Fallout: Van Buren

Interlude 2: New Character & Barter Info

OOC Information: Some Useful Info

My God, every shop has been hand populated, that was exhausting, LOL

New characters are going to get the amount of money as stated on the site, but you now have a list you must purchase from found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ajsf2bhtnNnndFVMRVVVcGVDd2NGbTBSb1FNMFU0LUE#gid=21. This makes it so you can’t start with certain weapons and such. The quantity is the most that you can buy, to make certain that you can’t start with only all the best ammo, but a varied amount. Hopefully it adds more to the wasteland feel as well.

So, Every shop now has a semi-fixed inventory. I plan on rotating inventory periodically, so if you see something you love somewhere better try to grab it while your in that town, or it may be gone. Hopefully this Alternation will allow almost every item to pop-up eventually (though a few will never be found in stores). Of course, I may be too lazy with how many hours populating the inventories took. Over 50 stores were populated for you all to play with now. A lot of items that weren’t there before have sprung up (most notably schematics) that may have been missing previously.

Anyway, going to make a few changes to Barter and try them out. You all are still gonna sell at the maximum barter in the party. For buying now you will use 1/2 your barter and 1/2 the highest barter in the party (as long as they’ll barter for you). Say for instance you guys are bartering with someone with a barter of 125%. The highest barter is Alex, at 75%, so you all would be selling for 60% (75/125), or you’ll be getting 600 Caps for 1000 in goods. So if Alex buys a 100 Cap item from the merchant, he’ll pay (125/75=1.6X’s) or 167 Caps. Now lets say he’s trading for Chris (Barter 9), Their skill is ((9+75)/2=42). Chris will be buying x2.97 times (125/42), or 297 Caps for that 100 cap item. Good thing Chris is melee, and his weapons are cheap and he doesn’t need ammo!! Using this method the person who boosts barter will benefit more than those who don’t but he still contributes to the parties success with barter. It is highly recommended that someone boost barter now, as everyone benefits, but only at half the amount. I may change this later to 2/3 (high person barter) (1/3) other person barters, but I think that makes it too easy to break the bank as Robert has shown. This will put more emphasis on repair and crafting as well.

Remember your total barter is Barter+(5xCHA)+ or – Your Karmic Disposition. Your get one point of karmic disposition for every 50 points of karma. For example, lets say you have 200 karma. That grants +4 karmic disposition. Each merchant has next to them whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. If the merchant was positive, you would add 4, if negative you would subtract 4, and if your neutral neither applies – unless you have cult of personality perk. If you had -200 Karma, the opposites would apply.

As the ammo you need may be harder to come by now, you may want to carry weapons that use a few types of ammunition.



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