Fallout: Van Buren

Session 10: 4/21/2012

January 29th 2254: Yet Another Warlord Defeated

Todays game started off with a new comer, Cid, asking about saving the town and getting some reward. He is told he will be granted the Jeremiah’s Right Hand for it. Cid, after some haggling and trying to get free stuff agrees, and goes to recruit the party and a another new comer, the shotgun loving Raymond! Together, Scott, Celiam, Cid, his companion Lilly and Raymond set off to track down Jackson and Boilermaker, and put a stop to them for good.

Raymond is in charge of leading the party, and after getting hopelessly lost (unbeknownst to him) he leads the party into a group of Geckos. The party makes quick work of them, and rests for the night. Another day of being lost wandering the waste takes place, and then Raymond gets back on track. He finally gets the party to the outskirts of the beat up town where the raiders have set up camp. They scout the area a little, and set up on the near by grocery store. Celiam heavily traps the bottom floor, while Raymond, Cid and Lilly get on the roof. When they are set up, Scott does some pop-out and shoot tactics, taking several of the guards of the perimeter out. They finally start to move in on their position, and Scott moves in carefully avoiding the traps.

He yells out to his allies, who pop out and start mowing down baddies! Ouch! Some raiders make it inside, where they have to deal with traps and bullets, none of them make it very far. Unfortunately, Jackson pops out and fills Cid with holes, and he drops dead. Sad, brand new character lasts two hours:( Anyway, the battle continues, and Raymond stays down not wishing to share his allies wretched fate, while he contemplates his next move. Luckily, the ceilings integrity is poor and there is a hole right next to him. A couple of the raiders who don’t want to be blasted, circle around the back, where they meet traps a bullets and fall. Meanwhile, Boiler maker and Jackson come out, and someone from far away pops shots at Jackson, he orders Boiler Maker to go after them in the store, while he takes cover behind a nearby vehicle trying to discern this new threat.

Boilermaker rushes in and starts the store on fire, they lore him into a bomb, which devastates him, and AK and Shotgun blasts finish him off. Meanwhile, outside, Jackson is attempting to discern where these sniper shots are coming from. After the mysterious stranger bounces a bullet off a nearby billboard and ricochets it into a grenade on his person, Jackson decides fuck it and runs into the store, where he takes cover. The party unloads on him, and just does enough damage to drop him, which is lucky for them as one of them would have almost surely perished. They meet the mysterious stranger, a new PC (yes he had a PC premade) Marian. She joins the party.

They loot, and Scott gets some bad ass customized Jackson armor, and the party heads back to town. Upon getting there they go and trade a head for the right hand of god, a unique .45 auto pistol. Oh ya! Jeremiah tells the party about some recent discontentment in town about him being the prophet, but the party doesn’t give a shit, and Marian goes and questions the bot. She asks to know more about her incarceration, and the robot agrees to answer one question for each of the nine special prisoners that she recovers. The party decides to leave, and heads to Fort Abandon.

Back in Fort Abandon, the party barters, and learns from Ralphie and Tandi that their brahmin have also become sick. Someone gets the bright idea to actually investigate, and goes and determines that these brahmin are plagued! Scott thinks back, and recalls that New Canaan had sophisticated medical equipment, and may be able to tell them more about this virus, so he takes a bit of blood with one of the syringes they had. The party shops up and decides to head onto Denver.

Party is now level 6, and everyone got a one time stipend of 450 (this is the same one as posted on the skype chat, just in case you missed it.) I would really like everyone to get a 2nd character made. I really was hoping for level 7 or 8 before attacking Dog Town (Denver) and obviously the chance of death is pretty high right now. Please do me this favor and make a back-up character over the next two weeks. Backup characters will have 5k at cost from the book. Thank You!



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