Fallout: Van Buren

Session 24: 10/27/2013

July 6th, 2255: We have to fix a space ship!?!?!

Party Loot: 196
Party decided not to sell anything as only 2 stores were open. You all can still shop at those stores if you’d like.
Sid’s Store is Complete
Mega Flamer: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/falloutbyunderableedingsun/items/pip-boy-location-bloomfield-space-center
Not everyone voted, and it was a short session, so we will skip session boons this week.
From now on drugs are going to overlap, not stack.

The party runs into a group of slavers, and in typical goodie two shoe fashion they slaughter the poor slavers. They give the slaves some weapons and point them in the direction of Hoover Dam. They also run into a Crimson Caravan out here, which Ted finds odd that they are out here.

The party gets to Bloomfield Space Center and run into a gang called the rusty hooks. Their leader Kyle seems rough, but isn’t unfriendly with the party. The party learns that A man showed up with some “flying machines” and went and took one of the rockets into space. They also learn there is another rocket here, but the launchpad is guarded by several robots and some NCR Rangers. Kyle tells the party they are welcome to look around, but not to go near the launch pad or they will likely be gunned down.

The party starts looking around, and sees the launchpad. They agree it looks well guarded. Nikolai hacks into a computer terminal and finds out that the remaining rocket is indeed functional, but will need some things to run. These include restoring the sub reactor (Which Ted was in the process of doing), Getting Rocket Fuel, Finding the launch code and targeting coordinates. They also find out that the BOMB 001 has an anti-air defense system, but that they can make themselves immune to the targeting system by sending the BOMB 001
anti-weapon shut down code on their way up. This sounds like a good thing. They are able to get locations for many of those things, but not everything. They decide to take off for now and head back to the Hoover Dam.

They walk back, and run into a place called Burrows. It is ran by talking Raccoons, who through speaking with appear to be the by product of FEV testing from a place called “The Glow” to the West. They recruit one of the Raccoons to come with the, and Nikolai and Ted talk their leaders into letting him go.

The party comes across Argos, and decide to engage him. They make relatively short work of Argos with Scott carrying around a rocket launcher with EMP grenades. Critting twice in one round with those really put the hurt on Argos and his minions. Anyway, the party takes him down and that was the session.



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