Fallout: Van Buren

Session 25: 11/10/2013

July 24th, 2255: From The Maws Of Doom

Party Loot: 3291
Misc Stores and Hoover Dam Stores Open
Not everyone voted, and it was a short session, so we will skip session boons this week.
Karma Earned: 40 Scott Earned: +5 (From Previous Session)

Chris gives into his Jet addiction, and even though it doesn’t kill him it makes him extremely sick. Nikolai seems to remember something about a cure, but doesn’t have the junk to systemize it. They decide Chris is ok for now and decide to tackle the grand canyon first.

The party goes there and is assaulted by some bugs. No big deals, though after the gunfire starts mutant cannibals also show up. The party cleans them up though and heads to the path descending into the canyon. There they are attacked by roachers and more mutant cannibals…a lot of them. Ted gets killed but manages to DIE HARD and survive, while Scott and Chris both get into low single and doiuble digit health. Explosives are going off everywhere, and the party decides they must retreat. On the way out Scott lobs a few grenades and decides he can take them. Nikolai and Chris are dying from horrible poison while Scott and Ted Solo the last roachers, with Scott almost dying before he kills the last one before it can take him down.

The party retreats to the train and licks their wounds. King is being a pussy so we call the session there.



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