Fallout: Van Buren

Session 26: 12/9/2013

August 16th, 2255: Clearing Up Denver

Karma Ted: -10
Karma Party (Not Ted): +80
RP Boon: Ted
MVP Skill Boon: Ted
None For Nikolai, jerks;)
Barterables: 6075
Caps: 5680

The party decides that their next step is to find some Rocket Fuel. Ted thinks that perhaps the Scientist at Boulder Dome may know where to get some, or to make some. They go and see Goddard and Ted fills him in on the situation. Goddard says he will make the party some rocket fuel, and that it will be ready in about a week.

The party decides its time to take the fight to Denver. They go in and start heading north, killing feral radioactive dogs and robots along the way. Nothing to tough. They go into a super market and kill some Yao Guai. They find some paint brushes there.

They decide to go into the Police Building next door. As they enter an alarm goes off and they are set upon by more robot guard dogs. The party beats their ass, but Scott breaks his gun. They decide to head back to Fort Abandon to buy a new gun. They do some repairs along the way and come back and enter the basement of the police station. Ted is able to disable the alarm and sneak in past a bunch of robot security. He finds a room with nothing but trash, but the next room over is guarded by two sentry bots. He decides to slip in and finds a computer. He decides to shut down the robots and lets the party know that the robots are down. The party gets lots of phat loot and Ted disables the robots internally as well.

Chris and Scott tell Ted about the vampire and he convinces them to go see the beast. Ted knocks on the vampires door and the door opens, with no one inside, except a voice asking what he wants. Ted asks to see the vampire, and the voice says there are no such things as vampires. Ted seems disappointed and says OK, and the party leaves.

They head north and run into a legion encampment. They talk to the legion and Ted negotiates the freedom of some slaves for information on how to take over a robot army. They head further north and run into a raider camp. The raider leader steps out in power armor. He speaks to the party and asks their purpose there. They talk for a bit and the party decides to leave them alone.

Scott and Chris decide to fight the legion so Scott walks up and bursts Ivory. A battle ensues where the party pretty much beats their ass. Ted just watches. The party loots up and gets ready to go.



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