Max - Deceased

Canine Companion


Max; Second Tab

HP: 47
AP: 12
Sequence: 22
AC: 14
Detection: 20
Disposition: 5
Karmic Disposition: 0

Bite Dmg. 2d6+11. AP S: 3 T: 4
Lunge Dmg. 1d6+11. AP S: 4

Tagged Skills:
Unarmed: 97%
Outdoorsman: 42%
Athletics: 70%

Bonus HtH Damage Rank 1
Bonus HtH Damage Rank 2


Max is the Loyal Companion of Travis.

A Wolf, Malamute, Husky cross, Max is quite large for a Dog, with a powerful jaw that could crush a human skull he is an intimidating foe.

Max is quite for a dog, rarly barking unless he is concerned for Travis’s safty, he instead enjoys the spoils of combat licking his chops after tearing into the fleash of some wasteland baddie.

Max has blue eyes of a husky, with the Size and Dark coat of a Wolf-Malumute

Max was slain defending his master from Coyotes.

Max - Deceased

Fallout: Van Buren Taloswind