Fallout: Van Buren

Session 27: 1/5/2014

August 22nd, 2255: Fall of a Champion

Karma: 50
No loots were sold

The party decided they would go ahead and go to the brotherhood. They headed south and ran into a group calling themselves the fantastic four. They wanted 10k caps to let the party pass, but the party decided to fight them. It was a rough battle, and Chris got chopped up by Flaming Deathclaw Claws and Proton Axes. Chris died…. twice…. and the last one was his final death, and Chris fell. The party looted and laid their buddy Chris to rest.

The party heads down to the bunker and gets let in after some negotiating. They relay their plights to the elders, and realize there is some tension there. One Elder, Traci, asks the party to open the Armory, which the brotherhood has been locked out of. Another Elder, Jerry, tells them if they can cure the High Commander, that they will have access to the brotherhood resources. Ted goes upstairs to the Armory while Scott goes down to learn about the commander.

Both do some snooping. Ted helps out around the shop for a while. After that he checks out the Armory, and realizes the door is coded shut, and that he will need the code to get in. Scott finds out that the poison is synthetic, and that it wasn’t made in the brotherhood. They rest and start the next day asking about the brotherhood guys who locked the armory and ran off with the codes. They learn they are none other than Pierre LaPoubelle of the Hoover Damn and Isaac Gant from Mesa Verde.

They also find out that the Brotherhood Doctor, Sarah Whatley, believes she is close to a cure. Nikolai comes and fiddles around with it and is able to finish her cure. They administer the antidote to the High Commander Andrea Bixley. It takes her a few days to recover and she asks to speak with the party. She tells the party that a splinter cell the brotherhood had trained, known as the Circle of Steel went rogue. They were their best soldiers trained in Stealth and Attack, that used a lot of Stealth Boys. They did not know the terrible side effect that the Stealth Boys had on the psyche. High Commander Andrea Bixley found out and was going to shut them down and detain them, trying to get them mental help. Their leader, Devon Hill, found out about this and poisoned the Commander before she could act, or so she believes. She says she will give the party her full resources if they wipeout this brotherhood cell.

Meanwhile, the Elders check out the data from the party, and find they believe their story. They offer some aid. In the meeting with the Elders some Paladins rush in and let them know that Devon escaped the bunker before they could apprehend him…



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