Fallout: Van Buren

Session 28: 2/16/2014

September 13th, 2255: Power-Up! LEVELS & LOOT!

Level: 20 (after battle – but be ready with a new token)
Karma: +50
Barterables: 21618
Caps: 10742
Scott and Ted Earn: Machine Head Special Perk
Scott earns: Tough Guy Special Perk

Heal Back the Following Extremities:

Robo Wheel: Arm – 1

Scott – Groin – 1
Head – 1

Jack Carter: Leg – 1

The party meets a new (replacement maybe?) party member, Jack Carter, who says he has been following the party for loot and profit. He wishes to join them and join the train. Well, whatever, the party lets them join!

A crazy zombie talking to his deceased companion sneaks up on the Citadel of Steel base and does some scouting. He sees multiple turrets, and some guards. He decides to disable the turrets. He makes it through about half of them before he fails a disarm, and the turret blasts him in the face knocking him over. Combat opens and the party does what they do best, come in guns blazing. Most the brotherhood falls before they can do any serious damage, while a few people take some minor injuries. Their boss falls and the last remaining guard, Sean, surrenders. The party loots what they can and go back to Maxson’s Bunker.

There they are congratulated and thanks for all they have done for the brotherhood. They are made initiates, and given the data disarm code for the B.O.M.B. 001. They go to the Hoover Dam and Mesa Verde to try and get the codes for the BOS Bunker. They are asked for 10,000 caps for the codes, which the party begrudgingly pays, until they get their cut of the armory, which is fucking phat loot! They find some bad ass Brotherhood Power armor along with lots of guns and munitions. All is good in the world, and it is time to travel to the reservation.

The party stocks up on Rad-X and travels through the hell that is the reservation. Its is a radiated wasteland, with many parts reaching maximum radiation. Finally they pull through the radiation into a very lightly irradiated part, The Reservation. It is surrounded by 30 foot tall walls with some of the most impressive military hardware guarding its walls. Luckily, it doesn’t seem hostile, and as they approach a computer screen in the front comes to life. It has a ghoul on it, who identifies himself as Willem Clark. He asks for the parties aid in contacting the outside world and making a series of trade agreements with some human towns, in exchange for the launch codes for the BOMB 001. The party agrees and he lets them in where they are met by Measles and Colonel Green. Measles is to accompany them. Colonel Green also tells the party that he is looking for some heavy pulley cables.

The party explores the town where they meet a few merchants, and one has a slave. Well, anyone who knows anything about Scott at this point, knows he is the paragon of virtue. He walks straight up to the shop keep and bursts him to death. The entire city is on the party and a combat ensues. For the most part, they are pushovers, except for colonel green who has an electricity rifle and seems to be able to act in the parties actions. They subdue everyone else, and the Colonel eventually surrenders.

They talk the Colonel into helping them get in touch with Willem via a console near the elevators into the lower bunkers. He calls down and they Parlay. Him and Ted finally recognize each other, as noted scientist in their respected fields. Ted learns that they have “Born” ghouls there, and that they have had three “births”. He is torn, and tries to barter with the great mad scientist, and idle of his. Willem agrees to turn over the data for their train. He also agrees to let the prisoners go (admitting, what choice does he have, they are already free up there). Even Ted realizes he can’t give up the train, and with a ton of internal conflict he readies himself to attack the genius in his base. Dr. Clark opens the elevator himself. The elevator takes them right down to the third floor, where they are surrounded. The party gets into a massive firefight with every ghoul in the place! While the party is hardly getting hurt, the enemies are intelligent and start going for targeted shots when they know they can’t hit anything. The party, while in good health, is very crippled. Unfortunately, we have to end there due to a player going to PARTY!



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