Your a true doctor of the waste. Knowing your gentle nature, no one would ever attack you, as long as you keep your ways up. If you never attack anyone, anyone who isn’t of animal nature will never attack you. This does not protect you from AOE and Burst attacks, like missiles, miniguns and grenades. While they won’t target you with them, if you are near the person being targeted you may still be blown up. If you betray your oath and attack someone though – EVERYONE will target you till you die in encounters.

Tag! – Pick an additional Tag Skill.






Nikolai Lubbock (Honor Wolf)

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